Why to Choose a Self-Employed Career Path – Ross Floate

Erik: What role has family played in shaping
your career aspirations? Ross: I have always assumed that I would become
self-employed at some stage, and the career paths—the career path that I’ve gone down
has always sort of deviated back to that point. You know, I look at the life that my parents
have and it’s good, you know, they’re quite well off, they have a lot of flexibility,
they can basically do whatever they would like to do. They don’t have as much money as they potentially
would’ve been able to have made if they’d gone corporate or they’d made a whole series
of other decisions, but that idea of maintaining your ability to make choices has been something
that they’ve done and which I’ve done. So I now make my decisions based on—a lot
of decisions based on: At the end of this, will I still be autonomous? Because they’re completely autonomous. And I think that that’s one of the only types
of power that you can have is autonomy. Wealth is great but it doesn’t buy the ability
to say no to people all the time. I’m sometimes a crotchety person, I like to
be able to say no, and so that’s laid a lot to my career path I suspect.

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