What Service Should I Provide for My Marketing Agency?

choosing your services and understanding
your path so what were you breaking down is picking your vehicle and we’re gonna
be talking about just each and what every single one of these here in a
minute what do I offer them and how do I offer that to them how to price your
services how to break yourself down to ten came up and then from that we’re
going to be talking about choosing your niche and I know for a fact this works
no matter where you go okay so picking your vehicle now when you pick your
vehicle what I mean by that is figure out what you want to with what you want
to offer to a client okay this is in no specific order I just kind of wrote them
down this is the way we do it and already agency so it our our agency the
number one thing that we do we offer is paid advertising so it’s Facebook ads
Google ads and you know other other ad networks that’s a number one thing the
reason being is because most businesses out there are currently spending money
on digital advertising they are spending money to a boosted posts or different
things in that and are not getting their results if you come in there and you
tell them hey I can help you run your Facebook ads for you and get you better
results so you can focus on running your company the way you should be it’s a lot
easier to make that sale that’s part one number two right after that is SEO and
the reason why I say SEO a lot of people say SEO is dead and in my opinion it’s
not and the reason why I know for a fact it’s not because every single month
we’ve got clients that keep reaching out to us and saying you know their previous
competitors if they were beating and then they stopped doing SEO and then now
they’re now they’re getting beat by them because they’re putting more and more
time and effort into it and then there’s two different parts to SEO too because
you can do YouTube SEO specifically so if you if you do any video creation and
video production we talked about that right here I take that and this wall is
just you know regular SEO with building amazing content putting it on their
blogs and their web sites and getting the backlinks and everything set up to
that then the part three from there is social media management so that’s going
to a business like a restaurant or a spa or something where you know social media
is a big part of their business and it’s gonna make a bigger difference because
you can show what they’re actually serving to the audience by social media
so managing the Instagram accounts managing the Facebook page is managing
the Twitter accounts managing the pink trust accounts is right now a lot of
people aren’t even paying attention to Pinterest because it’s one of the
biggest social media in my opinion for organic growth for a
lot of businesses out there the next one we’re going to be going after is video
production and this is one that you know we have we do a little bit of it and the
reason why is because a lot of what we’re doing in the facebook ads world of
things is you know video is a big part now if you’re going to go down this
route either 8 please be sure that you know how to do some good good ads and
you know how to create good videos because you got to understand
storytelling if not find someone in your in your neighborhood or in your city
that can partner with you on this because the both of you combining this
together can make a powerhouse of a business an absolute powerhouse of a
business and then the last one is websites and you know websites is one of
my favorite things when I first started because I loved such a great to get you
going in terms of you know you can go out there and sell a website for
somewhere between two and five thousand dollars if not more and then you know
one week when we get to the point where we start teaching you how to fulfill on
all of this stuff certain software’s certain people in our rolodex you can
start using all every single one of these things except the video production
part okay that is literally it that’s when we start talking about the
lifestyle business versus the in versus the in-house digital agency and how that
each of them can make a big difference for you so you know when it comes to
what do I offer them that is what pretty much of what you offer them you’ve got
to choose you got to pick one and figure out what you want to do and in my
opinion this is probably the best video doing Facebook guys learning Facebook
guys social media management like I said is gonna be restaurants okay so you guys
just kind of pick it pick what you want pick what you’re going to enjoy pick
what you can like I said in the last video you know figure out what the
market is figure out what your market is which we’re gonna be giving you a sheet
the market that you’re going after when you choosing a niche and then figure
what’s in demanding okay let’s say for inclusive hypothetically used for
example if you can maybe going after the hvac so reading ventilation and air
conditioned niche that is a very very hot niche and you know when it comes to
HVAC is social media really going to make a big difference for them no but
their what does gonna make a big difference to them is paid advertising
our SEO because they’re a high pain problem okay so it’s causes a lot of
pain or someone searching you know there’s hot water tank just
the air-conditioner just blew that’s a high pain issue that’s why HVAC is a
good example so you can kind of visually understand what I’m talking about or
high pain and high paying is you know like luxury furniture stores and
everything else those are two different to two different parts of it and the
reason why I like both of them is because they both of those types of
businesses high pain and high pain both can afford a $2,000 a month retainer
that you man management feed that you’re going to be selling them and now if you
want to get to a point where selling social media and then when you get to a
point where social media becomes you know something that you enjoy doing
because you like food and you can understand how to speak to a foodie and
get the people to come in this is what you want to be focusing on anything
outside of that I do not suggest it if it’s something that you do great maybe
put it put it in the comments or you know reach out to us reach out to one of
the coaches and see if you know it makes sense for you to do it if it does and I
know for a fact you know our coaches know exactly what what are some of the
other things that you can offer but if you’re getting started in this industry
this is what I would suggest you do it okay when we start getting into sales
and I keep talking about this is we’re gonna be talking you know how to close
$5,000 websites how to close $2,000 a month retainers and management fees so
that you can get out there and get your feet wet know as soon as you get that
one client guess what it’s gonna be it’s literally copy and paste you just
got to keep it moving keep it moving and we broke that down in the last video you
get to $10,000 a month guys you can live a lifestyle that you could’ve only
dreamed up on $10,000 a month and we’re gonna be doing into that very very soon
so I hope this made sense I hope you understand how to choose your services
from top to bottom of what I want you to do right away is I want you to choose
your niche choose your services you know figure out what you think is going to be
the best for you I look forward to seeing you in the next video

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