Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 652 – Full Episode – 19th February, 2020

Finally you are awake.
– We were trying since so long. Look..
He defeated our goat long ago. “Om..” ‘Om Namah Shivaay..’ Salutations, my Lord. I am immensely pleased by your devotion
and servitude, Karthikeya. And the manner in which
you defeat that illusory goat has left me overjoyed. I want to grant you
the power of another element.. Which is the Earth. But first,
you must tell me the properties of Earth element. One property of Earth
is its weight. Its weight and homogeneity
are its important traits. The element of Earth or soil
has a yellow colouration to it. Its place in the human body
is in the thigh and its Mantra is ‘Lam’. Your answer is correct
indeed, Son. I, hereby, grant you
the power of the Earth element. “Om Namah Shivaay..” This lad has reached
his second stage. And its power will make him
even stronger. Hence, in order to test
his spirit we must separate him
from his divine bracelet. And I know who shall help me
with this. Deities,
neither have I forgotten nor will I let you forget. I will punish you for slaying my grandfather
Asurendra. I will punish you brutally. Merely punishing them
is not enough. Their arrogance
needs to be destroyed. Make every believer
in the world worship you. And you must begin with
God King Indra’s son Jayant. If this weakling son
of Indra accepts your supremacy even all the Deities
will be compelled to do so. Then you will become
even mightier. ‘So be it, Mother.’ ‘I will follow your orders.’ ‘Now I, Surapadman, will become
the lord of these Deities.’ ‘Will this brute
try to harm me?’ Who is it!
– Do not be scared, Jayant. ‘He is glaring at me again!’ It makes me so happy
to fear towards me in the
eyes of this lad and all you Deities. But my heart is still
not satiated. I will find true peace when they shiver
at the very mention of my name and are so terrorised that they idolise me
for my wrathful nature. They should hail my name! All hail Lord Surapadman! Father-in-law,
I never gave you a chance to serve me. This is injustice
towards you. No, you are my dear one. I will definitely do
justice to you. Come on, do some work
and serve me. Build a huge temple
with my mother, Lady Surasindh and my great idol. Hurry up. ‘These great idols?’ Good. Gods, veneration and prayer
are the reasons behind your power, right? So, all of you
will worship me from today. I will also become
the most powerful God of this world. I do not like people
who stare at me. Stupid boy. Did you not understand
what you have to do? Begin my veneration.
– Okay. Why are you Gods
just watching? Go and decorate
the flowers for me. If anyone can help us in getting the bangle
from Kartikeya it is only Rajatkeshta. My hair kills people and puts uninvited
people in danger. Tell me,
why have you come here? You will be happy
if you listen to me. You have been trying
to awaken your demonic God from so many years. I can tell you today
how to give him life. Do not make me wait. Tell me quickly
how this is possible. You have to get the bangle
of the element of air which can make
anything impossible possible. You will have to hurry up. You will have to steal it. Steal it?
From whom? From the one
who is wearing it now and is on the journey
of getting the other elements and his name is Kartikeya
who is in Kanchi now. Hurry up. If he reaches the next
pilgrimage place and succeeds in getting
the third element he will become
very powerful. Rajatkeshta’s hair
will do this quickly. Bakhan, you do not do
anything without a reason. What is your plan in this? How will this help
in testing Kartikeya? Can you see
this demonic God? All the demons
residing here have been worshipping him
from ages. That is why their faith
and spiritual power resides in him. If he gets the divine bangle and he fights with
Kartikeya after that there cannot be
a better solution than this to test his spiritual power. ‘Come, Kartikeya.
Come in front of me.’ ‘I can
enjoy snatching’ ‘the bangle from you.’ He is such an
attractive boy. He is good looking as though he is not
an ordinary boy but he is God himself. He is amazing. You have to get
the divine bangle from him. Look at his right hand. The bangle is on
his right hand. ‘This bangle can give life
to my demonic God.’ ‘And I know how to get it.’ ‘These ‘bel’ leaves
and flowers’ ‘will help me in going
closer to him.’ Hurry up. ‘This is the speciality
of Rajatkeshta’ ‘that she definitely
reaches her goal’ ‘and the same will happen
this time too.’ Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. ‘This hair near
brother’s bangle?’ Brother! Hail Lord Shiva.. ‘Who is she?’ ‘Oh!
Bhakhan has sent her.’ ‘This is his new trick.’ ‘But the one who is
pretending to be a devotee..’ ‘I will turn her into
a staunch devotee.’ Hail Lord Shiva.. Hail Lord Shiva.. ‘How come I have dropped
these flowers?’ Brother, it seems she is
your staunch devotee. She has come here
to catch a glimpse of you. She is asking you
for blessings. See, how she is bowing down
before you with utmost respect
and dedication. May you feel blessed
and satisfied after seeing me. May you be blessed. ‘I am feeling blessed, Lord.’ ‘I am feeling blessed
after seeing You.’ I did not send her to stand
there with folded hands. I sent her to acquire
Kartikeya’s bangle. It is enough, Ganesh. You cannot come with me
beyond this point. Brother, take me with you. We have already visited
two temples among five. There are only three left. Let me be with you and visit
the rest three temples. So that I will be able
to finish my spiritual journey. Ganesh, your logic,
making innocent face and talking about
your spiritual journey.. Your every logic is good. But these will not work here. You can complete
your spiritual journey alone. You do not need to accompany
me for the same. I am still angry with you
and you know the reason. I do not like
if you hide something from me. And you are still
doing the same though I have told you this
several times. ‘Brother will
send me to Kailash’ ‘if I act stubborn.’ ‘I better follow his order
and move ahead on my own.’ ‘And I will meet him
in the next temple’ ‘Arunachalesvara temple.’ I think the rest three temples
are situated in this direction. Hence, we should move
in the southern direction. Please come. Our journey will be
completed soon. Why is she standing
like a statue? Why is she not doing anything? ‘He is so divine.
As if He is the God.’ ‘I should not steal His bangle.’ No, this is impossible. How can she get
so influenced by that kid? ‘No, I should not do this.’ I hope you know about
the consequences if you fail to follow the order. No problem.
Let me remind you once again. Your power, your hair
and the source of your life.. You will lose everything. And I will be behind that. Your hair
loss will indicate that you are approaching death. Think about it. But how can I steal His bangle
Who Himself is God? ‘How can I steal..’ Everything that glitters
is not gold. He is not your God. You have been worshipping
your God for centuries. Go and get the bangle. And invoke your demon God. You are right. There is only one God.
And I need to invoke my God which is not possible
without the bangle. Yes. ‘The energy of a person with
a pure heart is so impressive’ ‘that even a dishonest person
gets influenced by him.’ ‘if he gets in touch with him.’

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