Working at Google as a Cloud Product Manager

[upbeat music] I think what’s unique about being a PM
(product manager) at Google Cloud is that it takes the best of everything
that Google has to offer, in terms of tech, in terms of the culture, but then it is in an extremely high-growth area. When you work within an
environment that’s of that nature, you’re naturally exposed to what’s next, and,
you know, what’s next after what’s next. As a product manager, that can
be like being a kid in a candy shop. I’m Aparna Sinha. I’m a Product Manager in Google Cloud working
on Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine. So I’ve worked at Google for five years, and I have
indeed taken many different types of roles, and I moved to Google to actually
work in consumer technology. I thought that consumer technology
was so cool because everybody you know uses these products. Billions of people have Android phones,
or billions of people are using Gmail. So I wanted to work on something
that had that kind of impact. After working at Google I realized every Google
service that you use runs on this global infrastructure that is the same as the infrastructure
that Google Cloud runs on. What we’re doing is we’re bringing
that innovation to the enterprise, and we’re harnessing that capability and building on it
in a way that is consumable for enterprise users, and it enables enterprises to leapfrog
and change the way they work. As a product manager, you’re really the product owner. You are the CEO of your product. That encompasses quite a bit
of weight and responsibility. You’re sort of the nexus of the product. You are coordinating all of the outbound activity.
You are designing and setting the strategy and vision, as well as ensuring the execution of the
product from the technical standpoint. The other axis is cross-product. That’s where collaboration with other
product managers is extremely important. And I think product managers
naturally are team builders, and, you know, you develop a network
that you are friends with, that you trust, and you can get together with a team of engineers,
and very quickly come up with a prototype. Google is so much at the forefront of technology, and the way that our culture is built,
we are always looking for the 10x. So when we look at the enterprise, and we look at
the impact of Cloud, we’re thinking about 10x. How can we really transform this area? The reason I’m a product manager is because I believe that the power of products
to change people’s lives is incredible. And then being at Google, I just have
the sense that this is the place to do it. The mission of the company is
to impact billions of users and democratize the internet, democratize the Cloud. We believe the benefits of technology should
apply to all, and that’s a mission that really, I think, for a product manager is very, very, inspiring.

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