When I Work – Using WorkChat on the Web

Hey everyone! This is Nick from When I Work. Let’s do a quick overview of how account holders and managers can manage their WorkChat environment. WorkChat is the latest communication tool from When I Work. It gives all users the ability to chat with their co-workers in real time sending messages and pictures on their android and iOS devices as well as on the web. To start a conversation, open the WorkChat tab on your device. You can send a message to everyone in the business, like an announcement of a new product. You can also start a group conversation. Let’s say just between the people you know work a single position, like baristas at a coffee shop. Or, you can keep it just between two people, like a manager and an employee. Every message sent has a time stamp so you know when it was sent and your messages will show how many people have seen it. WorkChat makes it super easy for your team to stay connected on and off the job. For more information check out the When I Work help center at help.wheniwork.com.

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