Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 523 – Full Episode – 22nd August, 2019

The arrows
of the worst vices can affect anyone. Then why
is Vikat Ganesh not doing anything, My Lord? Why is he not trying
to destroy them? My Lord, the arrows
are very powerful. They are
so strong that they will erase everything good in Ganesh
and generate the most negative
desires within him. Why would Vikat Ganesh
doing anything to stop them despite this? Get ready to witness how dangerous and destructive my arrows are. ‘Why is Ganesh
not fighting back?’ ‘Why is he not
destroying the arrows?’ ‘It is
because Ganesh knows’ ‘that the arrows fired’ ‘by Kamasur
are not weapons’ ‘but negative desires
and they cannot be’ ‘destroyed by weapons.’ Ganesh, do something!
Stop the arrows! If you do not anything,
I will have to interfere in your battle. Ganesh! How is this possible? Stop, Brother. It is impossible
to destroy the arrows. They can only be faced. Get ready, Lord Ganesh! In next five minutes,
my great arrows of negative desires will pierce you and awaken vices inside you. And then, due to being
filled with vices, you will become my friend Lord Ganesh. ‘How
will Vikat Ganesh face those dark arrows?’ Ganesh! – Son! Soon dark desires will awaken within you. It is not only difficult but impossible even for you to protect yourself from those vices. “Lord Ganesh! – Hail..” Impossible.. Why did my arrows
not affect him? I will answer
your question, Kamasur. It is because Ganesh
is the Supreme Being. How can any vice exist in him? Along with that,
Ganesh’s childlike attitude which consists
of gentle emotions. Straightforward and
gentle children are always unaffected by dark
desires and vices. So those who
stay straightforward like children
are always protected from negative desires
and vices. But that is not possible now. My vices will
spread everywhere on Earth and affect all the living things there. It does not matter
if it is a child or an old sage demons or Gods,
everyone will be filled with dark desires. And after the task
is done, Bhandasur will establish his rule over the entire cosmos. He will be impressed
by my success and chose me as his general. Hail Lord Shiva.. Hail Lord Shiva.. Neither Bhandasur nor your
desire will come true, Kamasur! What could be the reason
of such confidence of his? ‘These demons
have pleased Lord Mahadev’ ‘and received the blessing
to be invincible.’ ‘I am Invincible.’ ‘You cannot defeat me,
Lord Ganesh.’ Brother, we have forgotten. Just as Lobhasur, even Kamasur
has a blessing from father. What happened?
Why did you stop? Try again. I shall counter all your weapons. But you do not have
the means to counter my Kamastra! Brother. The world can be freed
from his mist when Kamasur is freed
from that malice. Ganesh, how can we
free him from that malice
that he was born from! I have the answer
for that. What happened? Have you been defeated before even fighting? Do you not have
the courage to fight me? Brother, we must
hold him here till I get back
with a way to defeat his malice. ‘Great is the act
of Ganesh!’ My Lord, why has Ganesh
taken another form? What is he doing? Where is the another form
of Ganesh? I am right here, Aunt. Greetings, Uncle. Greetings, Aunt. Ganesh, what is going on? A form of yours
is fighting Kamasur And your another form
is over here. Should you not focus
all your power there to defeat Kamasur? You cannot hold me captive Lord Ganesh. No weapon of yours can harm me at all. Uncle, you must be aware that since Kamasur
is invincible by my father’s blessing,
he cannot be defeated. But his malice of lust can be defeated. And I am here to ask
for help from Uncle. Ganesh, how can I help you? Please grant me the chance
to see your Mohini form. Uncle, why are you
startled? Please bless me, Uncle. Show me your Mohini form. Ganesh should be focused
on destroying the evil Kamasur and his threat on
the world. But he has reached
the realm of Vaikuntha asking to see
the Mohini form. We do not have much time! We must end the malice
of Kamasur. My Lord, the malice
of Kamasur has begun engulfing
the world. Soon all the beings
will be driven by lust. Please help me stop him. Show me
your Mohini form. No, dear Ganesh. Earlier, when I took
upon Mohini form Kamasur was brought forth
from that event and I am worried that it might..
– Trust me, Uncle. You must rest assured. I do not have much time
to stop this evil. Please listen to me.
Help me, Uncle. ‘Even Lord Mahadev
was attracted to this form.’ ‘How can Ganesh
not be attracted to this?’ Greetings, Mother. Mother, you are as
beautiful as my Mother Parvati. And you are just as kind
as her. Ganesh, the world must learn from you. One must treat
another woman as a mother. And that is
the righteous code. I am pleased by this great
act of yours. Tell me, what do you wish
from me? Mother, it was by your form
that the malice of lust and Kamasur was born. So only you can kill
that malice. I did brought him forth
unintentionally and now it has turned
to Kamasur. And now I will present a way to destroy lust. Lord Ganesh. When you and I cannot
defeat each other it is futile to fight
this never ending war. Just as my malice of lust
as consumed most of the world I shall consume you. Mayur represents calm
and control. And Champa flowers
represent purity. By the touch
of these flowers the malice of lust
will be destroyed. Yes, Mother. Kamasur. Now the world will be free
of you and lust! My malice cannot enter you
as you said. Then so be it. But I can consume you and assimilate you both. ‘So finally Ganesh
has found a way’ ‘to defeat the malice
of lust!’ Do what you must,
Lord Ganesh. None of your acts
will affect me. Since now the earth
has fallen to lust and even you cannot
protect it. ‘Everyone has the sense
to reach wisdom’ ‘but we fall to various sins
since our senses lay dormant.’

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