Upgrade Season | Yile, Morgan and Angelina work on their routines for 2020 | All Around Episode 6

We have started
our school classes. Today we have English. My education and my Olympic
dreams are important to me. Your handwriting is very nice. She writes very neatly. Everything is in
the same style. Do you know the Great Wall
is the only man-made structure that you can see
from outer space? I have to ride it like this,
with the cliffs on either side. We believe
that these cultural classes will help their sports careers and let them aim
higher in the future. They can fight on the field,
and study in the classroom. Winter training is about
improving your ability, adding difficulty, enhancing strength
and upgrading routines. I am aiming to improve
the difficulty of my routines, without losing quality. It’s serious because
everyone is trying to improve. Now is the time to think
about your routines, because next year it will be
too late to change anything. My body lost that physical form
for competition, so I need to get the momentum
going again. Gelya, you go to the tumble
in planche, you started right, the tumble starts
and shrank again, why? And why do you need
to curl up here? Stand like a nail. Shall we do the same again or do you want
to start from the top? From the top. Chen Yile! Why did you add sugar
to my tea? Sugar! It was too bitter. Chen Yile has made some
changes in all four routines. After more strength training she can now do
more difficult moves. Just because other gymnasts
are stronger than me it doesn’t mean
they are better. Everybody has their
strengths and weaknesses. There are days when an element
just doesn’t work. You’re making it
worse for yourself. If you keep your body straight, you would have continued
to tumble. It might be the state
of your body, your legs push you less, you don’t feel
the turns that well. I’m always keen
on learning new elements, but when it doesn’t work
it can really spoil my mood. Hips higher, hips. One, two. But overall, I am very keen
on learning something new. We invited
medical professionals from all over the country
to help Yile’s recovery. She has made some improvements but she suffers
from chronic muscle strains. I can’t use any force
on this arm. My whole left arm
is tired today. I complain that I’m tired. But the training must go on. For me gymnastics is about
overcoming yourself. My aim is to grow
and improve each day. I think there
are many challenges. But I hope I can do better
day by day. It’s starting to look
beautiful. It’s like a fairy tale. ‘Tis the season to be jolly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la! 2019 was a successful year,
right from the beginning. The fire inside me
started to grow. I matured a lot. My attitude to life
has changed. I feel more comfortable
in myself. Because of this,
everything has changed for me. I’d like to begin next year
really strongly. I know it will be tough because we are preparing
for the Olympics. So I want to enter the new year
with renewed energy and desire. And hit the ground running.

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  1. Yile and Morgan both seem happier and healthier this episode which brings me some relief. I hope to see them all at the Olympics!

  2. idk if i’m the only one that noticed, but Chen is always with her teammates, and Morgan is with her friends. Gelya is usually alone….not a bad thing, but i wonder why. just interesting to me.

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