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  1. Carlos Muñoz and Gary Vee, I always learn from you guys and learning in both languages help me a lot whenever I need to explain something.

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  3. What are some of the success stories you have had with TiKToK so far? Share them in the comments and let's really get the non-believers to see the opportunity they are missing 👇!

  4. This Gary seems to talk 24h

    And his team record all of it and split it in 100 videos! Well done content strategy!

  5. TicTok TicTok TicTok….still waiting for the magic to happen! I post images of my artwork. Please come and follow @denisemorganartist. Cheers!

  6. I started my youtube channel a month ago because of you. I have 70 subscribers and currently hide my sub count? Is this a good idea? Should i show the subs up at some point?

  7. Tik Tok is amazing. I used it to advertise my amazon product and got a conversion rate of 70 clicks. The video went viral 🙌🙌

  8. I heard many crazy stories about people accounts on tik tok, just right after uploading up their first video, blewing up. But I had made 3 new accounts, but got zero views on my videos. I don't know if it is a technical problem or what.

  9. I said yes to TikTok a few months ago and I have to say, for a 43-year-old man, I'm having a great time, and I had some opposition at first, but at this age, I can testify I care less for hates for what they have to say.

  10. Brands need to consider TikTok if they want to have high positions in a few years. If you want to quit your business in order to find smth else than you don't need TikTok at all. However, all big brands have a plan for 3-5 years.
    Gary doesn't have time to be everywhere. However, he helps in cars, airplanes, airports or any other place. I like his approach.

  11. I love you Gary V! You’re such a light to us the young generation and to all! I’m glad God blessed me to find your content ! I get my daily v always and have grown immensely because of it !❤️

  12. TikTok has been amazing for me. I went from 600- 130,000 followers within a little bit over two months. My Fanbase is growing like crazy and people are following me on all of my other socials

  13. Im sorry but TicToc is shite 😂 only children use i doubt it'll even last another year Gary goes on like he wants to a sponsor for them or something

  14. I manage all of the social media, marketing/branding, graphic design, and some coding for my grandparents steel manufacturing business in Oklahoma City, OK.

    I started a tiktok account for us 3 days ago and we already have 36 followers (most live in OK), 134 likes, and a total of 2,319 views on 5 videos.

    I'm still learning what works best and I'm working on getting more content specifically for tiktok so I can post more each day. I just got my baby to sleep and I'm getting ready to go get content right now actually lol.

    Thank you SO much Gary for sharing your knowledge! Through your lessons, you helped me make my grandparents believe that social media is worth it!

    Check us out @bbmofokc on tiktok

  15. I actually got a tik tok ad while trying to watch this video wait what.
    Also great video oh every video is great so praise all.
    @mthegamer35 nearly 4K followers on Instagram thank you all🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

  16. just posted my video. Its wide-open over there. Feels good to finally be on a platform where you can actually grow. I was a year or two late on snap, and a few years late on insta. I was there early on musically but noticed it wasn't going anywhere. But I have a different feeling on tiktok. Feels like there's real-life and usability on there.

  17. I use tik tok for my youtube to post clips its bmartingaming and I just started but I'm slowly getting more views any tips anyone?

  18. Because of Instagram and facebook's greed of having you to pay for ads and limiting the algorithm, it has opened up a portal for something fresh to come along. In comes Tik Tok. They aren't being controlled by a greedy hungry corporation and has made social media fun again. The engagement is phenomenal and since it's in the beginning stages, it's very wise to take advantage of it RIGHT NOW! If IG would have just stayed the way it was without doing these pathetic algorithms and showed you content in real time, everyone would be winning but again, this bullshit happened and here we are. GET ON TIK TOK NOW!!

  19. I won't download social media on my phone, it's only on my tablet that stays at home. Screw letting these companies let you know everything about you just because you wanted their app on your phone. This is almost becoming a judgement thing from you, and I thought you were about not living for others opinions of you…

  20. Being happy is the simple part of creating the business you want/desire. Like you said.. there’s no point to teach someone to make a million dollars if they aren’t going to be happy. People tend to follow trends, why not create one? Do what YOU love and everything will fall into place for you.

  21. Yes because my first instinct when setting up a business is to make sure I create memes on a daily basis. Like what business would ever use this shit. This video is a load of rubbish.

  22. Tik Tok is definitely blowing the F*** up but also, the demographic is a bit younger. What's everybody's insight for businesses that are looking for b2b contact?

  23. I talk about city politics which is not a sexy topic but hitting 5 major platforms multiple times daily has tripled my engagement and people are talking about local stuff in just 2 weeks. I'm KatieintheOzarks on tiktok if you want to see a 40 something woman rant about burnt out bldgs in Springfield, MO.

  24. Yeah, I don't have a choice with TikTok… I posted my daily content(same as instagram, facebook, etc.), but TikTok suspended my uploads for showing my craft. Not in a violent manner at all, just knife making progress(kind of like if Tik Tok said "No inspirational content" you would be out of luck). So Saturday my suspension ended, then they suspended me again for a post I made over a week ago… I posted 3 times once Sat, showing my tools, no knives & Sun, my livestream & was suspended. WTF TikTok???

  25. TikTok has loads of potential, you just have to watch and learn what goes viral, jump on the trends and popular songs, and have good content. If you don’t gain any traction on TikTok, it means ur content sucks – just being real.

  26. How much is tiktok paying Gary? I tried producing quality content on it and it went no where and all the content going ‘viral’ that I’m suggested is just high schoolers, particularly girls, fishing for attention.

  27. Posted one video on TikTok and my subscriber count on YouTube when from 450 to 630 in one day. I will continue to use it. Thanks Gary

  28. Hey Gary!
    Funny story: I´m from germany, but right now I´m doing my semester abroad in Monterrey in Mexico and one night I was scrolling through the Insta Feed of my uni here and saw that you´re speaking at the keynote. So I instantly bought the ticket. I was in the crowd at your keynote and I hoped that there would be a Q&A afterwards but unfortanetly that wasn´t the case. I just wanted to tell you that you really helped me during a time where I felt lost (after I graduated high school) and I now more and more do the stuff I really wanna do. I´m forever grateful for that. So thank you and keep up the great work!
    PS: I´m gonna send you an E-Mail right now saying that I´m the german guy from the Mexico Keynote DailyVee YouTube comments and if you want to enter the german market in the future, you can send me an E-Mail and I´m gonna help you in any way you want!

  29. I like the way Gary pointed out that almost everyone who makes content does it with a sale in mind, usually in the form of some kind of course. Gary is just putting out these vlogs without asking anything in return. The attention it gets him is still valuable though, I'm sure.

  30. I was littering working on my youtube and hustling but when a see the thumbnail of the dailyvee and see Carlos Muños 44 in the video, I literally stop everything I was doing and actually watch yours daily vee , its been a years now that I'm not consuming your videos or when I consume them I actually put it in the background while I'm hustling. But today it has to be watched because 2 of the person I listen to and give me ideas were in the same video. I consume your podcast every day Gary. It was just epic to see you both of you in the daily vee and for record I think I have left 2 youtube comment on my entire life and I have 27 years old, I say the second because I don't want the say the first because I don't really remember if I had left one on somebody videos. You're truly the GOATs. Peace back to my hustle.

  31. Watching this video now.
    Thank you so much for everything you and your team does. Especially for all of your time. I know how valuable it is.
    "Every difference makes a difference" – John Maxwell👍

  32. I downloaded tiktok on my phone but it doesn't work. Not sure what's happening… Whenever I try to upload a video my screen goes blank.

  33. How to promote my YouTube videos on tiktok. I make videos on money management, life, food and more.. pls help🙏

  34. Be aware that by using TikTok you are supporting global censorship by the Chinese government…
    Also, why is Gary pushing this so hard?

  35. “The social media app is all the hype among youngsters, but many adult social media users have never heard of it and you might be wondering why. Simply put — it’s by design. To start off, the popularity of TikTok with the younger generation could be explained by the fact that the app creators decided to choose under 18 as their target audience from the very beginning.” People think the app is for kids because it is. There are more and more adults using it, yes, but you don’t have to look further then their absolutely ridiculous advertisements to see who they’re targeting

  36. 😢 I Added @GaryVee Phone Number & Text Him 10 minutes before watching this video😖So when the phone rang MY HEART STOPPED 😱 I FROZE UP🙊 and right when I was about to answer . . . Gary answered and I realized it was just part of this YouTube video 😭 This is my Idol 😅

  37. I'm a med student in Canada, I started my vlog in september as the first step of action to making content. I'll give tiktok a try in the near future once I have some ideas.

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