you you take him to the cashier you went to the
store you found your brand there was a right and a left shoe in there you you
tried them on now let me pause for a second people say well you got a test on
test the car before you buy it and what they mean by testing is this is you have
two sex drive tests like through through sex by having a sex with somebody to
really find out if this person clicks with you emotionally but I want to
remind you today is that you don’t need to test drive someone to know if they
fit in other words you don’t need to have sex with somebody to know if you
will fit because marriage is more than sex sex is very important but marriage
is really going to be anchored in how the person treats you and the problem
with the car or with the shoes is this as you can put them on you can wear them
but when you try the shoes on you don’t take the shoes home and come back three
days later you put them on there and you take them off when you test drive a
person and you get physically involved with them this is what’s gonna happen is
that you break your heart you break their heart if their self-esteem goes
down it is not the way God intended it I’m gonna read you a few things for you
right now God wants us to a sex before marriage is
as wrong as walking out of the store with new shoes without paying for them
first it’s called stealing we have to put that relationship back in the box
means that we have to propose and start moving toward the wedding day once you
get married then you can open that box and wear those shoes for the glory of
God the Bible says the first Thessalonians chapter 4 it says for this
is the will of God your certification that you should abstain from sexual
immorality meaning you should abstain from putting their shoes on the one that
fits you and match you and walking from the store through the back door but the
each one of you should know how to possess his own vessel in certification
and honor not in passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God that
you should not take advantage of or defraud his brother in this
because the Lord is the Avenger of all such as we were also forewarned of you
and testified be God design sex to supernaturally cement a husband and the
wife as one which means it will be foolish to take it for a fast test-drive
how many of you ever used superglue how many of ever test drove superglue first
meaning like before you apply it to something let me just try it with my
fingers to see if it works and how many of you know if you put a lot of that it
does work except after that you wish you wouldn’t test it first
sex is superglue you don’t need to test it to know that it works and to know
that it’s gonna glue two things together and then to rip em apart this is what’s
gonna happen after that there’s gonna be pain involved you’re not gonna be the
same after that that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t forgive and restore and for
those people who walk around say I just want to know he’s good and bad listen
honey if he has a job and he has a head squirt on his shoulder and he treats you
like the most beautiful person in the world everything else will be easier to
deal with but if he looks at all other women he doesn’t treat you with respect
and he compares you with every girl he slept with I can tell you one thing it
doesn’t matter how good he is in bed he’s an idiot and steroids are you gonna
hate everything about and gross same thing about guys and guys same thing
about girls because it’s how the person treats you
it’s how the person puts a value on you that matters everything else will be
taking care of eventually and what sex does is a close this person to you
spiritually the Bible says you become one with that person then you need inner
healing you need to renouncing I need breaking of the curse
god forbid you were you know dating somebody and things just didn’t work out
when you were not involved sexually you can look at them in the eye in the same
church without regret shame or weird ideas the moment you have
sex with them you quickly have to switch churches why because you will have to
talk about them to trash them they will talk about you to trash you always
happens rarely people who commit sexual sin together will stay in the same
church you can do the why because that person you can no longer be in the same
room it’s difficult ten years ago I dated one girl from our church twice now
my mistake in the sense that I started a relationship that I should have not been
I wasn’t old enough I wasn’t ready for that and I broke up with her six months
later five months I started the relationship again and then I ended it
six months later and I was a youth pastor was I an idiot yes what I did was
wrong 100% but I can tell you one thing this person is still in our church today
i facilitated this person’s wedding last year that could have never happened
if I would have cross the line physically this person would have never
been the church I would have never been be able to do what I did if that person
is and so I learned very powerful lesson not every person that you’re gonna date
you’re gonna end up marrying with and so invest as much as you’re willing to lose from the beginning all the way to the
wedding day you say but we’re engaged you know a lot of engaged couples can
never end up with the offer invest as much as you willing to lose and look at
right in the eye without shame and guilt or condemnation
that’s why sleeping around oral sex nudes and all other stuff and
gambling with the line said well this is not the actual like you know actual sin
and all of the stuff you have to ask yourself a question what would Jesus say
about that and if this relationship doesn’t work out well there’ll be shame
or guilt well you’ll be able to tell your husband say yeah this this person
you know we started but which is just things didn’t fall apart and you can
still be friends I’m gonna tell you one thing for most of us that’s never gonna
be able to be possible across the line and that’s why God wants
us to invest as much as willing to lose and for those of you maybe today who you
don’t have value for yourself like I don’t care I could just give myself all
over listen gain some value your valuable treat
yourself valuable and you’ll be surprised how you will attract people
who will treat you valuable because sometimes you know clothes come and they
say like you know what he doesn’t treat me respectfully and then when you ask
him what they do like well you don’t treat yourself respect because you would
never give yourself like that to anybody value yourself and you will teach people
to value you if you don’t value you why should others value you you have to
first value yourself and then you project that value on other people
because somebody say man and so what happens is if you find the right shoes I
know that some of us in our old days in the United States when we came to
America we did that I know people who did that who went into the store with
bad shoes and walk out with good shoes and ripped all the bars scanning bars
that is illegal and that is stealing the same thing applies to shoes the same
thing applies to sexuality if they are not your spouse they are not your
husband and they’re not your wife that means that physical intimacy is reserved
for marriage and God wants you to do this when you found the right shoes when
you found that they fit you it clicks emotionally that you begin to make your
way it doesn’t mean you need to get married in two months or like your mom
and your dad maybe in a month that doesn’t mean it has to be that take time
to get to know the other person see like when I got the shoes it didn’t mean that
I quickly when I got the shoes I need to quickly run to the cashier I could still
walk around the store for some time I carry my box and my shoes in them but
eventually I’m making my way with these shoes to the cashier and I’m not putting
them on until I pay for them that’s exactly what I want to apply to romantic
relationship that you can see each other continue to have a relationship
continued to build friendship could you two talk about the future but that thing
has to lead you to a cashier and cashier is an altar where and presence of God in
the presence of your family in the presence of your friends and in the
presence of a community you say your vows you pay your dues and then god
bless your sweet soul and then you leave there and open those
shoes put them on walk and do all the good things god bless you are you with
me Church are you with me young P you


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  2. Sorry but the motion pictures are more sexually corrupting than helpful in carrying the message you are trying to pass. How do you think the pictures are going to influence an unmarried youth who is striving to stay pure?

  3. I come into agreement, with this message…It is strong and powerful, and it is the will of God…This message Cuts Like two edged Sword…God ! He gives Guidance and direction, for a reason…Only a person who walks in the Spirit will completely grasp and understand this message…The spirit understands Gods Word, and it’s commandments…This message can change many lives, if we just take those blinders off, that keeps us in total darkness….That is what The demonic spirits of as far as what Daniel said, in his reply…YeSs! The

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