Vlog #1 Sarah’s engaged, Self & Time Management, Big Future Plans Coming Friday

Hey everybody Ryan here on life on positivity and welcome to vlog number one I’m trying something new here Because I want to make sure I get enough content out to you guys and I’ll create a playlist of the vlogs I Plan to do three a week Just to make you aware First I want to give some updates about the channel You may have noticed last week Sarah wasn’t here that Is because sarah has some exciting news She met somebody And it’s like a story out of a fairy tale they met Got engaged and Will be married within the month So Sarah is gonna. Be pretty busy She’s going from four kids To 10 And I don’t know about you, but I call that pretty busy So I think we’ll all understand that she won’t be on the show as much Hopefully we can get her on it for a few guest appearances and She’ll stay on the team, but more as an advisor And with ideas because she has great ideas and the other big thing. I want to talk about Before I get into what’s happening Friday is Time management As you may or may not be aware I’m doing the YouTube channel writing working on a dissertation for my PhD Doing school with Sarah As well as whatever other things come up during the day So I do a lot of time management And honestly, I’m not the best schedule guy there is Because I don’t like to be tied down So when I create a schedule. I follow it loosely, but the main thing is how I use my time A man named Henry B Eyring, who some of you may or may not know Gave an address at Brigham Young University in which he said that we can either spend our time or invest our time So to help you understand that spending our time Would be like going down to our favorite fast-food restaurant and buying a hamburger Investing our time Would it be like buying stock in that company Which can actually give us something back Besides a belly And that’s the main thing that’s helped me to do all I’m doing Because I have just as much time now as I did before the channel But before the channel I Spent about 10 percent of my time Playing computer games probably more Which is just spending my time it wasn’t investing because Other than talking with friends I wasn’t getting a lot out of it except. Maybe something to keep me from boredom But I quit the computer games July 6 and started all of this stuff and honestly I spend a lot more time doing the YouTube and the writing then I did the computer games Get some time. I have more time Somehow I have more time So that’s my testimonial to why it’s better to invest time than spend time And plus Investing time in YouTube I can get a message out there of positivity because believe it or not I Have a few difficulties in life The other thing about time management If you don’t have to don’t try to do it all yourself I’ve been trying to do the YouTube and all the social media aspects by myself And Recently I’ve gotten some help doing that the social media part and I believe I’ll be getting at least one or two new members of the team in Addition to me and Sarah and now Friday I’m going to start getting a few more definite plans You know Sarah needs to talk to her fiance to try to figure things out there, but? I’m going to Eastern Arizona College. To their small business development counselor and Work on a plan I have for this channel And it’s a big plan it Involves a lot more than the channel and after I’ve talked to him Friday I will come back with all the details So there’s some exciting news coming and Even more exciting than that is you got to watch my first vlog Aren’t you excited? I know I’m excited Because this way I make sure to get some content out there All right as always stay positive and Look at everything and try to find a positive believe me it makes life much happier All right, thank you positive people, and I’ll see you later

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