Vidayutham Tamil Full Movie

Oh Mother! Where are you running? You’ll get it for this. Watch out, dear. Come, mother.
Why are also running like a girl? She’s all mischief since morning. Careful! Don’t leave her! Catch her! Don’t let her go,
catch her, mother. Stop I say! Are you playing fun with us? I’ll take you to task today. Careful! Mother! Has henna turned bewitching? Is it the enchant of flowering? Like papad and vada…
Like a 5 month infant… Like tasty lentil sambar and mash… The flower has blossomed… Blossom has bloomed… The virgin has flowered… Today morning come to age… The plant has ripened to produce… Angel has attained puberty… Attained full womanhood…
Saffron flower has blossomed… Is the kohl beautiful? Are the eyes beautiful? Cheeks are bowls of sandalwood paste…
Are they getting bathed with turmeric water? The beautiful water of Siruvani
is adding sheen to the charming body… The blushing cuteness is slowly
changing to new season… Is the flower beautiful? Is her smile beautiful? It’s a day when relatives are
Celebrating coming of age happily… The new saplings bow
heads blushing… Happiness will turn into shyness… Everyone joins the celebration
to bond new relationships… Keep it here and sit, aunty.
– Okay, baby. You sit down, I’ll serve you. Come uncle, let’s have lunch. I’ll eat later.
Where’s Mani? He went to party office, uncle. Okay…if Mani comes, tell him to
change the sword. Okay, uncle. Okay. Start the vehicle. What happened?
– Case is dismissed, sir. Very happy! Wait a minute. My daughter! Where did it go away? Sir! Wait! Why leader is standing here?
– Why? Let’s see why! Leader, Sithiravelu got the seat
in these elections. If you leave it,
he’ll become Home Minister. Then, neither district secretary
nor Ministry for me. Would a new party entrant
gets everything? Leader, just say yes,
we’ll bump him off. Are you seeking my permission for it? Sir, please get into the vehicle. I’ll make it a habit to walk
from now onwards. Go man. Not to home, tell him to
come to party office. What’s it, dear?
– Need Rs.500, please. Rs.500? Is it enough? Take it, enjoy. What’s it, dear?
Why are you so scared? What? What should I do now, sir?
– You must tell me that. Shall I tighten the security?
– SP, people call uncle as Sithiravelu lion! Cowards who can’t take on me directly,
trying to threaten me from behind. Uncle, someone from opposition? There are many enemies
in my own party. Whose name can I take? SP, get this case investigated
by another officer. I got scared thinking it was
someone else. Actually I must get scared
of you after marriage. I just tried to scare you before that. I really got scared. I’ll never come here again. Why? Shouldn’t I touch
if I love you? There’s a type of love
where you don’t touch. I’m that type. Okay…go…you’d say just enough
to see after marriage also. Is it? Then, answer my question.
– What? Okay.
What shall we do now? I told you already. Not that…did you tell your
father about our love? Oh that thing! Leaders generally have fights
with opposition leaders. Your father and my father are in
the same party for namesake only. They’re always at loggerheads
with each other. On hearing my father’s name Padialanthan,
your father’s BP shoots up rapidly. My father thinks his fortune will turn
good only if your father goes down. Then, why did you fall in love with me? Why did you accept my love then? That is…you’re little handsome, right?
That’s why! A cloud is singing lullaby
somewhere for the sky… The sky is appreciating me
for being part of you… You won over me by killing me… Express your love, my dear… It’s a time that no control
or sense… You won over me and
stopped my heart… You’re my love… Hereafter…
– No worries… There’s no love like our love… You the raging fire adding
to my love flame… Born again and again to die… Love opens up its door… You’re my breath… My love is you… Our love will fly high… Our love will succeed…
We will live happily… Who said that?
– My breath… Gets wings again and again
as it loses… Love will keep on flying high… Nature will admire… Love is the sweetest… Let’s live together on moon… My love is you… My love is ours… Love will win… Who will win? Love wins… Hubby…hubby… Check, who it is? Hubby! What? Your mother is dead, sir. Your mother is dead, sir. Tell Mani to inform everyone. Okay, sir. Old age, mother died. Grandma… Grandma! Oh, my dear is dead…
she’s dead… Mother hates noise. One minute. Tell me, sir. Greetings, Mani.
Is sir there? Just a minute. Uncle is inside,
I’ll give the phone to him. Uncle SP is on line. Tell me.
– I’m SP here, sir. I know, tell me. I heard about your mother’s death. Yes, old age, she died. Is the little finger there? All the fingers are there
but no life. I’ll talk to you later,
hang up now. Grandma! Give me, aunty! I’ll take it. Leave it, I’ll bring it.
– No problem, aunty, I’ll take it. Okay, you take it. Mother! Come, dear. Who are you planning
to apple polish today? Oh no, mother. What? Only this room is left out! For whom you are taking the coffee? Looks like you’ve found your prince! Don’t get angry, madam.
Won’t I help you in this? His name is Kaushik,
he’s from America. Very close to father,
I’ve put him in this room. Meet him, madam. Sister! What’s it, Uday? A boy in black shirt came on grandma’s
death, his name is Kaushik, do you know him? I saw him that day only,
I didn’t see him after that. Aunty is downstairs,
ask her, she may tell you. I’m busy, I’ll go.
– Okay. A boy in black shirt came on grandma’s
death, his name is Kaushik, do you know him? Do you know that boy, sister? I don’t know. Madam!
– What? At least, do you know that boy? I don’t know. Karthik, stop! A boy in black shirt came
on grandma’s death, do you know him?
– That brother? Do you know him? Get lost! I asked everyone in home and
inquired over phone with others also. Nobody knows where’s Kaushik? I haven’t asked your father only. I’m scared to ask him. Why don’t you ask him yourself? Forget it, he’ll be one of
our relatives. There are many oldies in the family,
Kaushik will come if someone dies, right? Shall we do one thing? To bring Kaushik here,
shall we kill someone? Sir, there’s party council
meeting of the party. Inform everyone. Then, you wanted an
appointment with CM. I’m trying for it, sir.
Not yet through. Please sit down. One more thing, sir…
– Wait. There’s no problem in
mother’s death, right? Why sudden doubt, uncle? Was she poisoned…?
– Nothing like that, uncle. I don’t have any suspicion
in aunty’s death. No, we’ve many enemies. May be, uncle. After elections,
when you become a Minister, everything will be fine. Okay, call SP on phone. Tell me, sir. I feel going your way is right. Okay, sir. You inquired about little finger…
– You said no, sir. It’s a fact. Why don’t you get it inquired
by someone else? Okay, sir.
– We must always be alert. You express your love in WhatsApp… You’re the Android living
in my heart… Facebook is not enough
to love you… That’s why I love you
with Twitter…. A moon has born again
like a girl… She gave me the world and
smiled beautifully… You were born as man
to make light my pal… You blossomed in my heart, my life… Just a moment of life is
enough for us… No need of another life like this… Just a sight is enough to see… This is enough…rain of love… With burden of love
you fell on my heart… You entered my eyes as
a beautiful dream… You wrote new poetry on love… Words smiled without
understanding the cuteness… You’re a maiden blooming
in my heart… I’m searching for your fragrance… I’m yearning to see your heart… Something strange in eyes… We both are love pictures… 1, 2, 3, 4…
1, 2, 3, 4… I don’t know what after that… How do you do, sir?
– I’m fine, how are you? How did your work go on there, sir? Very fine, completed it successfully. Was it very difficult to
investigate in Dubai, sir? Actually, I had become a Sheikh
working undercover. They mistook me for a real Sheikh. Take it. It has full details about International
diamond smugglers. Video evidence about the
entire network in this CD. Give it to Commissioner immediately, forward it to Interpol and
arrange to get them arrested. IG is calling! What could it be? Hello, Nagaraj? Are you back to Chennai? I’m going to give you
next case immediately. I’ll surely take up, sir. But you’ve to inquire
this case unofficially. Unofficial? There’s no problem in doing
it unofficial, right sir? No problem.
I’ll take care of everything. Go to Nagercoil, meet SP
and take charge immediately. Sir, I’ll meet Nagercoil SP
on Monday and take charge, sir. District Police Head Quarters
Nagercoil, Kanyakumari Welcome Nagaraj. Where did you get trained, Nagaraj?
– Delhi, sir. I want to know if this is just a threat
or planned conspiracy in this case. I’m in this position because of him. My treatment will be different. I may have to inquire anyone.
You must give me complete freedom, sir. Do you’ve stock of unaccounted bullets?
– I do have, sir. Is Anitha there?
– She’s inside, please go in. Actually this case is involved
about an ex-Minister. I’ll take care of it, sir. This is human finger. Found in Minister’s house. I want detail report about it. Okay, I’ll take care of it. The process will take minimum
6 hours to complete. I’ll give you full detailed report
in 6 hours, sir. I’m very happy for begetting
a son like you. This is enough for me. Who is it? Sithiravelu is here! Why did he come here?
– Why? I don’t get anything. My uncle never meets anyone
for anything. He came here for his daughter. Is it?
I’m extremely happy. Ask him, what does he want? I don’t want district secretary post,
I want Ministry. Ministry! I asked what do you want as dowry,
why talk about Ministry or secretary post? Look, we’ve been in this party
since my great grandfather’s time. You entered party newly and
took everything for yourself. Money…blood money!
I too have plenty of it. I don’t want money,
I’ve plenty of it. I want position and power,
only these two! Remember that well! If position is important,
why don’t you become pimp to someone? What did you say, man? Stop, boys! My lion cub, he’ll take care of him. My brother-in-law will
take care of him. Brother…leave him…
listen to me… Leave me, boys. Listen to me.
– Leave me. Come back…come… One more word against my father,
I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you. Come, brother. Nothing to fear, sir. It’s not human finger. According to Forensic lab,
it’s made of gelatic gel. To make it look real, they smeared it
with country chicken’s blood. They’ve made it perfectly. Someone did this to scare Sithiravelu. I’m sure it must’ve been thrown
from outside the compound. They wouldn’t have dared
to enter also. There are two circles of enemies. Small circle is politics. Bigger circle is… Is there any direct problem now? His mother’s death? Okay, I’ll inform him over phone. What are you doing, SP? They’ve killed my brother-in-law.
– Sir? It was my mistake to
hand over a task to you. What happened, sir? Your training is waste, Nagaraj! Sithiravelu’s brother-in-law Mani
has been killed. Killer is brilliant than you. Angry on him, they killed that man. What can we do? I told you clearly,
yet you left it carelessly, right? Got any details about the case?
– Post mortem is not yet over, sir. I don’t know how or what you do,
I want full report on my table in 48 hours. Who are you searching? You both were whispering something! Why did you come here? His daughter is searching for
a boy names Kaushik. Relatives come only for celebrations
and mourning. We were discussing about it, sir. Kaushik didn’t come, madam. Who is he? Where did he come from?
I don’t have any details. Why are you dull, madam? Let few days pass,
we can ask your father directly. You don’t worry,
I’m there for you, right? Madam…milk… Isn’t Anitha in office?
– She has gone to court, sir. She got your report ready
and went to court, sir. Take it, sir. What’s use kohl on eyes, Muniyamma? Who applied the kohl? I applied it. You go ahead, I’ll follow you… What’s this? What’s this song? This is English Tamil song. What shall we do?
– We must finish him today. Plan is ready, we’ll execute
if you just say yes. Do as you say now, unable to
bear that Minister’s troubles. Okay, what should we do now? We must finish him today. We’ll finish him and
come with good news, brother. Any news about Mani’s murder, Nagaraj? They shot him with pistol
and strangled his neck too. What are you saying?
We didn’t hear any noise. Didn’t find even small evidence?
It looks strange. Sir, that is..
– What? Should I keep quiet after
conducting his obsequies? No, sir…
– What else then? Govt. is not in control, if not
I would’ve transferred case to CBI. Let tem kill me also, you both
can give interviews on TV. Bloody… Shall I hand over the case
to someone else? No, I’ll complete the case
in a week, sir. Where are you going to start the case? From .9 revolver. Is Major sir in home?
– Father is inside. Play…Nisha, play… What are you doing? Play! What’s the matter?
Tell me, Nagaraj. This is spiral bullet, sir.
.9 MM revolver bullets. Govt. has banned this many years ago. You know the past history very well. I’m not able to move
forward from here, sir. You want any clue?
– Sure, sir. There’s clue in what you said now. Govt. has banned it, go to the place
it is manufactured secretly. Who wants illegal guns? Cowards
and people who scare others! Observe these two people,
you’ll find a way. Observe these two people,
you’ll find a way. I know about a lathe machine shop
near Nagercoil park. Start inquiry from there.
– I will, sir. For most crimes,
criminals don’t come from outside. Filter local people. What? Who are you? What’s this? We don’t do it now, sir. I don’t want to trouble you. I’m telling you the truth, sir. Few people come. Some ask us to make such things.
We do it for them. If you come to station,
your work will get stopped. It is not done with hands, sir. 3 or 4 people come here, sir. They punch it to fit the revolver, sir. It seems you supply guns also! No, we can’t make guns here, sir. Where is it possible to make? Kerala… Where in Kerala? In Kerala…near Cochin…
Pattancherry. Pattancherry? Who?
– Martha! Why? Are you doing fine? Not just Martha, I’m Mattancherry Martha. I’m called like that only. I know.
– But I don’t know you. Who are you? What do you want from Martha? Can I get a pistol? Speak in Malayalam,
I can understand only that. Don’t you know to speak Malayalam? I know Malayalam.
I’ll tell in Malayalam. I want a pistol. .9 pistol. Can I get it?
– Sure, you will get it. That’s what you want,
I’ll make a good one for you. Before that tell me, who you are? We don’t make things
for unknown people. I know, dear…my dear. You’re a tigress. I want a small pistol.
9 MM pistol. I know about two pistols
you already made. Very strong. To say in Malayalam, very strong. I want such strong pistol.
Can I get it? Are you police then? I’m Martha. Hey Joseph, police is here
to inquire Martha. Come…come I say…
come and see. Your sir! So, you know Tamil also. I know everything.
But you don’t know. Who this Martha is? Not just here, I’m Rasathi there also. I know, my dear Rasathi. That’s why I came here to meet you. I want little information.
Little info! Do you know them? Tell me. This is not much. I’ll give you stronger evidence. Do you want photos with me in
compromising position, sir? Come with me, sir.
Come. Did you see this, sir? If you see this and inquire there. Sir, I’ll play dance with your life. Do you know the taste of
Mattancherry thrashing? Last time I came here to meet you. Hereafter you’ll come there
to meet me. To my place. Shall I go, Mattancherry Martha? Are you reading newspaper, dad? Dad, I’m going to college. Apple polishing me? Tell me the matter. Dad, I don’t know
what mother or father mean! You’re everything to me
from my childhood. But you must tell me one thing now.
You must agree to it. What’s the matter? I like a man very much.
I love him. I like a man very much.
I love him. I think he too loves me.
I love someone I like. I too like Nagaraj. Why didn’t you come
to meet me, Nithya? Please don’t ask me
to come out, Prakash. Why? What happened?
– My father doesn’t like it. What can I do for that? If you love someone,
you will face problems. You’ve to solve it. If not you shouldn’t have
fallen in love at all. Be little patient,
father will change. I don’t believe your father at all. Your uncle too is dead. Now your father only. If he too dies, our love
will not have any problems… What are you doing here? Come…come…
get into the vehicle. What’s this, sir?
– I said get into the vehicle. Why?
– Get into the vehicle. Tell me, what had happened? If you kill Mani,
would they leave you easily? What? Get him into the vehicle. I didn’t do anything, sir.
Please listen to me, sir. Leave me, sir. Why would I kill Uncle Mani? Since I’m going to marry a girl
from their family, he may be angry on me, for that would anyone kill a man? Nithya, present your argument. Which father in this world would
like the lover of his daughter? It’s routine in love to reject
and then accept the lover. Prakash said he’ll kill my uncle. But it is injustice to say
he killed him. They said my finger prints were
found in Nithya’s house. Without knowing the truth. Don’t we know about police? If they find any innocent man,
they’ll charge every case on him, and go on to ask for bribes. This court condemns criticizing
police department. I did jump the wall to meet Nithya. Prakash isn’t that type of man. We both love each other for 5 years,
never committed even a small mistake. My father hesitated for our marriage,
he never rejected it outright. Prakash used to come secretly
jumping over wall to meet me. I used to keep the door open for him. Prakash runs a rubber factory.
That finger was made from gelatic gel. He used to bring it to scare me. It fell in my house by mistake. All these were made from rubber. But arresting Prakash saying it
has his finger prints is barbaric. On hearing this case and
arguments from both sides, it proves Prakash has no
connection with this murder. Since it has been proved that
this case is fabricated on him, this court frees Prakash from this case. The court orders police to find
the real killers and hand over them. Mother, I’m going out to shop. Watch out! Is it fabricated case? I too know Prakash didn’t kill him. Why did you arrest him then? To find if someone comes out
in this confusion. Did anyone come?
– No, sir. But I’m sure, they will come. I don’t know how you do it,
we must arrest the killer. Bye, sir. How dare you arrested my son
and come before me! Officer, you’re committing a mistake. Committing a blunder. Be ready to face the
consequences of it. Yes, I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have arrested your son,
I should’ve arrested you. There’s strong motive for you,
I’ll come evening with warrant. Get lost!
Its the only thing I lack! Tell me. Should I’ve to come? Keep quiet. You tell me. I’m not coming. Aunty, I’m hungry.
– Wait, I’m coming. Okay, bye. How are you, Karthik? Don’t talk to me.
– Why? What happened? You didn’t get me anything.
– Is that your problem? For you? For you! Happy, Karthik? Happy? How’s the chocolate? Super, brother. Brother? Say uncle. Sit down. No. Sit I say. I said no. When did you come, Kaushik?
– Just now. Are your parents doing fine?
– They’re fine. Okay, have lunch.
– No thanks, aunty. What’s this, Kaushik?
This is your uncle’s house. Have lunch. Nithya, sit there. He’s watching us. If people who take salary
from Govt. are so proud, in future, I’m going to run this
govt. how proud should I be then? Lawyer, know this well, if anything goes wrong,
I’ll cut you into pieces. Be careful! You don’t worry, sir.
I’ve anticipatory bail for you. Jail! I’ve for you. Come, Nagaraj! I know you will come.
Show him the paper. Didn’t get it? This is today’s evening paper. I’ve finished reading it,
you can read it. Prakash, I came to see you. There’s no case on you,
your resume is clear. I wish your marriage happens! Why did you say sorry to Prakash? Like how we’ve the right
to question anyone, if we know someone hasn’t
committed the crime, it’s my habit to say
sorry to them. It may be your habit but
not habit of police dept. I’ll start the case
from scratch again. Are you going back
to police training? What happened to your case?
Is it solved? I’m confused, sir. When I created confusion,
I expected someone to come out. I tried to create confusion
here and there. Nothing happened, sir. What made you decide like that? He’s eager to make his son
Sithiravelu’s son-in-law. He knows very well that he can’t
escape after killing someone. Did you inquire about .9 MM pistol? It is available illegally in Kerala. Both have one pistol each. Did anyone lose it?
– I’ll inquire, sir. I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8… One short? Last week a quail party.
– That one! Not like old times. Even great Khan is stuck up
with blackbuck case. Any great marksman must
shoot at papaya fruits only. Son, Sithiravelu too has
such a gun. Inform this to that police man. Not just we both, many others have
such guns for self defense. He’s using to hunt birds
and animals. I don’t even touch it. Gun is safe with me. I don’t think you’re going
to crack this case. Where’s Pounu? Sir, Pounu is not here. Case is over, you stole Sithiravelu’s pistol,
and shot dead his brother-in-law. To keep anyone suspecting you,
you smeared acronic poison on bullet. You were caught with that. When you said it is available
easily in forest. I caught you. You mustn’t get caught with them. It’s my duty to hand over you
safely to court. Tell me now, how did you kill Mani? How much you took from
whom to kill Mani? Tell me, who ordered you
to kill Mani? Isn’t it Padialanthan? Sir…
– Who is it? Tell me. Sir…Sithiravelu sir… Mani is wishing too much. If I marry his sister,
will he desire to take my place? Brother! Why did you come here? Didn’t you find any other place? Forget it.
Is he that great man? Sit down. Have it. No brother, he left the job
without any information. If we still keep him with us,
we’ll be in trouble. Uncle knows everything. Brother, you mustn’t mind
for saying this. If you go to uncle’s house as guest,
you must be the first to walk out. But instead you’ve been sticking with
him since the day your sister married him. I’m not saying this,
everyone in town says this. Well said, there’s a limit
between brothers-in-law too. He’s after him like husband
following wife’s apron strings. Is it any life? Don’t get angry, brother. My uncle has enemies
all over the place. I’m my uncle’s bodyguard. Sithiravelu’s henchman is Mani. Sithiravelu’s slave is Mani. Sithiravelu’s servant is Mani. Infact they you’re not his
brother-in-law but pimp to him. I know…tell me. For position a worker kills leader.
Leader kills a worker. Elder brother kills younger brother. Younger brother kills elder brother. How about you, brother? If it is necessary,
I’ll kill my uncle also. If I become Minister,
he wants district secretary post. My daughter loves son of Padialanthan. Fearing he may become competition,
he’s trying to stop it. He’s creating hurdles
in everything I do. Infact, should I ask his
permission to pee also? So, to threaten him,
I gave my pistol to Pounu. But he shot him dead.
That was his mistake. Officer, you may go.
I’ll talk to SP. Look here… He missed it. Like you! This is nice. This…this one, dad. I’m going to arrest Sithiravelu.
– You can’t arrest him. Infact you can’t even
inquire him as you think. Come. You need permission from your SP. How are they both? Isn’t there any way? Can I talk to SP? Give me the post mortem report. I’ll check if I can find any clue. I’ll check if I can find any clue. Come! What brings you here?
– Came to meet you, sir. Wait for 5 minutes,
I’ll take bath and come. Okay, sir. Please come, sir. Is SP sir here? He’s in dad’s room upstairs. Is it him? He’ll shoot with gun! Greetings, sir. Sir, Sithiravelu gave illegal pistol
to Pounu and ordered to shoot Mani. I think it’s better for you
to stay away from him, sir. If you permit me,
I’ll arrest him immediately, sir. If you ask him casually,
I’m sure we’ll not get reply. I couldn’t find anything, sir. A man says Sithiravelu
ordered him to kill. I went to his home seeking
permission to arrest him. SP is found dead there. Sithiravelu is not fool
to kill SP in his own home. SP supports him in every
possible way. There’s no motive to kill him, sir.
– You’re thinking the right way. Are you still handling the case? Next week another team
is taking over the case. If we arrest Sithiravelu
and rip out his nails, I think truth will come out. I feel there’s something
secret with Sithiravelu. How can you arrest him? A man says he ordered him to kill. It’s a murder if you kill
a living person. There’s no IPC section to punish
if you shoot a dead body. Did you talk to forensic doctor?
– No, sir. Talk to doctor now. If you arrest Sithiravelu now,
any lawyer can get him out on bail. Sithiravelu is not the killer. Then, who could be the killer? I don’t know that. But I can guess who could
be the next victim. Who, sir? The next victim is Sithiravelu. Did Mani die before he was shot? I mentioned it in PM report. He was already dead.
I mean murdered. Somebody shot him after
he was murdered. Any new finger prints? All are people living in that house. Any other clue? Then, how did they kill him? They strangled his neck to death. Not just one or even 10 people, only if someone with power of
10 elephants strangles the neck, only then cervical bones
get crushed like this. A man with power of 10 elephants. Nisha, you wanted to talk to me. No…I want to talk
to you personally. Talk to me alone? There’s no one here.
Talk to me. That is…no… I…like…you. Little wishes are inciting me… The wishes I saved for years
will get fulfilled… Clouds fight me shyly… Lightning is flashing
on my body… I’ve eyes just to see you… You’re my life, my dear… I’m yearning to caress you… What would happen to me if you do? The parts you didn’t touch
are hot without fire… I’m sleeping to see you
in dream… My love…my love… Gentle breeze caressed
the clouds… Rain drops touched
and fell on me… It’s your nail marks
all over my body… My lips are yearning
to tell you something… It’s raining desires in my heart… Love is blossoming in my heart… No use in under arrest,
you can go. I want to tell you the truth, sir.
– What? My brother committed suicide, sir. His wife was raped.
– Who? Mani, sir. They brought many girls to
forest house and raped them. For standing guard to them,
they raped my sister-in-law too. My brother committed suicide
unable to save his wife. Committed suicide. Bye, sir. Go for security duty tomorrow. Sir, the case is in finishing stage. Are you going to find it?
You’re going to hand over the case. Nothing can happen in one day.
Go. Angel! Why? What happened? Why father hates you?
– It is normal. That is…we are friends. Friends?
– Yes. How? That is…like that only. You say friend, but when I said
I like you, why did he get angry? Forget it, we can manage him. Angel! What happened? Lift it…lift it. Can’t, sir.
– Lift it up. Very strong, sir.
– Lift it. Lift it. You’re a body builder,
couldn’t you also lift it? It’s very heavy, sir. You need the power of
10 elephants, sir. Want power of 10 elephants.
– Can’t lift it, sir. It’s very strong, sir. Is sir in home? Yes, he’s watering plants
in farm. Okay, I’ll meet him, madam. What’s it, Mumtaz? What could be the reason?
Why did he call us here urgently? A doubt in the case, he called
on phone to come here urgently. He’s here. I’m unable to come to
a conclusion. I’m totally confused. Sir, variety murders are
happening in your case. First murder was strangling, second murder head was bashed
on wall to break skull bones. Third murder was with a sword
body is cut into pieces. Two murders in home
and two in farm. No one heard any noise in home. No new finger print or evidence. But one thing,
one person can’t kill like this. A group of ten people can do it. To tell you correctly, they need power
of 10 elephants to kill like this. Need power of 10 elephants? I don’t get you. Shall I give you new clue?
– What? New clue?
– Yes. There’s one finger print common
in all the murders. I mean one person’s fingerprint.
– One fingerprint? Whose finger print? Stupid clue, isn’t it? Just told you, sir. Take it, keep it there. Come in Are you fine? Isn’t your dad in home? Dad…
– Dad has gone to temple. Go. You know dad is not in home,
you came to meet me, right? I know you can’t stay
without seeing me. I like you very much
but duty comes first. I came here to meet your father
to discuss about case. Not father, father-in-law. Shall we go to Rajas mall tomorrow?
– Sure, we’ll go. Brother! Greetings, sir. You were working with
Sithiravelu, right? Yes, sir. He has a forest house,
do you know where it is? I don’t know, sir. Where are you, Major sir?
– I’m in Nagaraja temple. Stay there, I’m coming there.
– Okay. Lord Nagaraja Temple Come, Nagaraj. This mud is Nagaraja temple offering. The mud from the snake pit
where 5 headed cobra resides. Very powerful! If you apply mud on forehead
and tie the amulet on hand. No ghost, devil or evil spirit
will dare come near you. What did you say now?
What did you say now? No ghost, devil or evil spirit
will dare come near you. Then, okay, I’ll take leave.
– Okay. You wanted to discuss
something very important. No, I’ll discuss it later.
Bye. Father, he’s going away. Nagaraj, one minute. I want to tell you important matter.
About my daughter. Come to my home with your parents.
– Sure, sir. Okay?
– I’ll take leave, sir. Come. Greetings, sir. Do you know Sithiravelu?
– I know sir very well. I was working for him. You must come again for inquiry. Okay? Go.
– Okay, sir. They strangled him to death. Not just one man or many men, only if someone with the power of
10 elephants strangles the neck, only then cervical bones
get crushed like this. Can’t lift it, sir…
need the power of 10 elephants, sir. First murder strangling, second murder head smashed to wall,
skull bone crushed to pieces, third murder with a sword,
the victim is cut into pieces. There’s one common finger print
in all the murders. I mean one person’s finger print.
– One person’s finger print? Whose? Tell me about your madam. Who?
– Devathai. Devathai is queen, sir.
She’s fine. Continuous deaths in family,
she’s little upset now. If she gets Kaushik,
she’ll be very happy. That’s all? Then…at times she gets enraged! What? What did you say? Rage means like elephant going wild. What does she do when she’s enraged? Looks like you found your prince! Meet him, madam. What happened after that? A boy in black shirt came here,
his name is Kaushik, do you know him? Shall we kill someone
to bring Kaushik here? Kaushik didn’t come. I don’t know who he is and
where did he come from, madam! I don’t know who he is and
where did he come from, madam! Madam! There’s one common finger print
in all the murders. I mean one person’s finger print. Whose? Devathai, age 18! I think the younger daughter. How can her finger prints not
be there in that house, sir? But how can a young girl like her
kill with so much power? You wanted to talk to me
something important, Devathai. Why are you silent now? Shall I kill you? Shall I kill you with my love? Love, I like it very much. Now, I’m going kill you with love! Come, let’s die together! Who are you? Where are you taking me? Do you know this girl? I know many girls like her. I loved and ditched them. This girl’s father is a useless man. He lodged complaint against me. So what? Sithiravelu uncle is out
from the case, right? You can’t even touch me. Tell me! What do you want to know, sir?
– Truth! You can’t arrest me for that case.
– I know but I want to know the truth. Is that girl your relative? I spread net for any girl I find. That’s first stage. I’ll act for 2 months that
I’m in love with her. This is second stage. After having her, I’ll dump her
with Sithiravelu uncle. This is third stage. Sithiravelu likes young girls
very much. What did you the last time? That girl’s name…
I forgot her name… I left her in uncle’s forest house
and went away. Nobody saw me. Nobody can dare touch me! God is watching everything,
he can do anything. Shall I narrate a story? Why did you ask me to come
cutting class urgently, Kaushik? Do you know how many lies I told
my friends to manage them? I think managing parents is easier
but friends are too inquisitive. You’re managing your parents well
but I’m not able to manage them. Why, Kaushik? Any problem? If I go home now, he’ll get me
married to that girl as he decided. I’ll no more be your Kaushik,
we must decide right now. Then, marry her and become
a real businessman. Are you playing with me? I’m telling you seriously and
you’re cracking jokes. What decision?
– Let’s elope. What are you saying? Normally girls say she’s getting
tortured to marry within family. They first ask the boy to elope.
But you’re proposing to elope here. Try to understand my situation,
if not this will be our last meeting. You must think seriously
and take a decision. Give me a day’s time. Long live for eons… He’s coming like God
to rule over us…. Our country has turned
into heaven… No more famine or hunger… Sea water has become drinking water… Your party flag is fluttering high
from Himalaya to Kanyakumari… Everyone talks about your fame only… Are you getting in between? Come on, go ahead…. When someone seeks help,
he gives them life wholeheartedly… Leader’s distinct character is
he’s a man who keeps his word… He’s the great man who gave
a society without beggars… He’s the warrior to fight and
destroy illegal liquor and violence… You’re golden leader whom the
world leaders praise to hilt… You were elected by people….
our people… You’re the God who gives the food
to people of my country… In running politics honestly…
in the service of humanity… You’re the God
who destroyed corruption… Uncle, we won! We made Padialanthan lose miserably. He went berserk against us. Now high command is under our thumb. Mani, do anything you wish but do give me
a share in your happiness and grief. Till I’ve the support of police
and my brother-in-law, our flag will flutter high! Sir! You forgot me! The thread will also be fragrant
along with flowers. Mari, get me the chicken that is
spreading aroma from kitchen. Okay. Come Kaushik, want to have a drink.
– No thanks, uncle. Don’t worry, Kaushik. Uncle is here, SP is here,
we’ll take care of everything. Okay. We’re there for you,
we’ll conduct your marriage grandly. The girl is alone,
encourage her to eat. Okay, uncle.
I’ll take leave. Go. What happened to chicken, Mari? Great! Chicken has come. He’s in kitchen. Why did you come here?
Where’s Mari? He’s making omelettes.
– Tell him to come. Have you understood what I said? Why are you repeating the same thing? No, please try to understand me. Lone house in large farm,
they’re on drinking spree. I’m scared. Let’s not stay here,
let’s go elsewhere. Try to understand.
– No, my dear…you’re too scared. He appears tough, he’s my relative.
My uncle. I’m there with you, right? You do one thing,
Gowri aunty is working in kitchen, you help her in kitchen. Coming, uncle. Come.
– Tell me, uncle. Chicken is not good. Go to Raghu hotel and get one…two…
biryani for everyone. Turkey biryani! Okay?
– Okay, uncle. Take it. Come quickly. Go.
– Bye, uncle. Sister!
– What? How could you stay alone here?
Aren’t you scared? Nothing like that,
you get used to it. Earlier I too was like you. What happened?
Isn’t the omelette ready yet? Bringing it, sir. Sister, give it to me,
I’ll serve them. Why are you getting angry
for holding hand? What if I hug you? Sister…sister… Sister… Look at them, sister. Leave me. Leave me. Sir, look at them, sir… Come…come… What you’re doing is wrong? Don’t ruin a girl’s life for
being loyal to your boss. Poor girl, leave her. I will be loyal to my boss, shut up. Catch her, don’t let her go. Go. Where’s she? Don’t let her go…catch her… Why are you coming here? Save me… Stop! Save me… Go away! You left me there…
they’re not good men, very bad men… Very bad men!
They tried to molest me. Let’s go away from here, Kaushik. Adjust with them. Adjust? Do you know what you mean
by adjustment? Go! Don’t be adamant. Take her, Mari. Sir, I did my job,
now it’s up to you. You go, I’ll take care of her.
– Okay, sir. Are you happy, SP? Why are you sitting here, uncle? Flash news on TV. You’ve become Minister. If this news leaks out,
it’ll be trouble to you. It’s trouble for you too, SP. Catch her! What happened? Bloody! You’ve to be loyal
to your boss. I told you not to help
your boss to ruin a girl’s life. Did you listen to me?
Now, they’ve ruined my life. Did you come here to see this? Why are you still alive?
Kill yourself! They have ruined my life! Did you listen to me? Go away. Good, SP! Finish her.
She mustn’t go out. Yes, sir. Kill her. You came back for revenge. Your anger is justified. Mani strangled you to death,
you killed strangling him. Bye, brother. SP smashed your head on wall,
you killed him smashing his head. Finished bath so quickly. Hello Devathai! How are you? What happened to you? What’s it, dear? Sithiravelu cut you to pieces with sword,
you cut him to pieces with sword. What are you doing here, dear? Devathai…I’m asking you. Why are you looking at me? What happened, dear? That girl! What are you doing?
What’s this? Devathai, don’t harm me. No…no… Kaushik cheated and brought you here. Holy mud from and amulet from
Nagaraja temple is saving his life. I’m pained to hear
what you had been through. You do anything but please save
the innocent little girl Devathai. As far as I’m concerned,
I’ve solved the case given to me. That’s enough for me. I can’t prove this case. I don’t want to prove it. May your soul rest in peace. Is my father such a bad man? Where are you? Where are you? What’s this?
Why are you sitting here? Why? What happened? Did that police man tell you anything? He’s a police man, you believed him
and don’t believe me, right? I’m telling you now, if you ask me
to drown in sea, I’ll do it. You don’t believe me, right? I believe you…believe you… I believe you, Kaushik. I believe only you, Kaushik. No need for ghost to kill a sinner. Just an ordinary girl like is enough. I believe only you, Kaushik. You do anything but please save
the innocent little girl Devathai.

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  1. Ivanla oru police…so bad movie…story like stupid…the girl oso blind who love d policeman…see police body…don't waste ur time my friends…worst movie.

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