Web Marketing | How To Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is crucial for any business to succeed nowadays We’ll try to explain how to build your social media marketing strategy in this video While social media marketing is becoming its science nowadays You need to remember the key value of this marketing It is connecting to the people in the easiest way possible In this video from the Web Marketing series by Totolinks We will look into ways of building your social media strategy Method 1 Set actionable goals You need to know what you need to achieve with social media Set goals to address your challenges in hand Whether it’s increasing brand awareness Converting more leads to customers Or even improving ROIs Your strategy is tailored to suit each goal in mind So be crystal clear and precise That way, you’ll get to decide what metrics you should look at as well Speaking of metrics Reach, clicks, organic, paid likes, comments’ sentiments, engagement and hashtag performance Are some numbers you’ll need to keep in mind when analyzing for social media performance Method 2 Know your audience When building your social media strategy, keep in mind that the audience is the king Engagement will help in your organic growth In a way that people are attracted to what other people like The more engaged your audience is, the faster the words spread out Create interesting content that draws people to your platform Then convert these interested leads to real customers who will pay for your service or product Remember Instagram’s viral post about the world record egg That’s some crazy organic approach Albeit successful social media campaign that most of us dream of Method 3 Go slow but steady When creating your social media marketing strategy, you need to build slowly Start with simple things Such as posting regular updates and replying to their direct and personal messages Social media serves as customer support in a way This way, you can earn the trust of your audience By being responsive and supportive of them Analyze what’s right and wrong Keep these analyses in tab and always strive to change Even if it means A/B versions to what works or not After all, a social media marketing strategy is a marathon, not a sprint It can turn your business around in ways you couldn’t even imagine So take a serious approach and work your way to the top We hope this video helps you and stay tuned To other videos in their Web Marketing by Totolinks series! Good luck

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