USCIS & NVC Scrutiny on Self-Employed Income Earners

okay actually yeah we get this one quite
a bit we have noticed that the USCIS as well as the National Visa Center
has started scrutinizing affidavit of support documents that lists a
petitioner or the sponsor is being self-employed and so what they want to
see is now at least six months of bank statements they want to see three years
of tax returns instead of one-year tax return they want to see a letter of
self-employment so we’ve noticed that we’ve seen quite a few RFE letters
requests for evidence on folks who are self-employed they really just want to
prove that you actually have the income and you can show that you you actually
make the income listed on the form I eight six four affidavit of support so
really it’s just you just need to provide more supporting evidence and
also you need to have filed your taxes for the last three years and provide not
only the tax returns but any w-2s or every well you wouldn’t have w-2s if
you’re self-employed but probably 1099 or anything like that and you need to
include all of the tax forms as well that includes the schedules you know B C
and D you need all of that so when you say scrutinize it just means that you
know they’re looking for more evidence and I just want to make sure you meet
the income requirements. Yeah one thing I’ll add to that that’s a commonly
brought up is the income they’re looking for is you know your adjusted gross the
income that you’re paying taxes on so if you’re self-employed and you’re and you
brought in a hundred thousand dollars that one hundred thousand dollar number
is irrelevant what they’re gonna use is the income you have available which is
basically the income you’ve declared is if you’re self-employed that would be
your profit basically so what you’re paying taxes on so so how much money ran
through your business is really over irrelevant you could you could run a
million dollars to your business and actually lose money so so it’s not about
the gross or how much you build your customers that
number is irrelevant and you know a lot of people understandably try to minimize
the tax footprint by taking full advantage of every write-off every you
know tax loophole if you will and that’s certainly understandable we all want to
minimize our tax footprint however if you writing off so many things that your
income is below the requirement that that’s going to hurt you in this

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  1. Hi, I'm currently using your service. I have a question, I'm a U.S. citizen, my wife is a Filipino citizen. I got the Approval Notice from the USCIS on 12/21/2017, the petition was Approved with no RFE, now we're waiting to hear from the NVC. I'm worried about the interview, the consular officer will probably ask my wife what I do for a living, I'm unemployed and have no earned income, I won't be able to show a tax return, however, my wife has a qualified joint sponsor who meets the income required, do you thank she could get denied because I'm unemployed? Thanks.

  2. Hello
    My fiance from US is waiting for the Approval from the USCIS , he sent all documentation 3 months ago, how much time do we need to wait ?

  3. Once the USCIS and NVC approves the case, and the case in mailed out to the beneficiary's local embassy for a interview, should the interviewer still look at adjusted gross income or gross income?

  4. My wife has an interview for our visa on Jan 22nd. Myself and joint sponsor both meet income requirements, but both of us are self-employed. My joint sponsor makes well over the amount, is providing 3 years of tax transcripts, plus schedule K-1 tax forms proving income. He has been in business for over 10 years and takes home “after taxes” and deductions more than enough. I am providing 1 year tax return and current check stubs for my current business since 2018 taxes are not available yet. Should we provide more information? Or do you think this will suffice?

  5. Hi i currently use your service. Do you know if they scrutinize people that are independent contractors that work in adult industry that are sponsoring foreign spouse?

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