Wells Fargo Business Card Rewards – Raise your rewards to new heights

What if you could get a reward, say a tablet,
for paying for parking? That’s right, rewards just for doing the things you do any way. With the Wells Fargo Business Platinum credit
card, that’s exactly what you’ll get. You’re rewarded for all of your everyday business
expenses: bills, office supplies, business events, vendor payments, travel expenses,
and yes, even parking. Simply apply, enroll in the Rewards Program,
and enjoy best-in-class rewards, like gift cards, air travel with no blackout dates,
and cruises, hotels, or cash back. You even have choices for how to earn rewards. Option one: Cash back only. Earn 1% back for
every purchase you make with no cap on the cash back you can earn. Simple and convenient.
No need to track or redeem points. The cash is automatically credited back to your business
platinum card account quarterly or directly into a Wells Fargo checking account. Option two: rewards points. Earn one point
for every dollar you spend. Even better, you can earn 1,000 bonus points for any month
your company spends $1,000 or more on your account. That’s potentially 12,000 bonus points
a year in addition to the standard points you earn. This is ongoing, not a limited-time
offer. So there you go. Great benefits for you and
your business all for purchasing what you normally would. Oh, and one more thing. When you redeem rewards
online, we reward you again with a 10% points bonus. Yep, bonus points for purchasing more
toner cartridges. Even better, the $50 Rewards Program fee is
waived for the first year. So you and your truck can park anywhere you want. To apply for the Wells Fargo Business Platinum
credit card, simply visit a Wells Fargo banker near you. For the guidance, products, and resources
you need to take the next step for your business, visit WellsFargoWorks.com.

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