Work for Indian Prairie School District

[MUSIC] TERENCE: If you are coming to 204 be ready to be a lifelong learner, be ready to build relationships, and be really ready to grow with the world the District will grow right with it. KAREN: Indian Prairie District 204 is a large unit district that encompasses students from the cities of Naperville and Aurora, primarily, but also small sections of Bolingbrook and Plainfield. We serve about 28,500 students across 33 schools. We have just over 3,000 employees with just over 2,000 of them being licensed teachers We’re an incredibly diverse community so we certainly reflect the world when our students leave that they’re going to work and live and play in and that diversity is something that we really celebrate here in the district. NINETTE: The community in 204 is diverse. We have families from all different backgrounds, speak so many different languages, there’s so many opportunities for us to learn from one another. TERENCE: We students from all socio-economic backgrounds, different ethnicities and they are going to get a top-notch education when they come to 204. No matter where you come from, you are going to get the best education because the teachers are prepared and are always doing professional development to make sure that we are at our best. KAREn: Great teachers are lifelong learners and this is a place that I think demands that you be a lifelong learner. Our expectations are that our teachers are part of very vibrant professional learning communities that they direct and that we do our best as a district to try to support them in that. NINETTE: Wednesday we have professional development in different areas from technology, to behavior management, to curriculum. And then in the district level we have professional development through the IPSD Academy and we are able to choose areas that we think that we need strength in. KAREN: We’ve done a lot of work in the area of using technology in this district to enhance teachers pedagogy and their practices. We don’t think technology is the solution, but we see it as an accelerator of learning that teachers can use in their classroom practices that can assist our students as they go out into a world is demanding different skills. NINETTE: What sets 204 apart from other districts is our desire to be innovative. We realize that technology is something that’s constantly changing and in order for us to prepare our students to be future ready we make sure that we are in touch with what’s going on and we figure out how to incorporate that into our teaching and across subject areas. KATIE: They really benefited from having that Chromebook in front of them I think it helped them with their organization, they always knew what their assignments are, what their homework was each night, they knew when their upcoming assessment were. It also helps them understand the content a lot better. KAREN: District 204 is great place to work for many reasons. One of which, we’re in an incredibly supportive community that really values education and is the first to step up and say “How can we help the school” and you don’t have that everywhere. It’s a really great position to be in when you have such great community support for education. And then I think the culture and the environment here in which you know we’re continually striving to be better, to learn to support our teachers in their development. We want to provide the absolute best possible education for our students. And in that next year with that next group we want to be even better. TERENCE: Be ready to be transformed. Here at 204, we’re big about being professional, building relationship with students building relationships staff, and we’re really big about having lifelong learners and being ready for the future.

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