What Is Impeachment And How Does It Work? | NBC News Now

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  1. I think a President should be held to a higher standard than an everyday civilian…. "High crimes and misdemeanors" shouldn't need definition—if you have to ask Is this what they meant? , the President has already acted in a manner not aligned with how the POTUS should act.
    In my opinion anyhow.

  2. The consistent narrative is that all of the witnesses are Democrat operatives and they all say what Schiff tells them to say. Biden's corruption is epic. We even have tape of Biden bragging about it. Schiff wants to prosecute the President for saving us from criminal scum like Biden. And of course the (((Bolshevik))) news media are always there to sell the California (((Bolshevik's))) lies.

  3. Thank you for this clip, I shared it on Facebook to enlighten folks, myself included. I will watch that again I'm sure, but I think most people need to see it too.

  4. No, there should be an actual crime to warrant impeachment …. NBC is only saying that there doesn't need to be a crime because they know Democrats wont be able to find one.

  5. Once public hearings start to happen and Republicans can cross examine witnesses and call their own witnesses … every one will see that Democrats have ZERO grounds for impeachment.
    Well, the people who follow REAL news will see that. NBC probably won't cover it.

  6. Good it's about time Aunty Nasty impeach Orange man for exposing the good spirit cooking recipe's and the Pedo code words and also the corruption in Aunty Hillary's emails.
    Bad Bad Bad Orange man he's Bad

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