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[music playing] These days, staying connected on the go can seem like a full time job. Well, now there’s a new Uconnect® feature
that can make that job a little easier. Uconnect® Market helps you do things like
make reservations… place orders… even remotely pay for goods and services – right
from your car! So you can tackle everything on your to-do list… and everything on your want-to-do list. Maybe you’re meeting some friends for lunch… Uconnect® Market let’s you reserve a table
with Yelp, right from your touchscreen. Choose a restaurant, enter the number of people,
select a time… and you’re all set. Parking just got a lot simpler. With Uconnect® Market and ParkWhiz, you can
find and pay for parking in advance, with distances, prices, and directions all laid
out in front of you. Say you’re on the way home, and find out
the family wants pizza for dinner. Tap the Domino’s icon, and you can choose
from your saved Easy Order, Recent Orders, or call to customize. Everyone’s happy, and you did it all on
the go! And, whenever you drive, Uconnect® Market helps you decide when – and where – to fill up. Just select “Fuel,” and choose from the
list. Shell “Pay & Save” members can simply
tap the Shell icon, so you can earn and redeem rewards… and pay from the comfort of your
driver’s seat. Market is available on select 2019 and 2020
Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles. And, with new features and partners being
added all the time, you’ll be able to do things like schedule an oil change at your
Mopar® authorized dealer, and even order a latte on the way. Registration is fast and free. Go to to login, and then
sign-up for Uconnect® Market. Make sure to set up and link your loyalty
accounts for merchants like Shell, Domino’s and more… to be able to pay on the go and
keep earning rewards. So don’t reach for your wallet, purse or
your phone… Reach for your touchscreen, and a new level
of convenience, with Uconnect® Market.

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