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Yo! Hey buddy! How you doing? -Yay! -It is game night. Ow Ow! Hey guys! You ready for this? I got a new laptop. Actually new? There’s this cyber-cafe that i’ve been working at and this computer was sitting in the lost and found for the last 3 or 4 weeks. Hang on. You stole someone’s computer? I didn’t STEAL it. Oh yeah ok. That’s messed up! And I found this folder. It was hidden. And it automatically connects you to this thing. Dude, this is Dark Web! What’s Dark Web? Probably the internet where no one can track you. It’s all about drugs, illegal ID’s, even assassination for hire. Woah! But yeah, the dark net’s mostly about the bad guys. And this computer it’s got videos on it. All right, check this out. I really think you should stop. Oh..god. That looked way too real! I think that is real. Guys, that’s what they’re trading! Trade what? All those videos?! We have to do something, and we have to do it now! Who’s that? What’s happening? Wait guys, hold up. Where’s Lexx? What? Is that Lexx? That looks like Lexx’s building! You guys.. Is that Lexx? OH MY GOD! He killed Lexx! Who?! The ones who buy the videos! The ones who pick the girls! The hell? They’ve all been watching! Oh my god. That’s my mom. No! Noo! If they found Lexx, can they find the rest of us too?! They’ve had control this whole time! Please, leave us alone! Get out of there right now! I could hear you. Are you still there? Yeah, I can’t see you. Kellie Kellie! Wait! Kellie!

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  1. Me and my friend went to the dark web and saw…The 6 year old Alex for ,,sale"…One dude commented ,,I love him!I loce how when i'm peeling him he's screaming of how happy he is!😊" what did they do to that kid…No…

  2. I hate that people think the Deep/Dark web is this huge underground death market. Do some research you tool

  3. 2019/2020: Unfriended Duolingo
    Duolingo: you missed your spanish lesson, you know what Happens now.

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