What’s your MPAN, MPRN, and meter serial number? – British Gas Business

Hi, my name’s Caroline and I work in Customer Care at British Gas Business. I’m here to explain what your MPAN, MPRN and Meter Serial Numbers are. These numbers are unique to your meter supply. The MPAN or MPRN can be found on your customer bill. You won’t be able to find them on your physical meter. MPAN stands for Meter Point Administration Number. It’s 13 digits long and represents your electricity supply. On your customer bill the MPAN appears on page 2 underneath details of charges. An example of an MPAN is shown in the picture. What makes it stand out on your bill is the preceding big ‘S’. We need the 13 digits from the bottom row. MPRN stand for Meter Point Reference Number and is to do with your gas supply. It can be up to 11 digits long. For the MPRN for your gas supply it normally is made up of numbers and doesn’t contain any letters. It appears on the same place on your customer bill as your MPAN number on page 2 underneath ‘details of charges’. A Meter Serial Number is also known as the Meter ID, or MSN. A Meter Serial Number is a unique number that applies to your electricity or gas meter. Your Meter Serial Number is found normally on your bill, next to the MPAN or MPRN. You can also find it on the meter, near the bar code and is a mixture of both letters and numbers. This is an example of an electricity meter, and this is your Meter Serial Number underneath the bar code. There are many reasons why we may need to ask you for your meter details when you contact us. So always keep them to hand. This could be if you are moving business premises, or if you have a query with your account. If you’re having problems finding your MPAN or MPRN, you can speak to your property manager or landlord, as well as your electricity distributor or gas distributor. Remember, you can register for an online account where things like ‘submitting your monthly meter readings’ are quicker and easier as we save all of your details. Go to ‘britishgas.co.uk/b2b’ to register for an online account.

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