Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai – Ep 422 – Full Episode – 3rd May, 2019

‘Days were passing by.’ ‘Preeti had gotten married.’ ‘By reading her letters,
Sameer and me’ ‘had pictured a beautiful image
of Mumbai in our minds.’ ‘We had learned a lot
about Mumbai’ ‘without ever visiting it.’ ‘Anyway’ ‘there was a new chapter
beginning in Preeti’s life.’ ‘While ours was
on the verge of an end.’ ‘All we had left was hope’ ‘that the new beginning
would be better.’ ‘But did that really happen?’ ‘You’re going to find out soon.’ ‘You know, I saw Akshay Kumar
a couple of days ago.’ ‘I chased him
for an autograph’ ‘but he got away.’ Earlier, she used to
avoid studies.’ ‘Now, she’s chasing
celebrities.’ Mumbai is that sort of a place. Read further. ‘Mom, I’ve made many friends
in the neighbourhood.’ ‘They are Banita, Sahiba
and Shivani.’ ‘I’ll introduce them to you
when you visit.’ Preeti was always great
at making friends, wasn’t she? ‘Father, if you meet Sameer
and Naina’ ‘tell them that I saw
Sachin Tendulkar’s home’ ‘and Amitabh Bacchhan’s
bungalow.’ ‘Should they visit Mumbai,
I’ll certainly take them there.’ She’s saying as if
they’ll be waiting at their front door to greet Naina and Sameer. ‘My mother-in-law
treats me very kindly.’ Why did you stop? Read further. Give it to me. ‘My mother-in-law treats me
very well. She’s a miser’ ‘and demands explanation
for every penny spent.’ ‘Just like mom picks
extra vegetables from the shop’ ‘mother-in-law also demands
extra Chutney’ ‘from the snack vendor’ ‘so that Bhel Puri can be
prepared at home next time’ ‘and unlike uncle’s bickering..’ You read it. ‘Everything else is okay.’ ‘I’ll mention the rest
in my next letter.’ ‘Your dear daughter, Preeti.’ She has always been cunning. After going to Mumbai,
she’s become extra-smart. Naina, let’s visit Mumbai. First, learn to earn
some money. Spend it later. Tell me one thing. What do we do with a car when it gets so spoiled
that it doesn’t even run? Let me tell you. We shouldn’t give it a push,
but push it away. Such a wrecked car should be sold off! Yes or no? Tell me. Then, why are you still
pushing your boutique? Why don’t you sell it
and do something new? What have you thought? What’ll you do next? Father.. It takes time to establish
any business. – But how long? Even a baby starts to crawl
in seven or eight months. And then, there’s him! He doesn’t have an answer
to anything. He can’t run a business,
he won’t go to Delhi. He won’t become
an insurance agent. Listen all of you. Come to Kanpur to Arjun. His in-laws treat him
very good. He is managing
his father-in-law’s business. I wasn’t even aware that
he understands commerce so well. His father-in-law
has gifted him a car as well. He’s living like a king
over there. And he sends me clothes
and gifts every week. He will secure a job for you in his father-in-law’s office. Here, you just sit idly
throughout the day. But over there,
you will receive a salary every month. Brother is right. Looking away from the truth doesn’t change it. There’s nothing
to be ashamed if your business
isn’t doing well. There are many people
whose business doesn’t run well. I think you should take a job. Uncle, I can’t do all this. Of course, you won’t work.
You’re a king after all. Brother, we’ll talk
about this post dinner. Bela, serve food.
– Okay. Let me wash my hands. Isn’t your wife here yet? Sameer, both of you,
please don’t visit Kanpur. Or else, father’s illusion
will be shattered. He thinks
I’m living a luxurious life and I’m living like a king. But, there’s nothing like that. Truth is, I stay there
as a live-in-son-in-law. I’ve got no respect over there. My father-in-law doesn’t
even speak with me properly forget about giving advice. Just think of me
as a servant who lives there and receives a fat salary
every month, that’s all. And should you and Naina
visit there you will be treated
in the same manner. Sameer.. I was neither brave,
nor honest. But you both are. So, please don’t listen
to father this time. Please. I have another request
for you. Please don’t mention anything
about this to either father, or Naina. Take care. Book Naina’s ticket
after a couple days. Arjun.
– Yes, Father. Arrange their..
– We won’t go anywhere. And starve to death? Did you see, Anand?
He left the factory and can’t handle business..
– And just do what you want? As good as you run your mouth it would’ve been better
if you worked just as good. Look, I’m saying this for..
– Father why are you forcing him
to visit Kanpur if he doesn’t want to?
– Because I’m your father! I care for you. I didn’t let him marry you to make you suffer
for every penny. To let you suffer.
– Father, it’s not like that. And that will never happen,
either. I’m very happy with Sameer. And I’ll always be.
– How will he keep you happy? Tell me!
By begging? By stealing, picking pockets
or by committing robbery? Tell me, Sameer.
How will you keep her happy? You’ve already made me penniless
by holding me in ‘Kanpur’. And Father-in-law.. I know exactly
how to keep Naina happy. And if have to steal,
or rob for that, I will. You need to stop
worrying about us. Naina, let’s go.
– Sameer, please listen. There’s nothing left
to hear, ma’am. This is why! This is why
I was against this marriage. I knew this day would come. Because he is just worthless. He is terrible at studies,
at business. And now, even at marriage. Rakesh, don’t say such things
about your son-in-law. I only care about
my daughter, Anand. You are only beginning
to care for Naina. While I always did
and always will. And I know
how to take care of Naina. She is my responsibility. I can care for her
better than you. Let’s go. ‘That day,
Sameer went berserk.’ ‘And I remained silent
the whole time.’ ‘It’s not that I had suddenly
learned to be patient.’ ‘It’s because I remembered
the rule I had made’ ‘that whenever one is angry,
the other will remain quiet.’ Naina, your father is right. I am a total failure. I’m a failure at studies,
at marriage and at business. Naina, I failed to give you
any kind of happiness. That’s not true, Sameer.
– Naina, that’s it. We’re shutting down
this boutique. I’ll become
an insurance agent now. Do you see? Even these saris
are against that. Then, what do I do? Shall I do
what your brother did? Move into your house
and become a live-in son-in-law? No! Rakesh, drink some water. I don’t want it.
I’m not thirsty. Did I say anything wrong? Rakesh, calm down
and try to understand. What’s there to listen
or understand? This is the problem
with such spoiled boys. They want everything
to go their way. Dad, Naina and Sameer
are smart individuals. They’ll make it work
somehow. Shut up!
Did I seek your advice? Did I?
So, be quiet! Look, Anand.. You’re closer to him,
than I. Try to talk sense into him! Make him understand! I will talk to him, Rakesh. Please drink some water. I don’t want to. Sameer, don’t worry. Everything will be all right. And don’t mind
what my father said. You know that it’s his nature
to say harsh things. Harsh.. But true. You don’t get it, Naina. Today, he said it. Tomorrow, the whole world
will say. Then let them. You just wait. Our boutique
will be successful. It definitely will. Naina.. Tell me honestly If you get another option
at this moment maybe a new business or if my uncle calls us
to work for him would you not close
the boutique? Or will you still believe that our boutique
would be successful one day? But we don’t have
any other option. No, Naina.
We’ve wasted enough time. That’s it.
Not anymore. But Sameer, we..
– Naina. Naina, you are
my responsibility. I had a dream that I’ll provide you
a great life. That I’ll give you
all the happiness in the world. To drive you around
in expensive cars and keep you in mansions and to take you
on shopping sprees. And that
you won’t have to think twice before spending money. Naina, I can’t bear
seeing you upset. I know, Sameer. But what can we do? Shall we go to Delhi? There, I can learn business
from my step-father. What if there is
a misunderstanding again? That’ll happen
only when I speak. I’ll be quiet. Also, you’ll be able
to finish your CA course. Which you had to quit
because of me. Tell me honestly now. If you had any other option would you have ever
thought about going to Delhi? Naina.. When there’s no other option what’s the point
pondering over it? I’ll give mother a call
and inform we’re coming.. She has gone to Agra to attend her friend’s
daughter’s wedding. She’ll head back to Delhi
by tomorrow. No problem.
I’ll call her tomorrow. Till then, we..
– We? Till then,
we’ll play Monopoly. Monopoly? I failed in business but at least
I can play business game. And maybe I will win. ‘It’s true, we were only
playing that night’ ‘but Naina and I were realising
our dreams through that.’ ‘Just like little kids.’ ‘That’s why it’s said, that,
if you want to fully enjoy life’ ‘you should always
keep your inner child alive.’ ‘And that’s what we did.’ ‘And may I tell you a secret?’ ‘We did the right thing.’ God, whenever I ask You
for something You’ve always answered
my prayers. Today, I am asking You
for something again. Sameer doesn’t want to
go to Delhi. He is doing this
only for me. God, please do something so that we don’t need
to go to Delhi. Please! ‘Today, when I recollect
that day’ ‘I feel happy
as well as surprised.’ ‘I feel happy’ ‘because God answered
my prayers.’ ‘And I feel surprised’ ‘thinking about the speed
at which He answered them’ ‘which was faster
than even today’s 4G.’ Good morning. And here is your tea. Has Mr. Kanji come early today?
– I have prepared the tea. You could’ve woken me up.
– I was about to. But then..
– But? There are two reasons
behind that. First, you were looking
very beautiful while sleeping. And the second one.. I didn’t want to shatter
your dream. I see.
There is a true reason, too. True reason? You didn’t want to drink
black tea, right? I’ll check.
Maybe it’s a customer. Hello! Are your parents
present in the house? I stay here.
Tell me. I am Naina.
– Hello, Ms. Naina! I am Abhishek.
I have come from Bombay. Bombay?
That means.. Have you come from
Preeti’s in-laws’ house? Preeti?
– Okay. Has aunt sent you here? ‘I laugh at myself
when I recollect that day.’ ‘For me, our destination
for work was either Mumbai’ ‘or aunt’s parents’ house
or Preeti’s in-laws’ house’ ‘until then.’ Ma’am, I am the assistant
of Mr. Anant Mahadevan. Anant Mahadevan!
Do you mean the actor and director? Yes.
– Sameer! He is the assistant
of Mr. Anant Mahadevan. May I know the purpose
of your visit here? Actually, we are shooting here. We have got to know
that you have a swimming pool in your bungalow. We need to shoot a scene
in a swimming pool. Our actor is Mr. Khalid.
Can we shoot here? ‘Didn’t I tell you?’ ‘The connectivity speed
between God and me’ ‘was faster than
today’s 4G.’ ‘I was right.’ ‘Indeed, that speed was
no less than a miracle.’

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