‘Vanderpump Rules” Ariana Madix And Tom Sandoval Make Trashy And Classy Cocktails With Kelly

– My next guests are best known for serving up drinks
and drama, which I love, on the hit Bravo series,
“Vanderpump Rules”. Y’all take a look. – Why can’t you be happy for me? – He’s (beep) delusional. – What is going on with you? You have the ability to control yourself, you’re not the Hulk.
– I don’t. Thinking about my wedding,
it just was so quick. And I feel like, did I do the right thing? – I just don’t want you to start going back into your old ways. – Jason is gone, and Jax is back. – Woo!
(audience cheers) That’s drama. After years of talking about it, they just put out the perfect
book, “Fancy AF Cocktails”. That’s right, it’s daytime, so say hello to Ariana Madix
and Tom Sandoval, y’all. (audience cheers)
– Hey! – All right, so tell us about the book. – Okay, so– – And first of all, hilarious title. – (chuckles) Thank you! So yeah, our book is
split into four sections, so you have the classy
section, the trashy section, the shots, and then the
recovery for the next morning. (laughs) ‘Cause you know, you start
the night out classy. You work your way through some trashies and taking some shots, and you definitely need that
recovery in the morning. – Yes.
– Yeah. – You know this well.
– And also, we wanted to create something, too, that was very visual, not just for like, a
bartender or a mixologist, but for people that have
never made drinks before in their life. We really wanted to simplify it and not just overload it with cocktails. – Yeah, and there’s a
lot of pretty pictures. – Yes.
(laughs) – There’s so many pretty pictures. – Everybody is so visual.
– It’s a book “For Dummies” for all of us. The ones who don’t know how. But what are we making? – So I’m going to start
off with a classy cocktail, which is the Sake Mojito, a little twist on one
of my favorite classics. – And then I’m doing the Pregame, which is a much more
trashier MacGyver cocktail. – [Kelly] I like it. So let’s start, Ariana, with you, with the Sake Mojito.
– Yeah. Okay, so for the Sake Mojito, you’re going to start with… – [Kelly] Limes? – [Ariana] Three lime wedges. – [Kelly] Okay. – And then you’re going to
take a nice, good-looking sprig of mint that’s got like a… – Okay. – Yeah, there you go. You don’t want to go
too crazy on the mint. – Like that kind? Is that enough, or no? – Do one more.
– One more. – One more. (in foreign language) Okay, so then you’re going
to add your simple syrup. – Okay. – And depending on how sweet you like it, you can pour this whole thing
in, or you can go a little– – Oh, interesting. – Yeah, there you go. (audience laughs) – That’s weird! – All right, so then you’re
gonna muddle these three– – Slipped! – These three things together. – Okay.
– And make sure when you’re– – I’ve never muddled. – Oh yeah, get in there. Yeah, really work the elbow. – I’m competitive, Ariana. (laughing) – Are you an underhand
or are you an overhand? – Oh, I like to really, like, you know, lift the elbow.
– I’m like her, yeah. – Put the weight into it, right? Okay so from here, we’re gonna do what’s called dry shaking, so we’re going to add our sake. – Oh, add the sake. – Yeah. – Get it. All of it? – All of it. All of it. I mean, if you want to– – I love my job. (laughing) – I love my job.
– I know, can I have your job? – It’s amazing. – Okay, so don’t add the soda yet. – Okay. – Put the top on, and this
is what’s called dry shaking. It’s when you shake without the ice in it. – Okay. – And you never want to add anything fizzy when you shake. – Yeah, definitely not.
– ‘Cause then it’ll… Oh, you’re pretty good at that. – [Tom] Oh yeah, nice.
– I’m just saying, it’s not my first rodeo. – Kelly, you’ve got skills. (audience laughs) – Sometimes I like to
do the awkward shake. – That’s not funny. (chuckling) – All right, so then you’re gonna take this.
– Take the top? – Yeah. And you’re just going to
strain it over your fresh ice. – Yes. – You really get all
that goodness in there. – [Kelly] I will. – Yeah, you don’t want to miss a drop. – Yeah, yeah, can we drink it yet? (Tom chuckles) – We’re almost there.
– Not there, okay, cool, cool.
– We’re almost there. We’re going to make it
look pretty because… – Okay. – Okay, we’ll add the
soda water to the top. – Okay. – Now, the best way to impress people when you have them over and
you’re making cocktails… – Fancy straw. – Is put some flowers in your drink. – Yeah. – And then everyone’s like,
oh my gosh, what is this? – [Tom] Yeah, separate that. – It’s suddenly beautiful. – Is it edible? – You know, another thing is that you can take the mint like this, and you just give it a smack, like that. – Oh, yeah. – I want all the fun.
– And that releases the aroma. – I like smacking mint. – I just, like, put all
the flowers in there. – [Ariana] Oh my god,
Kelly, it looks so pretty! – [Tom] Yeah, that’s great! – [Ariana] Great job!
– Mine’s also a floral arrangement. So can I drink? – Yes, now we can drink!
– Cheers! – Yes! – (Women) Cheers! – Cheers, good job! – Yes!
– Woo! (audience applause) – Oh my gosh, that’s so good! – It’s really good. I kinda needed that. – Okay, I did, too. I’m not going to lie. So wait, let’s make Pregame. – Okay, okay, so for Pregame, you’re going to take this shaker, and you’re just going to get rid of it. We’ll put it down here. – Oh, bye. – We don’t need it. – Goodbye. – We can get rid of this
muddler. This cute little thing. – This is gone. – Soda. – Okay.
– Okay. – Okay, so now– – He really likes a clean space. (chuckling) I like it. – So this is if you’re, you know, desperate times call for
desperate measures, you know? See these water bottles with the lines. You can go up to that first
line with a little bit of water. Then you’re going to do two ounces of… – Did you raid, like, an airline? (Ariana laughs) It’s amazing. – Right? I robbed the airline cart. – The cart. So you put it all in there? – Yeah, just dump it all in there. That’s about two ounces. – [Ariana] Okay. – [Kelly] Okay. – Then we’re gonna to take, you know, your typical barbecue
sauce that you would get from like a fast food chain. – Barbecue sauce? – You guys, we’re crazy. – Yeah, I’m crazy.
– Hey, you know what, I like A.1. in my Bloody Marys. – Right?
– [Ariana] Oh, yeah, with that Worcestershire flavor.
– It’s so good. Yeah, somebody told me in
Utah once, and I was like, oh! – [Ariana] Well, the best
part about trashy cocktails is they are trashy, but that doesn’t mean they’re not tasty. – Exactly. Then we can add some honey. People have honey sticks… (Kelly gags) Layin’ around. (women laugh) – [Kelly] Um, honey sticks? – [Ariana] Honey sticks. – You just pour it in, okay. – [Tom] Yeah.
– [Ariana] Yeah, just get it on in. – [Tom] Kind of squeeze it in there. – [Ariana] It smells really good up here. – Yes!
– It does. – Like maple bacon. – Yeah, which is awesome. – So you put those in there. – [Kelly] So both honey sticks? – Yeah, if you want a little
bit of sweetener in there, you can add that if you’d like. – I like just the honey. – [Ariana] I’m doing a little tap. – Just a little tap. (laughing) – Okay, so what next? You put the lid on? – Then you put the cap back on. – [Kelly] Okay. – Make sure you get it tight,
because you don’t wanna– – Yeah. You just give it a little shake, you know? – Okay. – Shake it good.
– Yeah. – Shake it.
– Give it a shake. – Shake it.
– Make sure it’s all mixed around in there. Yeah, Kelly! (audience cheers) I like a shake dance. That was a good one. – I know, I’m gonna
just do some body roll. – [Ariana] Yeah! – Okay.
– [Tom] Nice. – All right. – Then we can just dump it over our ice.
– Oh, pour it over the ice. – Yeah, put it over ice. – This is amazing. I would have never put this all together. – [Tom] Right? – MacGyver.
– But you’ve been in that situation before! You’ve been– – Were you good at chemistry? I mean, I’m just saying. – I’m good at like, you know– – Let’s try it. – Sort of self-taught chemistry. Cheers. – Oh my gosh, that’s good!
– I’ve had this drink before, but every time I have it, I’m always pleasantly surprised. – Me too. Me too, actually.
– Yes, nice! I can not wait to get your book! – Oh my gosh, yeah!

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