WE PUT SHAW IN OUR SUBJECT 9 DECK!! | Constructed | The Boomsday Project | Hearthstone

so it saves a lot of you liked my subject 900 so much so that it is the most popularly played particular 30 card list of subject 9 hunter celebration 31,000 sample size of games and with that we can look at the drawn rewrite and see professor putress side you're not quite as good as the other cards the professor pewter side and to give saw a chance at your mana slot stop man [Applause] spell age never fear or is our mall tougher we'll protect you oh we can how his dragons fear I was gonna play threes oh there's no point to even being playing this I should just shoot him with a your parents and all stone is useless how am I supposed to get anywhere telling five can't be a bad one two three four five it's me directs our faster oh I'm just gonna sit around for a while it seems oh the bright side is dragons freeze a lot worse than this is already explosive and in his mind so nothing I need to do I've been just peachy victims the lie it's a lie this game is all about just getting wrecks are but wrecks are bottom half and then his game is all about getting Jaina euros that hopefully Jaina bottom half [Applause] okay with that he's probably enough when I actually started packing soon that would be the right time away let's subtract probably and angry shell with the rest [Applause] reality shook at that moon watch are on the right of the secret-keeper fan [Applause] but now no 11 that's fine I guess I haven't seen dragons furia probably using that at some point and you faced her axis so if I play another creature he's just gonna play is I'll pass very good even regardless [Applause] old enamel a it's exciting we we both got the death Knights on the bottom 1/3 that's too slow for me probably we're not guaranteed snakes it was a bad call no I mean no you would have triggered showing you it it's fine but follow more for a stuffy bill the movie da nice day I'm tightening I also don't think brushing now is he doing stairs right yeah I gotta get that damaging I bring what seriously Estel in it so we need charge right so that wouldn't be enough oh wait that would be enough what could our fistful missed again that's more unlikely than hydro a hydro anything go for a one time that would have been a spectacular finish though [Laughter] the two differently good starts this is good against Boyd Walker this is good against in librarian I think I'll go at this one dear God Oh Oh the night oh okay boy could that have been incredibly bad sometimes you have crazy Patrol was freeing me about an average Deidre I'll be above average Caesar oh you slide away for this to get my charges I did see that voodoo doctor come to the left of his hand I was like wasn't there better play didn't you also have that happy goal maybe we drew the happy goal later time to build our way to success hmm big Tom Evan mana 410 thought I like strike twice how does the card I expected to see a lot more of in this meta better but it never happened thank everyone is surprised by how little Elektra storm surgeon sees play scene have the clear one for but hopefully get something better I think we need sheepy bill rush that's good that's really good that's very good that's a win the game good not quite win the game but almost lock it down all right this is a turn where got time to breathe stick that on the board we're basically playing arena drafting here see a basilisk pick a vessels nice teeth or 3/4 charge we're taught that's five weight on each our dive shop which doesn't really matter actually and five five six taught holds it down hey subject 9 and still my dad could draw me 3 speci emerald River or subject nine dragon hawk I'm mr. Shah making sure I always have a fast response oh man they're still doing gardening but that's what the top is for and the freezing trip it'll rush life still seems again lock it down other than saunas wait here I do have like I mean I'm not gonna lose this obviously could have done it anyway but I guess the clearing is very clean explosive wasn't necessarily full maybe he had some sort of keel buff that I hadn't wrapped that could have been dangerous might as well just clear everything never have time to play zombies somehow you

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  1. Jens, we can never trust you anymore. Trump has probably never lost a game in his life and you just edit them to be losses. (or the other way around)

  2. I highly doubt you'll read this Jens but something is consistently wrong with the editing when discovering cards. You frequently cut right to the card landing in his hand after hovering on something for a short moment, making it seem like he picked that card when he actually took something else later. Example: 9:36, looks like he picked gastropod when it was actually skitterer. Not a single frame with the mouse hovering over the card he picked.

  3. Personally I run dire frenzy in that slot. With dire mole I can put 3 4/6 beasts in my deck, which can be quite good, however where it really shines is in the matchup against control warrior. Those games can often go to fatigue as you pit zombeasts against warrior removal, and if you make a good Elekk like Elekk+ young dragonhawk you can put 6 copies of a 4 mana 7/8 windfury beast into your deck to constantly wear down the warrior if they can't remove it while avoiding fatigue (Elekk + echo rush hound is also really good for this).

  4. Any point in running this without the DK? Don't really wanna craft it as it is rotating in a relatively short time

  5. 9:38, it's "Stubborn Crab" not "Skittering Crab" – He took the Gastropod.

    Not that it matters. I love that the name edits are there in the first place. Nice touch =)

  6. At 17:50 a really huge misplay. By not playing freezing trap he gave zoo a lethal opportunity with doomguard tap soulfire.

  7. Jens, if you had done the Jaraxxus laugh whenever Trump swung with the bow that ended up with 8 durability, that would have been comedy gold.

  8. I wonder how many people like me didnt have the professor and replaced him with shaw when playing the deck lol

  9. In that match against the Zoolock, wouldn't playing the Freezing trap over the Snipe have been better? The only minion that could still be dangerous to trump were the chargers and Doomguards survive a snipe but get bounced back by freezing. Since there are no cheap, fast minions in the Zoolock's deck, playing the freezing would've been better at securing the win.

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