Will This Trick Your Mind? (Artificial Intelligence TEST)

This episode is supported by SimpliSafe. Which of these three faces do you think is the oldest? A, B, or C? The answer is actually none of them, because none of these people were ever born. These faces were all generated by artificial intelligence. Now, thinking about artificial intelligence, look carefully at these two paintings. Which of these does your mind think is created by AI? Is it painting A or painting B? Give up? The clue is in the signature. The AI seems a bit busted on this one. *bruh* But someone loved it as it went at an auction for $432,500 To explain how these images are generated, let’s first look at these images of fruit. By now, you know that one isn’t real, but is it the apples or the oranges? If you said apples, you’re right! Essentially, a system is fed hundreds of images to learn from. It’s then split into two systems. System 1’s job is to create a convincing image of an apple, and system 2 is designed to figure out which images of apples are fake. This is known as a generative adversarial network. If system 1 fails at tricking, it continues to evolve its apple designing skills and if system 2 fails at identifying the fake, it must also improve its ability to catch a fake. This ultimately creates a feedback loop that generates extremely believable images. Now, let’s try to relax and listen to some music while you try to deduce which is composed by a computer. [Track A] [Track B] Turns out that composition A is generated by a machine learning system called Emily Howell, which was created in the 90’s and learned from a library of music to create original pieces. And composition B? that’s by Johann Sebastian Bach. A larger library of music will give the machine learning networks more data to learn from, and the same is true for video. Because we upload such huge amounts of video content online, neural networks have begun to create convincing fake videos. Here’s a video of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama. [Video A] People not trapped by our past, but able to remake ourselves as we choose. [Video A] But today, our immigration system is broken, and everybody knows it. and here’s another. [Video B] It’s been less than a week since the deadliest mass shooting in American history. [Video B] And foremost in all of our minds has been the loss and the grief felt by the people of Orlando. Which of these two are real? Video A or B? Known as a deep fake video, video B is generated using AI. With over 14 hours of footage from the president’s weekly addresses, neural network AI is able to model the shape of Obama’s mouth, and uses audio from one of Obama’s previous addresses. But can AI generate convincing synthetic audio? Listen to this phone call. [Voice A] How can I help you? [Voice B] Hello? [Voice A] Hello, what’s up, man? [Voice B] Hey, um, I wanted to know what are your hours for today? [Voice A] 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. [Voice B] Okay. Got it. Thank you for your time. [Voice A] No problem sir. [Voice B] Bye. Can you tell which of the callers is human? Voice B, the voice you hear asking about the hours the business was open, was fake. We’re relying more and more on technology today, which is making our lives easier. Much like SimpliSafe, the sleek new home security system who sponsored today’s video. We bought a house recently and finally realized what it feels like to go anywhere and be like, okay legit we’re probably gonna be robbed right now, and the stats are in. America has a robbery every 15 seconds, most of which happen while you’re at work. So join our new zen life by going to simplisafe.com/asap and ease your mind. Importantly for us in our new pad is that it looks cute. The design is awesome, it’s intuitive to set up and use, you barely notice the sensors are there, and we like that it does cool things, like remind you if you left the door open, because Gregg literally does that all the time. He leaves the door wide open when he leaves. In the event of an actual break-in, it can immediately contact the police. We literally just set up our own at home and it’s just one of those things where you get like peace of mind knowing that it’s there for you, and it can even tell the difference between a pet and an intruder! So go to simplisafe.com/asap to get yours today and make sure you subscribe for more videos every Thursday.

100 Replies to “Will This Trick Your Mind? (Artificial Intelligence TEST)”

  1. at 3:13 you c an tell who is fake because voice b has like a short and simple tone and it is only one tone but voice a sounds human because of the change in tone and voice

  2. 0:45 am i crazy or does it look like the system took the oranges and literally just colored them like an apple because the apples belly button thingy (lmao what tf is it called) looks exactly like the oranges

  3. I am not ready for the future I am definitely not happy about AI piece of junk I'm worried if their gonna take over my dream job

  4. I got them all right. Proud of that. Edit-not the first one. Didn't know that the images of people were fake.

  5. So AI can create faces that never existed? That means we are AI created by someone who mastered AI centuries ago. We do not exist.

  6. I like how these things say

    “Will this trick your mind?”


  7. Asap:Which of these painting is by hand?
    Asap:U give up?Its the B one
    Me:Nigga thats what i wannted to say.

  8. I’m so proud of myself i managed to guess them all correctly. Besides the first one because i wasn’t trying to. It’s really interesting, computers are doing a really good job copying, but if you compare them humans have much more distinguishing personality traits in the was they do things.

  9. wait america has robbery going on every 15 seconds……….im never gonna visit my girlfriend,she has to come here in europe,i dont care xd or atleast get a pet lion to live inside the house.

  10. K look, how come when obama says our immigration system is flawed, he's not racist, but when trump does, he's a bigoted racist?

  11. Wow I don’t think people realize how many things that the government have taught us to believe have been tampered with like this

  12. The Obama and apple ones were honestly pretty bad fakes. The apples didn't really look like apples apart from the colors and Obama's mouth wasn't synchronized with the audio.

  13. I could already imagine a terminator 2 style AI style phonecall which the t-800 mimics john’s voice to know how is his family doing,damn,just imagine it mimicking your family’s voices to know ur secrets and possibly take over humanity one day.

  14. Hey Greg, since you spent a year in Britain, you should know better than to insult your viewers at the end of your video.

    Thanks Mitch for the true sentiment!

  15. 3:32 I did a research project in school like a year ago and actually it’s every 14 seconds just saying

  16. tell the ai that made the fake phone call that no one in their right mind would say "hello?" after the other person already said something

  17. i have found a new talent i possess, how to differentiate ai from normal humans… when the robots take over our society, i shall work my best to save our human species, by making sure we don't get tricked by a robot pretending to be a human

  18. I couldn't tell the difference between any of the AI/real comparisons THIS IS ALL I HAVE: Bach's last name is pronounced "YO-hahn"

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