What happened to Brian Shaffer? Columbus police continue to work case 14 years after he disappeared

>>>New tonight, inside the investigation of a possible break in one of our area’s biggest mysteries. What happened to Brian Schafer? He was an osu student who disappeared back in 2006 never to be seen or heard from again.>>Now, almost 14 years later, crimetracker 10 brought a potential clue to police. Angela an explains how the F.B.I. Got involved, what they found out and what happens next.>>Reporter: When it comes to missing persons in Ohio, there is one name that probably resonates more than any other, Brian Schafer. His case has the makings of a Hollywood movie. A young medical student last seen going up this escalator to a popular campus area bar. The video never showed him leaving, or did he? Nearly four years after Brian disappeared, this photo recently started circulating of a man supposedly homeless and American in Tijuana, Mexico. It said “Help locate.” Facebook groups dedicated to finding Brian swore it was him. The theories grew rampant. Brian was alive! So we brought the photo to the attention of Columbus police and detective blanch tucker.>>When you first saw this, what did you think?>>I was like, wow, it could be. Could it be? It’s a possibility.>>Because it does look a little& like him?>>It does.>>Reporter: It was first big break for the Brian Schafer case. Crimetracker 10 got unprecedented access to the files showing the endless enter cruise and leads police exhausted year after year. Ú>>We still get calls and still receive tips.>>Reporter: Despite those tips and the neighborhood searches, plus pleas for information, answers never came until this photo.>>It appeared it could be Brian Schafer, but to see if it was him, um, I contact the F.B.I. Who assists us in a lot of our cases to see if they can do a facial recognition.>>Reporter: So the F.B.I. Compared the Tijuana man photo with the others they already had in a file of Brian. It took four weeks, but finally detective tucker had her answer.>>That it wasn’t him.>>Reporter: It was not him?>>Correct.>>Reporter: Was that a letdown?>>It was. My hopes were high it could be him.>>Reporter: Foul play has never been ruled out, nor has the fact that Brian maybe just took off. The stresses of life, med school and losing a mother to cancer.>>Do you feel that somebody that has been interviewed in the past maybe withheld information?>>I do.>>Reporter: But you can’t say who yet?>>Can’t say who.>>Reporter: Under the cold case initiative, detective tucker is now reviewing every binder once again and while this photo is now a dead end, it is at least for her progress in a case that continues to haunt.>>It would mean closure. Not just closure for us but closure for the family and the friends.>>Reporter: For crimetracker 10, Angela an, 10tv news.>>There is still a reward for any information that could help solve this case. You can leave your tip anonymously with crimestoppers

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