Why is ENGAGE so compelling? Listen to this Education customer give his take.

One of the main reasons I keep going to
Engage is actually to listen to the they do a lot of exposure on where the technology is heading to, which is very valuable. Customers are demanding real-time solutions and the experience is very important for the customer. Continuity on the system is very important. NETSCOUT provides real-time
visibility, trending, and forecasting which is priceless. We learn hands-on
experience where training is very valuable. My efficiency level actually
increases based on that experience. Through engage we actually meet the
people who develop those solutions. We actually work with them, with where the product is further developed based on real-world situations. I can actually connect to my production network and share some feedback, and get a conversation going with them. What I enjoy from NETSCOUT, they actually listen to the customer and work with us in enhancing the product.

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