Watch the Cast of the CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Tour Make Sweet Sounds in Rehearsal

–[“I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” from Charlie
and the Chocolate Factory] [music] –Oh! –Woah! [music] –see the day, when he would face the world and say Good morning! –I never thought that I would be dancing about the cause they all thought I was better off dead –It’s time to… meet a little lady everybody’s talking about –[“Queen of Pop” from Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory] –She is royalty of the highest order, and she don’t give a hoot what Veruca says, cause round here, daddy has the last word okay? Okay come on! –Yeah, yeah yeah. –My daddy says I’m the best. My daddy says that I’ll go far My daddy says that I am blessed My daddy says I’m a star! –My daddy says I’m in my prime, who am I to doubt it? –Doubt it –My daddy says it’s my time –And there ain’t no doubt about it –My daddy put me on the scene. My daddy put me at the top –Yeah, yeah, yeah –My daddy says I’m a queen, my daddy says, the Queen of Pop! –Where is everybody? Let’s go! –[“The Candy Man”] –[all singing] The Candy Man takes everything he makes satisfying and delicious talk about your childhood wishes [music] –Who can take tomorrow dip it in a dream — –The Candy Man –Oh, the Candy Man can.

42 Replies to “Watch the Cast of the CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Tour Make Sweet Sounds in Rehearsal”

  1. My high school did Willy Wonka and I played verruca salt and my drama teacher said we did it better because the Broadway show changed a lot of things.

  2. It's kinda ironic that Noah Weisberg is playing a role that Christian Borle originated on Broadway, considering that he was in Legally Blonde with him and even understudied Emmett!

  3. It’s kind of annoying as living in the uk you realise that we actually use real kids on the West End for our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory rather than adults. Why can’t you use children? Is there some law against it in America?

  4. I still love watching this after seeing the nation tour myself, it's a great thing to watch rehearsals. Everyone in the cast is insanely talented, even if the set changed or there are different lines, it's a great thing to see. Noah Weisberg is a great fit for Wonka and I really appreciate him and look up to him, playing such a big role, it was amazing to see everyone on stage and meet a few of the cast.

  5. The Mr Beauregarde has great vocal expressions but absolutely zero stage presence and body language/dance awareness. He needs to be much groovier and more confident in his posture imo

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