49 Replies to “Woman Claims Ex-Husband Is Turning 16-Year-Old Son Against Her”

  1. Her: “I don’t want to embarrass you by pulling you out of class.”

    Her: sending police officers to pull him out of class.

  2. I feel like they’re trying to make her seem like the crazy one (Dr. Phil included). Now if she would’ve been standing at the school grounds watching her 6’5 son without announcing herself they would’ve made her seem even crazier saying “She randomly shows up to our son school & watches him”, so she’s on the wrong show because Dr.Phil can be very bias.

  3. Your 16 year old son is your best friend? What are you a really bad mom or something? Kinda seems like both of the “parents” are toxic together and apart. I hope their son sees this as what not to do in life and doesn’t start a chain of insanity.

  4. Learning what things mean
    "my wife has been calling me names"
    "my husband has been calling me names"
    this means their baby's who are fighting over their child because their not being the bigger "man " or "woman" all they have to do is stop fighting stay friends and have a neutral relationship with their son.

  5. My ex and I are both under 25 and it’s flabbergasting that we can make it work WITHOUT the court being in our FAMILY because we know once they are in, they will never go away. How can older adults than I treat this situation like a game.

  6. I was going to go on the Dr. Phil Show for help. Me and my mother were asking for help but we were told if I was to be sincere it wouldn't draw and they wanted Dr Phil to look good. So basically he wanted me to pretend to be a bratty young adult instead of talking about my real problem which was dealing with autism. His show is all about "saving but it's like that girl Danielle said he doesn't do it for anything except the money and fame. Ill be Posting the link to the email from the Dr Phil executives on all these videos to show he's a scam and doesn't care about helping anybody.

  7. Dr phil they do a bad job on your make-up /you dont need it tell them stop putting it on you makes you look orange and light brown makes you look funnu

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