We Finally Understand Why Lori Loughlin Rejected Her Plea Deal

It was hard enough for us to wrap our heads
around Fuller House actress Lori Loughlin’s involvement with the largest college admissions
scandal in U.S. history. It’s even harder to understand why she rejected
a plea deal. Here are some theories behind the perplexing
legal move. Lori Loughlin went from Aunt Becky to “Becky
with the Bad Rap Sheet” after she was arrested in March 2019. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” People reported that Loughlin and her husband,
fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, were accused of paying William “Rick” Singer’s Key Worldwide
Foundation a total of $500,000. The money would allegedly get both their daughters,
Isabella and Olivia Jade, into the University of Southern California as crew team recruits. But the foundation was allegedly used as a
front for bribes. “If they don’t accept plea deals, charges
could get worse and the sentences much more severe.” The couple was offered a plea agreement and
it would have likely included a minimum two-year prison sentence. According to CNN, they pleaded not guilty
to… “…charges of conspiracy to commit fraud
and conspiracy to commit money laundering.” That may have been a mistake. As predicted, Loughlin and Giannulli were
slapped with additional charges of money laundering and fraud after they rejected the plea bargain. According to an attorney who spoke to Us Weekly, “[They] could spend years, if not decades
[locked up].” A source close to Lori Loughlin claims she
rejected the prosecution’s plea bargain because she believes going to trial will clear her
name and protect her legacy. Speaking to People, the source said: “[Lori] feels like once all the evidence is
presented, that people will understand how things happened.” Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli were reportedly
quite upset about the public shaming they received, too. “I have never been so embarrassed in my life.” A source told People: “They’re having to play this all out publicly,
and they’re fair game for jokes and memes, but also outraged [by] people who are saying
that they are cheaters.” “C’mon, stop teasing me.” According to TMZ, Loughlin and Giannulli might
claim they didn’t know where their donation went. Insiders say Loughlin and Giannulli didn’t
know how William “Rick” Singer intended on getting Olivia Jade and Isabella into USC. They insist the couple merely intended to
use a, quote, “facilitator”…who just happened to have helped hundreds of other students
get into college. The couple will reportedly cite the fact that
plenty of wealthy people have donated buildings to colleges as a means of ensuring their children’s
admission into schools. There may be several issues with this defense,
according to TMZ. First, Giannulli reportedly sent $100,000
directly to a USC assistant athletic director, not Singer’s foundation. Loughlin and Giannulli allegedly conspired
with Singer to falsely make their daughters appear to be recruits for the USC crew team,
even though they’d never competitively rowed a boat. But Giannulli and Loughlin reportedly knew
that Singer asked for photos of their daughters on rowing machines. The couple allegedly didn’t know what the
photos would be used for. “Oh, I know, it’s insane.” According to Fox News, there is likely an
increasing amount of, quote, “circumstantial evidence” against Loughlin and Giannulli,
including emails regarding the IRS. Sources close to Loughlin claim the actress
is confident she won’t spend any time behind bars. An insider told People that Loughlin and Giannulli
believe they have a very good chance at an acquittal if the case ever goes to trial. The source claimed that, “When you look at it in context, you can argue
that this is a woman who didn’t understand exactly what she was doing…” Other anonymous sources echoed this sentiment
to Entertainment Tonight, claiming that Loughlin and Giannulli didn’t realize they were breaking
any laws. Some reports claim Giannulli urged Loughlin
to engage in their alleged dealings with Singer, which may have caused some strain on their
marriage. Insiders told Us Weekly that the couple is,
quote, “constantly arguing.” These sources also insinuated that Loughlin’s
friends don’t like Giannulli and believe he’s behind the admissions scheme. If Giannulli was indeed behind their alleged
participation, it wouldn’t be the first time he’d used somewhat shady means for higher
education. In a resurfaced 2016 interview, Giannulli
claimed he used money his dad gave him for tuition to start his fashion business. USC confirmed to CNN that Giannulli did attend
the school, but claimed that, “[He wasn’t] a fully matriculated student.” Meanwhile, Olivia Jade spilled the beans on
her dad’s college-age dealings when she was a guest on The Zach Sang Show: “I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this,
sorry, dad. But he wasn’t ever like enrolled in college. But he, like, faked his way through it.” Later on in the interview, Jade claimed: “[He] started his whole business with tuition
money that his parents thought was going to college.” Many insiders agree that the biggest reason
Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli didn’t plead their charges down is because they didn’t
think anything would happen to them. A source close to Loughlin told Entertainment
Tonight, “[She thought she’d get a] slap on the wrist…There
seems to be a certain belief among her people she is above all of this and everything will
be just fine. And it’s becoming more and more evident that
is not the case.” Lori Loughlin was determined not to go to
prison at all, which is why insiders say she initially rejected a plea deal. Any agreement she took would include time
behind bars. A source told Entertainment Tonight: “The thought of being separated from her loved
ones for years brought her to her knees. She has watched as the other families cut
deals but her husband feels they are not guilty and should plead not guilty.” Working in Loughlin and Giannulli’s favor
is the fact that neither has a criminal record. If they do get prison time, they’ll likely
be kicking back in a pretty swanky set of cells. Legal expert Rachel Stockman told Entertainment
Tonight: “They’ll probably be at a minimum security
prison. Very similar to the one Martha Stewart spent
time at.” Lori Loughlin’s attitude may ultimately work
against her. The sketch artist in Loughlin’s first arraignment
told Yahoo! Entertainment that she had full hair and makeup,
claiming that, “[She seemed] a little arrogant [and] defiant.” “You’re kidding. You’re kidding!” The Daily Beast even reported that Loughlin
got, quote, “shushed” in court. Crisis manager Howard Bragman who doesn’t
work for Loughlin but happens to be an acquaintance told Elle that signing autographs outside
the court was a bad move: “If you’re possibly going to jail, I think
your posture should parallel that. You have to look like it’s the worst day of
your life. I don’t think there’s sympathy for her.” Meanwhile, a source told People that the actress
truly doesn’t believe she did anything wrong: “From the beginning, she didn’t want to take
a deal, because she felt that she hadn’t done anything that any mom wouldn’t have done,
if they had the means to do so.” For most parents, that’s a pretty big “if.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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100 Replies to “We Finally Understand Why Lori Loughlin Rejected Her Plea Deal”

  1. Think they're all over the place with some rustled up kind of righteousness that the judge is probably not holding his breath for.

  2. Whatever happened to innocent til proven guilty? HELLO HOLLYWOOD. Why are you so quick to ruin lives/careers the minute a celebrity’s accused of ANYTHING???? This isn’t just about Lori it’s about many celebrities. You guys need to screw “political correctness” yesterday. This is getting crazy. Lodie

  3. What about reverse discrimination in admissions ( unqualified blacks over more qualified people) and double standards and relaxed standards so blacks can get into fields they cant possibly do.
    If im on the jury, she walks.

  4. I know what they did (or supposedly did) wasn't morally or ethically right, but the college people shouldn't have been open to taking the money either. I think many parents have done this kind of thing in the past, including past presidents and other famous people. Money talks and makes the world revolve. I think they are much less a crime than a murderer, drug dealer, rapists, perverts, kidnappers.. etc. Make them pay one million to another charity and let the judge decide on that charity., make them both do community time and a house arrest for 6 months to a yr. I'm sorry, I just don't believe the crime/offense warrants years of jail at the taxpayers expense.

  5. Lori will end up being Big Bertha's little trick and Maximo will belong to big Bubba! These rich assholes think that they can buy their way through life and it's time to teach them a hard lesson! Let's see how Lori deals with 10 years behind bars and same for her husband!!! Put their rich little daughter's in foster homes and give them all a taste of reality!!!

  6. Maybe Lori was naive, thinking it's how rich people have done this for decade's & no one was ever got arrest for it. Rich people give money to college's all time, they just give it for different reasons. Trust me it's really no big deal.

  7. Lori is Good Person, she doesn't deserve to be treated like a criminal, they should spend their time going after Real Criminals like: Harvey Weinstein, Chris Brown, Prince Andrew oh yeah his Friend Epstein kill himself, and many others…Leave Lori Alone!!!!!!!!1!111

  8. No one is stupid when you lie, and bribe …. your kids are entitled chasing money.
    It would be a good lesson for all of them to spend time in prison.

  9. Half the inmates in prison didn't realize they were committing a crime at the time they were doing it! All they had too do was let one of those half dozen lawyers they're paying now review the admission papers??? It's only business!

  10. I hope so bad that there will be justice served and that the law will prevail. You do the crime you do the time.

  11. Why would she say something so stupid about her dad in an interview smh. Every time i hear Olivia talk, I'm just amazed by the fact that they really thought they wouldn't get caught, trying to convince people that Olivia Jade got into such a prestigious school, even with the help of a sport lmao at that btw. I mean she's dumber than a bag of sand. LEGIT DUMBER and It only takes a few seconds of listening to her talk to realize that. 😂😂😂 Her parents really should be sooo mad, AT THEMSELVES. I mean come on all that money and access to the best education and travel which is the best kind of education and still they managed to fail SOOOO HARD as parents, all they created is another spoiled, oblivious, dumber than dumb, rich kid. Oh God possibly 2 actually but i can't judge the other daughter because i haven't heard her speak yet, but i don't have much faith that she's any smarter.

    Great job, Mom and Dad
    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 .

  12. I hope both get 12 or more years.
    That fact that Bitch Lori was outside of the court signing Autographs!!! 😭😭 I really hope they all see through The White Privilege!

  13. She thinks she's above the law she's a crooked criminal as her husband and daughters they all deserve prison period

  14. attractive people get more sympathy from juries and usually get lighter sentences if convicted…. keep slapping on that make-up baby… Lori 2020!

  15. Stamos goes on to say that he “can’t figure it out” and that “it doesn’t make sense,” adding that he talked to Loughlin the morning the news broke.

    “I just can’t process it still,” he says. “Whatever happened, I’m pretty sure that the punishment is not equal to the crime, if there was a crime.”

    Of course, if these "extraterrestrial holy moly wud" people are still in touch with the Earth, they would never do horrible things like this and try to get away!! It's great that they can live with normal human beings and spend all the benefits of being normal human beings, PLUS DON'T HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL!!!

    I wonder how many "women and men" from extraterrestrial holy moly wud world have the same "Gene" as Lori and Angie.

  16. If the Judge believes the lies that Lori Laughlin and her husband are telling about the not knowing what the $500,000.00 was being used for and what the photos of the daughters on the rowing machines were going to be used for than we are all a bunch of ignorant monkeys. Actually I like the monkeys better, at least they would be honest !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Smmfh..she fixing to find out the hard way that the court system don't work like she thinks! I have no sympathy for her or her weird, creepy husband. Or her brats.

  18. Their daughters knew what was going on as well. They should be made to participate in all rowing workouts giving them no time to make videos for their braindead followers.

  19. They knew Exactly what they were doing. They should lock them up,and throw the damn key away! Sick of these asses feeling entitled.

  20. They should have used the money to reduce the size of Olivia Jade's head by about half. But leave the brain intact because she cant afford to loose one iota of that.

  21. It's not like USC is Harvard, etc…not top 10. To take a risk like that. The girls must be disappointed that their parents don't have confidence in their abilities.

  22. Buying SAT tests, grades, entry acceptance, and every possible way to cheat and buy their way has been going on for decades, 3,4,5 decades……and i mean widely known cheating, some form no doubt has gone on ever since there was a university. The schools make cheating lucrative.
    Someone at the university Lori sent her kids to may have told her to go see the guy she paid off. Whoever sent her to that guy could be why she does get vindicated.

  23. She cheated using for fortune but what outraged the public even more is her arrogance and lack of remorse. Her daughters are as arrogant with a sense of entitlement as the parents. I hope they spend a long time in prison.

  24. How many degrees and diplomas does this fucking uneducated know nothing family have? I heard they’re all Harvard Law grads with PHD’s in theoretical physics.

  25. As someone whos been to prison, i can tell you why she didnt take the SMART AF plea deal.
    (Really bitch? 2 years? I served 2 years for an oz of weed).
    Because shes rich. To her 2 years sounds like the end of her life..she cant imagine leaving her cushy life for 2 years. She dont realize 2 years is good af for a deal.
    Shes used to getting HER way. So she thinks this will end HER way.
    Shes used to fooling people and manipulating them. Shes used to cheati g the system due to privledge.
    Not this time. She thinks shes more important than she is in this case.
    May work on star struck money hungry no name crooked college admin.
    Wont work with a jury.
    Shes gonna be wishin she took that tho i guarantee it.

  26. And we Asian kids well qualified for Harvard and get turn down because the school don’t want too lopsided of certain race. Lol everything is a business sad!!!!

  27. You better talk with Marcia Stewart on surviving in the prison life. Set up a fund to payoff prison bullies. You are in deep.

  28. Give the woman community service, a hefty fine, and a long probation but don’t send her to prison… Prison for bribing your kids way into college is ridiculous when this woman is not a danger to society and she has no criminal record

  29. Sadly this seems a common practice for DOCTORS They pay other people to take their SAT as well as finals and dissertations ! This is actually alarming ! Lori's daughter was only there to get a husband . Lori should have just thrown a party or gotten her to get invited to a dorm party

  30. guess pedowood, pedogate, facebook, corporates, current celebs and pharma have more funds for payoffs. If she was more current in the hollyweird scene this wouldnt even be an issue.

  31. And the one kid didn’t even want to go to college and was hoping the dean would understand her YouTube career was her priority. So not only did they break the law they did it for no an entitled brat

  32. 0:04, let me talk about how adorable and precious this baby is?????!!!
    Twisted plot: We the jury find Lori Loughlin not guilty to committing fraud and committing money laundering.
    People on youtube and social media: money can buy justice, this is ridiculous, justice system is joke, etc…

  33. Who cares? Everybody knows that rich people game the system in order to get their kids into prestigious schools. This is a total waste of everyone's time.

  34. Come On! She rejected it because she doesn't think she will be sent to jail. She's a diva who feels is deserving of good things. Even a good friend of hers said that. I wish she would get 1 to 2 years. Slam the jail cell door on Aunt Becky.

  35. Because of her arrogant behaviours , trying to play like paying that kind of money and claiming ignorance of the law breaking she was doing is not a defense . So 14 days first one up , 15,000 . This one here 200,000 spent to deceive and ly and ruin her own career , cause damage to her family . Then be laughing , arrogant , not even smart enough to cause more damage to herself. 2 years. Not willing to take responseability for her actions . Most of all trying to use hollyweird reputation to get out of it.

  36. I understand why Lori did this. They didn't care about the students who worked for years to get that scholarship. Does she think the public is stupid!?

  37. Can we all just agree she probably won't get any jail time anyways? These people always get away with things the average person would be severely punished for.

  38. I still don’t understand why it’s illegal. She paid to get her children into a private company (USC) that can accept or reject anyone for any reason. Okay and? It’s shity and dishonest but it shouldn’t be illegal. This is all ridiculous. If anyone is entitled it’s the public that’s crying “they took someone’s spot” or “it could have been me”. I hope she gets off because this is the dumbest case ever.

  39. These people got framed by that rat Singer. Singer got deposed in another suit and he got caught lying so much he had zero credibility. “Sources tell tabloid rags” ? I hope they kick these Boston Feds asses!

  40. She knew what she was doing. She should have owned up to it. Even if she gets no jai time I will not support her. She did this not once but twice. Also her daughter's act like it okay bc that was the way they where raised.

  41. honestly I respect the fight. Is aunt Becky who needs to take the fall for all the backdoor privilege that has been going on for ever? She could have been smarter , like the way colleges pay their stars through a 3rd person and in cash.

  42. They will make a example of her and her husband she’ll do time in jail but no more then a year she knows what she was doing

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