Will you connect with others? American Express Careers

Sonya: I am a Customer Care Professional which
is pretty much I handle the calls that come in through the customer service line. Venus: We take calls from card members all
over the world. Maryam: We assist with any basic questions
to more complex questions about their account and anything surrounding their accounts. Sue: Im there to help them, guide them; I
also give them suggestions to help them earn more with their card and to make their life
easier. Benjamin: I get to work within the Canadian
Merchant Services department so I have the opportunity to showcase my multi-lingual ability,
so I get to interact with merchants in both English and as well in French. Linden: For me as a new hire instructor, Ive
got to work with my people. I want to see how I can assist and coach and develop them;
I want to make sure that Im providing the right environment for them to really thrive
and do well at the company. Maryam: Most of our customers understand what
American Express is all about. Our job is to maintain that excellent customer service
by not only satisfying our customers need to assist them with their accounts, but also
assisting them with their need to feel good about themselves. Benjamin: It makes sense, I mean we provide
world-class products so its fitting that we also provide world-class service to match
those products. Maryam: Relationship care at American Express
is very important. Its what separates us from all other credit card companies. Its something
extra that we do to show the customer that we truly do care about them and go the extra
mile. Venus: One of the great things we have at
American Express is were recognized for the work that we do. Sonya: What I love most about American Express
is the opportunities that are there and the way that I find out about those opportunities
a lot of times is through my team leaders. Linden: Theres a nice opportunity for our
incoming employees—were going to start them off in a program thats not overly demanding
as far as customer care, but as they start to show themselves and really prove their
skills to service our card members to the level that we feel really is exceptional,
then theres some nice advancement opportunities. Sue: After about a year on the floor, I had
heard that there was a position open under Coaching. My team leader was awesome about
letting me know what I needed to do to apply for the job, gave me even a little interview
to help me prepare for that, and then I went into the interview and I got the job and it
was an awesome opportunity. Maryam: If you want it, you can achieve it.
Its about how badly you want it, how much you choose to chase after your dreams because
skys the limit. Theres always positions coming up, theres endless opportunities here. Sonya: Rewarding employees is great. The incentives
that we have here with the company are excellent. When you provide superior service, you get
superior payouts. We get a bonus each month when your stats are really good so we have
wonderful incentives with the company. Venus: I have fun talking to the card members,
honestly, I do. One call, conversation, you become their friends. Benjamin: I make it a point to always have
fun with my customers. And in addition to that, everyone within my team enjoys what
they do as well so we make sure to have fun with each other as well during the day. Maryam: What I love the most is probably interacting
with so many different people across the country, even globally. I have card members who are
in Japan who are calling us for assistance. Its almost like you get to experience their
lives by assisting them. Linden: My name is Linden Barrett. I am a
Corporate Trainer with American Express. Benjamin: My name is Benjamin Richard and
I am a Customer Care Professional within the Merchant Services department. Maryam: My name is Maryam Biglou. Sue: My name is Sue Casper and Im a Customer
Care Professional. Sonya: Im Sonya Chalmers. Venus: Im Venus Matta and I love working for
American Express.

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  1. Right thank you Ken Chenault , for sending a American jobs overseas what you sow you will reap India Express

  2. Joined Amex Gurgaon with delight. Had to quit immediately after facing Kranti Chuttri and Kriti Gupta. Too serious to work.

  3. Funny how none of the men in the video have any facial hair except for the guy from Mexico walking in the group who has a mustache.

  4. Amex is by far the best credit card company their customer service is SUPERB! Other CC Companies need to take notes from Amex

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