Working Through Emotional Trauma

When I was a young teenager,
my parents divorced. I felt deeply abandoned
and really wanted to feel accepted and
lovable, good enough. I looked in all the wrong places
for that kind of acceptance. [MUSIC PLAYING] I ended up getting involved with
a boy who probably thought what he was doing was
normal–probably thought that hey, when you party and
you really love someone, sometimes you punch things,
or sometimes you push them because you love them so much,
and sometimes you hurt them. He had me believing it was real,
that it was my fault–you know, if I got treated physically
in any way violently, I deserved it. I went through a lot and
felt completely worthless, like I wasn’t good
enough to have better. I got to a darker
and darker place. I wanted to belong to someone
that didn’t want to leave, didn’t want to leave me,
that wouldn’t leave me. And, well, he left. He left. And it was the best thing
that ever happened to me. It took a long time for
me to really understand that I deserved better. I remember telling my
friends after we broke up, like, “We have to celebrate,”
really trying to just pretend I wasn’t falling apart in pain. So we were going to go party. And I remember putting the glass
to my mouth, ready to drink, and I couldn’t. I couldn’t do it. I was deeply broken. And alcohol hadn’t
helped all along, and it wasn’t going
to help this time. But what I’d been ignoring
for years was my Savior. And I remember
thinking that “there’s no way I’m going to
take this step out of this massive,
dark, black hole unless I really change my life
and I take the Savior’s hand.” That being said, I
hadn’t dealt with all of my emotional trauma. Really, at this point in
time, I wanted to hurt myself. I wanted to starve myself. I remember self-harming. That whole day, I remember
trying to hide my scars. I remember that He has
already suffered so much, and He suffered for me. And so, you know, I look at
my scars now and my emotional scars, which–it’s a
lifetime journey of working. And you know, emotions
boil up sometimes. It comes flooding back. And so you have to kind
of rework on things, to consistently address in
your heart, whether it’s through prayer and/or
therapy or, you know, speaking to a loved one
about the hard things that you’ve been through. And that’s not to say
that you won’t still hurt, or you won’t still have
pains, or you won’t still have things to go through. But I’ve got to tell
you that having them with the Savior by
your side, you know, even when you feel
so lonely and you feel like you’re walking
alone, like, He is there holding your hand. And that is the
most amazing thing in the world, because in spite
of how dark this world is and how much you can’t
prevent your loved ones from going through things,
there’s always the Savior. And He’s always there
to pick up the pieces. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Our Heavenly father is always there for us and will always guide us i hope this video will help others who are feeling the same way😇😇

  2. I keep praying for my parents to accept and just allow me to go to church but they are against it.
    I pray everyday I ask for this, but I don’t seem to get help or guidance.
    I don’t know what else I can do?

    Also I had a run in with a few missionaries, they asked some pretty weird and out their questions, and their attitudes changed.
    I got the impression they didn’t want to talk to me anymore.
    They have moved away/ back home now and they have never been in touch since.
    And every other missionary sent me a nice text telling me bye.
    And one of the ones I think hates me just got another missionary to say bye.

    And one of the missionaries I got on well with, I feel is now acting weird (we still talk on Facebook.)
    I Donno if it’s because I’m not a member of the church or what but I honestly have been questioning it all all because of my experience with the missionaries.

    I could give more details but this would be even bigger than what it is.

  3. Love love these incredible, real stories of people like me struggling through life and finding their way. The Savior brings me hope, He is the answer, He is the way and He shows me the way. 💙

  4. I agree to what she is saying I am alone and I feel lonely no friends or sorry for saying a boyfriend in my life and sometimes it 😧hurts to be or feel lonely and alone and I hope and pray to God the he can bless me with a friend or sorry for saying a boyfriend😢💔.

  5. I love this so much – thank you Brittany for being so raw, willing, open and vulnerable with your experience; it brings hope to those in need for sure 🙂 ❤️

  6. Thank for for being brave and discussing your depression and history of self harm. I feel these things are often swept under the rug.

  7. Impossivel não chorar com uma mensagem tão maravilhosa como essa, me traz consolo e paz saber que o Salvador nos ama e ja pagou pot tudo que fizemos, apenas precisamos andar RETOS <3

  8. Thank you for another great video. I am wondering if someone in the church could create a series of videos and support to specifically help those who have suffered through narcissistic/antisocial abuse (maybe not particularly on this channel?). There are many secular resources online but I really haven't seen much from a gospel perspective, other than a few other Christian opinions that people with NPD (or worse) have a Jezebel spirit. Many therapists don't even know how to adequately treat the victims of this insidious abuse, even though there is a reported increase in occurrences of this type of abuse due to the growing number of people who are becoming this way in society and because the survivors are learning to identify and label these destructive behavioural patterns. Thank you for your consideration.

  9. People don’t usually think this ever happens to men but I’ve had this same problem. Just replace alcohol with depression. I’m still going through it and looking for the right person though. I’m not posting this for attention, just venting a teeny bit.

  10. Thnx for this…I went thru some similar family things growing up and the scars are deeply hidden now 45 yrs later, but they do surface from time to time and all the hurt is still there. I too always try and turn to our Savior for help and comfort. Thank you again

  11. Beautiful! It shows that in any situation, God is always there to help us get back on your feet. Our savior suffered so much fore us, so we don't have to feel that pain. He knows exactly how we feel, and worse. Jesus Chirst and our Heavenly Father will always be there for us when we need it.

  12. I was the same, i didn't feel accepted at church and my mom encouraged me to not follow the commandments. So at 16 i went inactive, got into drugs, drink n by 17 i was living with a young man and was pregnant. At my son at 18, soon after he was born, the lad i was with began hitting me, telling me i was fat n just knocking me down. By 21 i had my 2nd child, by then i was using drugs n staving myself. But 1 day, i rook my son up to school n my daughter to nursery, n 1 of the workers said oh Susan wants to see you upstairs. So i went up, n she was like Zara your going to have to leave him of loose your children, so that day with just the clothes we had on back we where taken about 35/40 miles away. N i remember having this awesome feeling don't get your children in the bath, n so i listened, next thing i know im waking up in hospital being told that id had a stroke n that i needed heart surgery. Just then i said to myself what would i have done what would i have said that even alittle justified my actions over the past 5yrs. So then i made the decision to go back to church. Straighted myself out, n that was the best decision I have ever made. Now 12/13 yrs on i am active, n clean. That life seems so far away from me now, i have a calling which i love, i love serving in the church. I have never felt so close to my heavenly father.

  13. I have been in a similar place. The good news is that, with faith and prayer and the amazing resources available today, trauma DOES heal and resolve, and you can live an even better life and do more good in the world than you could have without those experiences. The other good news, I'm so excited about today, is that so much I've learned about preventing and healing from emotional trauma is the basis of the new child and youth program. In working on those principles, along with many from positive parenting, mindfulness and sensory integration, I almost can't believe how much better I feel. They made us to be able to recover and thrive again. They know we need this support now as much as ever. Wishing you all well.

  14. It's amazing to know that Christ can help us in a way that nobody can. Because He went through everything in a way that we can't comprehend. But He comprehends us.

  15. Amen!!
    Finally getting away fron emotionally abusive people is so important to those that suffer.
    But like she said… the Savior is there to pick up the pieces

  16. The therapeutic and healing power of hearing and seeing others who have endured terrible emotional and mental pain and then found solace in Jesus Christ, combined with recognition of the many other steps we may need to take is so very, very real and life changing. Hearing and watching brings the miracle of healing to those who are in desperate need of hope and relief from severe pain and trauma. Thank You!!!

  17. Therapy is a huge blessing that god has given us. It is important to lean on god but therapy is an important part of the healing process.

  18. Thank you for sharing this video. It was great. And I loved that the "background music" was in the background so that I could concentrate on listening to her and I could hear what she was saying. : ) Thank you.

  19. Brittany, thank you for sharing this with us.. I am so sorry you had to go through it. But look, you have come up from where you were! Our Saviour, Jesus the Christ was there, is Always there, extending his Loving Arms, to help us lift ourselves up.. I am so glad that you are in a better place now..
    My Ex got into bad things, then found all those awful, hateful, blogs of Church Haters, and decided they were telling the truth.. She left our Temple Marriage, left the Church, took those beautiful step-kids, and went her own way, without me.. I so missed being their stepfather..
    I cried every day, every night, for almost a year.. I cried myself to sleep reading the scriptures every night..
    Everyone was so tired of me, I can't blame them.. I was an emotional wreck..
    My family was taken away from me , and there was no chance it was ever going to come back.
    One night, while I was sleeping, He came to me! He was wearing a white robe.. He put His Loving Hand inside me, took my heart out, and I could see there was a part of it missing, it was raw and bleeding. That was my Family that was taken away from me..
    He then put His Loving Hand into His robe, and took a part of His Beautiful Heart and joined it to my broken heart, and put it back into my chest..
    I was immediately Healed ! I no longer felt that awful hurt, I no longer cried every day and night.. I will always miss my Family, but I know, He has seen this entire situation, and He knows I will be better and I am !
    He loves you so much, Brittany ! He sees the beginning to the end.. He knows what you can manage, what you can experience so you can grow, and then someday, be able to help others; He ALWAYS comes to You, to Us !!!
    He has the most, beautiful, tender, loving, voice, in Eternity..
    I testify to you, Brittany, that everything I have said to you is Truth !!
    We love you ! Have Extreme Faith ! This alone can move mountains !
    Prayers for you and yours..

  20. I'm glad she learned to rely on her savior. I know my Redeemer lives too and that because of him there is hope, no pain, suffering, trial, sin or weakness need be permanent because of him. everyday is a brand new day. I hope others can hold on to that hope and keep going.
    Ether 12:4

  21. Jesus had never suffered and sacrificed for us. It was people that decided to kill him at that time and sadly became his fate. We have so much emotional trauma and pain and have not yet released. God is helping us all the way, but first, we need to have faith we can do this alone. God creates us with the ability to cope, process, and heal our fear-based emotion alone—-and that's self-responsibility. I have learned so much from Divine Truth from reincarnated Jesus. He has videos on youtube about how to heal your own emotion and it has worked out for me.

  22. I never though I'd ignore my savior but it did happen to me. Not anymore cuz I know how it is live a life without a savior. Its is just too deep black sorrow hole

  23. Thank you for sharing your beautiful relationship with God. He is there for us. I’m so grateful we have that open line of communication to talk to God. Your wisdom and knowledge will not only help others but, also touch hearts of lost ones. You inspired me. Thank you 😉💛🙏😇

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