With Boredom, The Focus Becomes Inconsistent – But When Engaged, They Hyper Focus

ADHD abhors boredom. Like nature abhors a
vacuum, ADHD abhors boredom and it will quickly fill it with something
interesting. So, that’s why you get this wandering of attention, the inconsistent
attention. It’s not a deficit, it’s a wandering. When people are
interested who have ADD, they pay super attention, they hyper-focus, they pay
better attention than anyone. But when they’re not engaged, they go
elsewhere. And so you get inconsistent focus which leads to inconsistent
performance. What you miss in the classroom because your mind
went elsewhere, costs you on the test or the exam. What you miss
in the conversation at work with your boss because he’s so boring,
gets you fired. What you miss in your conversation
with your spouse makes her think that you’re not loving, or you’re
selfish, or you’re narcissistic, or you’re passive-aggressive and these sort of,
again, pejoratives that people with ADD get thrown at them which, of course, makes
you feel bad, you know. And this is the accrual of criticisms
and pejoratives lead to a declining self-esteem. And most adults who had ADD
have this sense of, “I’m defective.” Even people who achieve at the very highest
level have this feeling that it’s all done by smoke and mirrors, that “If anyone
really knew me that they’d see that I’m a fraud, that I don’t have the goods, that
I’m not much of a much.” And that’s because they’ve been told that ever
since they were in first grade, that they should be trying harder,
that they don’t have, you know, that they’re
not measuring up.

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