Twice – Fancy Showcase from VLIVE: Fancy, Girls Like Us, Strawberry (Live)

[FANCY YOU] [Dance The Night Away] – Here is your mic.
– Take yours. Oh, my. What is that? What? Okay, you all have your own mic. – Not yet. – MOMO does not.
– Oh, MOMO needs a mic. Okay, let’s wait.
She is coming. Let us say hi!
1, 2, 3. One In A Million!
Hello, we are TWICE. ONCE, ONCE? How have you been? How long has it been since the last comeback? – Six months, I guess.
– Six months…right. Every six months we come back. I hope you have missed us so much. Let’s get it started! TWICE and ONCE will have a busy fun time! – Why don’t we sit…
– Oh, shall we? It is our comeback in six months. We have really missed you so much.
We have something special for you.
DAHYUN? Yes, right. It is getting warm. Flowers are blooming.
What a lovely month! We’ve come back! Do you love our costumes, ONCE? – I am happy that you love it.
– You really love it. Black-WICE. We have had a dome tour. The last tour was held at a dome. The venue was of large scale so
looking at you so close was hard. We had to turn up the volume so high
through the in-ears. Now we are looking at you so close.
I feel the excitement that is going on here. – Right.
– Yes. – And…
– I think… – No, no.
– No? I can see your face. Each of you. – I can see you.
– It’s been a while since we had such a
good time at a close distance. – Yes, right.
– Right. Why don’t we each say hello to our fans? – Shall we? – Good. – It’s been a while.
– TZUYU? – TZUYU starts. Well… I think it will be a good idea to
add some phrases before our name
to make it fun. – SANA, would you do that for us?
– Good. – You can describe the other members.
– Give us a nickname. – SANA may want it.
– Yes. – Introduce each of us. – She may have a good
idea for each. – Oh, no. ONCE… may know well about us even if we
don’t give them extra during introductions. Then, how about… Why don’t we let the next person
do that? – Then, you yourself say your name.
– Okay. – SANA, introduce TZUYU.
– Do it for her. SANA, you go first. Yes. I suggested adding a nickname
before a name when we introduce ourselves. However, I would have get beaten!
I am SANA. – No, no, no. Not about you.
– Give us an introduction of TZUYU. – Introduce TZUYU.
– This way. This way, okay? – Okay, I got it.
– Okay. TZUYU? TZUYU… Go!
I want to make her laugh but it is really hard to do it. She is a person like that. I laugh inside. I am sorry. The lady next to me… Well, you are saying formally.
I am not used to it. Always… she is responsible and hard-working. – Such a responsibility…
– Was it a hard mission? – Oh, it sounds like we are over.
– Sorry. I did not… – Only one word.
– Make it brief.
– Okay. She is a good leader with a sense of responsibility. Do something. Among the TWICE members, she is good at doing cute things.
She is NAYEON. – Really?
– I think so. Good. Show us! Show us! Why don’t you introduce MOMO
in a cute version? – Good.
– That is good. How could I do that? MOMO reacts well to my cute things. Sorry, I got it wrong. Let me do it again.
I am sorry but I am nervous. – You should do cute things again.
– She laughs when I do cute things to her. She
is MOMO. Yes, thank you. She sings the killing part of “FANCY”. She is CHAEYOUNG. Look at her shoulders. What such… such a blue blue hair she has! She is DAHYUN. Is it over?
You were thinking about how to make it good…that’s why you looked at me.
Then, you only talked about my hair color? – Yes, it is outstanding.
– Okay, thank you. She collects all the pieces of her soul
today. – I once took it and attached it to her hair.
– Hey… I love her pony tail. She has charisma in our M/V this time.
She is MYOUI MINA. Yes. It’s dangerous. She looks like a pretty rose.
She is JEONGYEON. We are of the same age. I want to go home. – You feel distant.
– I want to go home. I know we are friends. – We are of the same age.
– V LIVE viewers may – not know it.
– It was a nice try. Well, we’ve finished our introduction. It’s been a while since we had such
a nice talk with you. ONCE may want to know how we have
been so far. Let’s talk about it, ladies? – Yes.- Good.
– Any volunteer. – We… – Me.
– Yes, SANA. I am kidding.
NAYEON, you go. – Me? – Yes.
– We have prepared for the comeback. We have prepared for it. Now we did it.
Then, we will have a concert. We are planning on a concert. We have just come back? – We had a dome tour.
– Right. Anyone who has been there? – Really? – Awesome.
– Half the audience! How was it? Was it good?
Really? Would you come to
our concert too? – And…
– Next… We have to talk about the period
between “YES or YES” and now. We can talk about year-end
awards. – You’ve been on vacation… – Right.
– We announced “The Best Thing I Ever Did”
earlier this year. – It was released.
– Right. – It sounds an old story.
– Yes. – It does. – Right. – It sounds distant. – It sounds really old.
– We’ve had lots of things over the past
six months. – We have often seen ONCE.
– Right. – It is the way we talk about the past several
months. – MOMO. You had a long V LIVE show. – Right.
– It was awesome. I have had been on V LIVE for
seven hours. I think you are the first to do so. – No?
– Well, among us… – It is the longest.
– You are the first.
– I heard that only 50 people were there. – were there.
– What? Only 50 people were left at the end
of the show. – No, no. Lots of fans were there, ONCE, right?
– Really? – I had so many viewers then. – 500,000 people, I guess.
– 500,000? Well, 400,000? I said that you all would come to
our concert. – Right, right.
– I did. We were there too with her. – They all said that they will come to
our Olympic Gymnastics Arena concert.
– They promised to. – Wow. – Then, what is going on?
You will come? – They promised.
– How many days do we have to perform? – Well, a week?
– A month? – They are saying we should do it for one month.
– One month? – Okay, I can’t do it.
– If that happens, would you come? We will have a world tour. Right. – And… – What else?
– TZUYU, what have you done? Before the comeback, except the dome tour, we had no chance to meet ONCE. Well, however, we have been doing
something special all the time. Right? We have not been idle. We have worked
so hard. Please look forward to us. After the dome tour, two Japanese albums
were released… – It was reported.
– Right. Some parts of our preparations
have been released today. Right. Well, with “FANCY”… – What else?
– What else you do want to share? DAHYUN? Speaking of V LIVE, I was there with MOMO. Well, it lasted one hour. It was really hot but I tried
to hide my hair color in a hoodie. – I tried. Next day SANA was on V LIVE.
– Right. Well, but I was caught there.
I did not notice it. Well, I asked ONCE to pretend they
don’t know about my hair color.
They did me a favor. Well, afterwards, photo books were
released. “IDOL ROOM” and when I was on my way
home…everything was made public. – Well, on many occasions…
– You were not able to hid it. – You were not.
– Right. Well, ONCE, now you’ve seen it first! I was about to show you this today! Now, it is time to show myself to you.
You can enjoy it. – Adorable.
– I love you hair color. – This is my favorite color.
– I love it. – Thank you. – MOMO loves it so much.
– I do. – Yes.
– Okay, everyone. Why don’t wrap up this part? – Can I tell you something more?
– Yes. When MOMO did V LIVE for seven
hours, I put MOMO’s earphones in the washing machine
by mistake. You may know it of you have seen it, but
the earphones are fine! – They are fine.
– Really?
– Yes. She washed them up and
returned to me. – They got cleaner. – I did get them cleaned.
– I have a question. What if MOMO did the same thing
to JIHYO? – What would you do?
– It depends on how expensive they are. Your favorite, for example. MOMO, were they your favorite? – Well, I just use them.
– MOMO does not adore them. – Well, I don’t care.
– Her earphones are often lost. Did you talk about any episode
regarding “FANCY?” – Well… – Shall we?
– Shall we talk about it now? – We are really free.
– No, it is not a good timing. – Really? – We will talk soon.
– You have lots of episodes to share. – Oh, one thing came up in my mind.
– Really? – Yes. – Keep it. – I hope you won’t forget it.
– Okay. Well, I think we all have had a good time
although we have been busy. Then, now…our new song… It is time to show it you.
What is the next song, CHAEYOUNG? The next stage is… “Ddalki?” “Ddalki”… Not “FANCY” now…but… It is too early to show you “FANCY”. We should stay as long as possible. Right?
It’s been a while. Well, the first song was written by
JIHYO. We will let you listen to it. And…what will be the next song?
You may want to know. – Everyone knows it.
– Wow. They may know it all in advance. What’s funny is that…the title…is
“STRAWBERRY,” right? – Yes, it is.
– Then, why do you call it Ddalki? – Well, it means that.
– That’s because CHAEYOUNG wrote it. – Call it as you want.
– Wow, you have wits. Either way…”Ddalki” or “STRAWBERRY”… – Well, it is released first.
– Yes.
– It is released first. – It has just come out.
– I am nervous. – Okay…
– Are you ready? – Yes.
– Yes. – We are ready. [GIRLS LIKE US] [STRAWBERRY] – Well…
– ONCE, I heard great news. Can you guess? How do you know?
You’re here with us. ONCE, how did you know that? Is it streaming live? I guess those who are watching
on V LIVE may know. Some fans know, too. “FANCY” won first place! Oh, my. I guess this mosquito
is here to celebrate it. – Is there a mosquito?
– A mosquito is flying? – Yes. – Be careful.
– Awesome. – I hoped that it could win no.1.
for an hour. My wish came true! – Right. Thank you, ONCE. – That’s all because of ONCE.
– Thank you for hearing the song. What do you think about “FANCY?” As we heard the song hit no.1, since we sing new songs for ONCE, since we sang new songs
in front of them, I am so happy.
It feels better since we’re with ONCE. – Right.
– Right, MINA? Yes, right. We like those songs included
in this album. It’s great to show those
songs in front of ONCE. We’ve just performed
“GIRLS LIKE US” and “STRAWBERRY. And there are other songs, too. – Please introduce them first.
– Right, “GIRLS LIKE US”. – Please introduce “STRAWBERRY,” JIHYO.
– Yes. “GIRLS LIKE US” is… As you’ve read the lyrics,
it’s a message to those who are having a hard time
while chasing their dreams. I thought others would feel the same way as I did in the past. So I wrote lyrics
about the past when I had a hard time. It’s such a song. Is there an episode about it?
When writing the lyrics? I thought about the past. I had prepared for a long time
to be a singer. Sometimes, I had a thought like,
“Can I do this? Is it my vocation?” I wrote lyrics about
how I felt, when I thought like that. – I guess many fans would feel the
same way. – Really. – I was about to cry. – Really?
– Really. That’s… Right. I like that part.
“Don’t lose to the emotions”. That part. The melody and the lyrics
were amazing together. When I heard that part, it was emotional. Don’t cry! Don’t cry! During the press showcase,
JIHYO hoped our new song would take
no.1 for an hour, at least. Among my rap lyrics, there’s a
part like “I write what I dream”. When we look back on,
we’ve achieved what we dreamed. We achieved almost everything.
We had our own concert, – we are meeting ONCE
and our new song won no.1. – Right. Before a new song is released,
I feel nervous and have a bit of pressure. I am very nervous.
But I had a great dream. – You know, you heard that.
– Yes. It’s a good dream where
JEONGYEON appeared. I searched the meaning of
that dream and it was a good one. – So I feel nice.
– What’s that dream? – The dream?
– You can’t talk about it. – Right.
– You can’t talk about the dream. If you want to hear,
come to our concert. Right, I heard people need to
pay for a dream. At the concert, I will
continue to talk about the dream. CHAEYOUNG, please introduce
“STRAWBERRY”. When the track list was announced,
you predicted that, right? Because I like strawberries so much, I wanted to write lyrics
about strawberries. Strawberries are the material
for processed food, like drinks or cookies. But eating a strawberry itself
tastes bests, sweet and sour. It’s so delicious.
I likened it to myself. No matter how I look, I ask the listeners to like me,
the true myself, through the lyrics. The lyrics are so cute. There’s an episode of this song.
Ms CHAEYOUNG was… – Lyrics… – Sorry?
– Ms CHAEYOUNG? She wrote the lyrics. She wrote the Korean lyrics
and recorded the guided version. Then, we recorded the song
following her feelings from the guided version. – Right? – True.
– It was interesting. Because nobody harmonizes or do the doubling
for a guided version. But she did. It was like a real song
and she sent it to us. So… It had CHAEYOUNG’s
unique feelings and it went well with
the song, “STRAWBERRY”. I hope she can sing a part
of that song here, without music. I like that part. Among my parts,
I sing the first part of the verse. – I liked your sentiment.
– Right. – I hope you can sing that.
– What was the lyrics? – You wrote it. – You wrote the lyrics.
– When you write them, you know… 1, 2, 3, 4. Right? – The lyrics were wrong. Sorry.
– It’s mixed. – Wrong lyrics. – Anyways, when I recorded the song,
– It’s so nice. I loved the lyrics and wanted
to record it in a right way. I became so passionate
and I worked hard. – Right, JEONGYEON part
was like CHAEYOUNG’s guided version.
– It went well. – She sang well, according
to the vibe. – Right. – I was surprised. – I felt some pressure that
I had to sing just like her. – Right. But you did a great job. When I recorded,
CHAEYOUNG was in front of me. – Really?
– Yes. – So.. – You were there to check.
– No way. – She said like, “JEONGYEON”.
– My turn was after her. So I came there and
wanted to see how she was doing. – Scared.
– Now she wants to give directions. – All right.
– Good. Besides CHAEYOUNG,
other members – did a great job.
– SANA and MOMO individually – wrote lyrics, for the first time.
– SANA. I wrote lyrics for “TURN IT UP”. After I heard the song first,
I asked MOMO to write the lyrics together. But it didn’t go well.
We had a vacation back then. So I wrote the lyrics
while moving in the flight. I was able to write the entire lyrics.
So I asked MOMO if she wrote some. “Sorry, but I finished writing
for the entire song”. So, I was sorry for her but
she wrote lyrics for another one. I was so glad.
“TURN IT UP” reminded me of ONCE,
when I first hear that song. I wanted to sing this song
with ONCE at a concert venue. If you read the lyrics,
after you hear this, you will think like that. The star light and other shining things are about
Candy Stick that you are holding. I thought about it and wrote. It’s about my feelings for ONCE, when I see you while performing
on the stage. When it comes to “TURN IT UP,” our agency gives a chance
for us to write lyrics. So I challenged this time. But it’s not easy at all,
to write lyrics. – Right. – There’s an episode.
Since SANA finished writing, MOMO came to me, “We promised to write lyrics
together but she finished writing”. “And she wants to release it
under her name”. So I asked her to join me. – That’s how I wrote lyrics
for “HOT”. – Right, that’s “HOT”. JEONGYEON asked me to join
writing, so we started writing. – Were you on a vacation? – Yes.
– She was away during a vacation. We were apart.
I wrote the first verse and she promised to write
the verse 2. I wrote the first part and we had the deadline. So we had to submit
and I sent my part to JEONGYEON. She said, “Sorry, I can’t do that”. – She gave up. – MOMO worked so hard.
– She said, “Will you do it alone?” Since I finished writing the first
verse, I wanted to write the rest. – MOMO did a great job.
– Right. I gave a chance to MOMO. – Thank you. – That’s what happened.
– I told her to ask me if she had a trouble in
Korean words or expressions. But she did well,
without asking. – She’s the best.
– I wrote it during my vacation. What’s that about? The lyrics are about
expressing how I feel. – Just… – We worked together
to make the story for “HOT”. – Really? – We made the title together.
– Right, we chose together. – Why did you give up?
– Why didn’t you make more efforts? JEONGYEON used to write lyrics, but
there’s no song written by her this time. – I guess fans miss your lyrics.
– But I know how she felt. When you write, sometimes, you want to give up. – There are so many moments.
– Is there any song like that?
Among songs you wrote? – Such songs?
– I guess she had one. – I guess so. Well, I had to rewrite
this song many times. – Was it “YOUNG & WILD?”
– Right. – It is like a English studying material.
– Yes, that’s a bit… – I wrote a version, but
– The melody is not easy, too. I was told like, “Again. Please change
this part in this way”. – That happened many times.
– I got one. – For me… “Heart Shaker”. The
original title was not “Heart Shaker”. – Right. – What was that? Not “Heart Shaker”.
– It was “TLC”. – “Sparkling Boy”. TLC, like this? – “Sparkling Boy”.
– You’re singing “YES or YES”. That’s “Sparkling Boy”.
“Sparkling Boy”. – “Sparkling Boy”. – Right.
– “Sparkling Boy”. – The working title.
– I wrote lyrics for that song. I and MOMO wrote, too. – I did.
– Me, too. – JEONGYEON wrote two songs.
– She wrote a lot of lyrics. – Great job. – Anyways. – We – Music video. You wanted
to talk about it. – Right, an episode. “FANCY”. It’s not about the music video
but about our choreography practice. – We practiced so hard.
– Yes. – Right, we worked so hard. I danced while sleeping. – Really? – How?
– Did you dance and wake up? I was dancing while sleeping
and hit MOMO’s head. I hit MOMO in the head. I hit her in the head and I woke up. So, I said, “MOMO, go sleep.
Sleep”. Miran, are you watching this? I practiced even
when I was in a dream. – Right. Really hard.
– I know how you feel. We practiced a lot. This time, it’s memorable that
we recorded many times. – Right? – Right. Parts, too.
– We shuffled our parts, too. If ONCE knows the
first part division, they would be surprised.
All parts were shuffled and changed. It’s not just a 180 degree, – but a 360 degree change, among parts.
– Right. That’s the original point. I was a rapper. – Really?
– That’s true. – I finished recording.
– Right. – Did you hear that?
– Please do that! MC Rail! – MC Rail!
– Let’s go! – MC Rail. My rap skills got a bit rusty. Like this. That’s why my position was changed. You spent 2 hours for
recording “swim swim”. Right, I spent 2 hours for recording
the two English words “swim swim”. – It was really hard, when I tried it.
– Difficult. – Really. “Swim, swim”. Somewhat… – I spent a lot of time recording it.
“Swim swim”. – While recording the song, I realized that JIHYO did
a great job in singing. I realized that she’s our
precious vocalist. I recorded first. I did it
like 4 or 5 times. I finished recording, I didn’t like it,
I recorded again and again. Even though how many
times I tried, it was so hard. So I shed tears on my way
home, after singing that song. So I thought,
“JIHYO is amazing”. – It was difficult and JIHYO did
a great job. – “FANCY” is so difficult. – It’s difficult. – So, I’m worried about
our live performance on music shows. I will do my best. We’re good at live performances. – Let’s do our best! – ONCE
will cheer for us loudly. – Right. TZUYU, anything to say? – About recording?
– Yes, and others, too. – About “FANCY” album.
– Album jacket? – Music video, or a cover… I had difficulties
when I recorded the song. – It was hard to pronounce “That star”.
– “That star”. So… “That star”.
“Again”. “That star…” “Again, again, again, again”. – I remember that.
– Right. – She pronounced like, “Jeol Byeol”.
– That star. – That star. – That star. – She’s good.
– Difficult. – That star.
– That star. I was surprised by JEONGYEON’s
singing skills. – When I heard the recorded version.
– Right. – Really? – I personally
like JEONGYEON’s part. – Really?
– I’m asking you to sing. What was that? 1, 2, 3, 4. Half air, half sound. – She sang delightfully.
– I had a hard time. It was hard to sing “FANCY”
with feelings. – It was so hard. – Black Eyed Pilseung,
it was so hard. – It is different – from other songs that we’ve sung before.
Most songs were so cheerful.
– Right. – Right.
– Anyways. Is there any episode
for an album photo shoot? – For the album cover…
– I saw many things. “Please take a look there”. – She said she saw many things.
– “Please look there”. Previously, we had a photo shoot. We had the photo shoot against the poster.
DAHYUN, you talked about pizza. Please introduce that episode. During a photo shoot, there
was pizza and I had it. I enjoyed it and I got some
food stains and it was in the poster. – So natural… – Really? Where?
– It’s natural and good. – I guess it’s somewhere here.
– On my finger. – Oh?
– Hush. – SANA got it, too?
– I didn’t know that. – Did Sana get it?
– On her elbow. JEONGYEON held the cheese
sauce bowl in her hand. During the photo shoot, I guess
I bumped into that. I got sauce on my arm. – You know, like the CF.
– Oh, the eating scene. – I didn’t know. It could be on my outfit.
– It’s natural. – Nothing. – Good.
– What else? – Anything else?
– ONCE, is there any question? Question and answer time. Let’s talk about MINA. – It’s so heavy.
– Right. I had a hard time
during the photo shoot of our album. It was heavier than this. Members took turns
and helped me by holding it. If you watch the making film,
we were – doing like this.
– “Let it go, let it go”. – Like this. – Celebrity hair.
– I have an episode. – Right. – What’s that? I wore these boots
for the music video. Back then, I…
You know, you may know,
what’s that? – My little toe was broken.
– Little toe. But I didn’t know that
and danced so hard while wearing these. That’s why it hurt so much. – I guess MOMO would be the only
one who can dance in these heels. – Right. If I were wearing them… – I couldn’t dance at all. – I will fall down.
– These boots don’t hold the ankles, which make
it hard to dance. Right. – Does it rain outside?
– Why? – No…
– It was raining. – Really.
– Nobody laughed. I laughed. – Responses.
– I laughed. – Oh.
– Well, oh. – Thinking… – Go ahead.
– Never mind. – Please go ahead. – Please.
– May I? We haven’t shown
how we make an album. We haven’t shown that before. You know, right? So, I’m filming such things,
edit and release such video clips. I wanted to see if you’re enjoying it. Thank you. – We were not wearing makeup at all.
– Cute. – I don’t think they want to see us like that. What do you think? I saw the video clip
shot in the dance studio. – I thought like, “Will the agency
allow to release this?” – Right. – It came out. I was surprised.
– My bangs were… – It was post-processed. – My bangs were split.
– Did you post-process? – Yes. – Isn’t it pretty? Don’t you think it’s pretty?
– My eye sight is not that good. I was wearing
glasses in the video clip. – So, I shortened it.
– The thick glasses. DAHYUN confirmed it. – Well…
– Isn’t it enough? – If I wear glasses…
– Why didn’t you ask me to confirm? You were not there. – I guess I wasn’t there.
– We had to be there. – It’s okay to show – the side look with glasses.
Not the frontal look. – Right. It was filmed from the side,
so she said pass. I got this episode now. I realized that TWICE is one. For “FANCY,” for the first time, we planned to wear
custom-made high heels. We custom-made black high
heels for our stage outfits, but everyone is wearing walkers. – For today…
– MOMO is the only one. – She’s wearing high-heels.
– Didn’t we wear walkers during the music video? – But this…
– Right. – Is it? – We dressed up like this.
– Was it my misunderstanding? – Yes. All right. – Oh, no. The vibe…
– Someone threw a cold blanket. – Help me. Since we prepare an album
for a long time, Yes. – So, we have many episodes.
– Right, a lot of episodes. Yes, I guess there are many episodes. This is a unique thing
about the showcase. We don’t do this at a concert
or anywhere else, but it’s so awkward to
read the script at a showcase. – Isn’t it too obvious, right?
– Is it because we do this after awhile? Is it the reason?
When we perform at a showcase, it feels so… I think it’s nice today. – JEONGYEON, it wasn’t okay.
– We’re so freely saying – today. – I moved on suddenly.
– Are we saying too freely? – I guess fans would like it.
Instead of fixed ones. – Right? All right. There must be ONCE who watch this in Korea and around the world. – Right.
– Hi. – Some international fans, too.
– Hello. – What’s wrong with us today?
– My toes are sweating. Since we have a long silence, what about performing a new song? What’s this song, TZUYU? – This song?
– Yes, the song we will perform. It’s not about “FANCY”. – Please read the next song.
– What we’re going to perform. Well… Isn’t it “FANCY?” – Sorry. I see.
– But the next song is a new one. The next one is… – That’s a bit… – I guess we will perform
the next song and “FANCY” together. – Right?
– Why do you look at me? – I don’t know what to do today.
– Then, – let’s summarize.
– Let’s follow what MINA says. – Good.
– Toss. – Do you think I can do that?
– I believe! You can do it! – She’s good. Okay, please introduce
the next song, MINA. – CHAEYOUNG, please introduce
“FANCY”. – Okay. Next song is… the song we like and ONCE would like. It has a good mood.
“TURTLE”. And… We’re going to perform “FANCY,” the title track
of our 7th mini album. What do you think about it?
“FANCY” performance? Because we worked so hard, please look forward to it
and enjoy the performance. [TURTLE] [TWICE the 7th MINI ALBUM]
[FANCY YOU] I want to leave for a trip.
So I dressed up like this. [Q. Do you leave to find
love from ONCE?] ONCE’s love is always here.
It’s always here, somewhere. I don’t need to leave to find it. Right, ONCE? This outfit is a bit colorful. It has yellow, blue and pink. I dressed up in colorful outfits. And my hair. It looks so fancy.
According to the song title “FANCY,” I dressed up. Do I look like a celebrity? Like an idol band member? It’s in February. Like this, without telling anybody, we’re shooting this secretly. Please look forward to this. Mother, she started it first. – No way.
– Both of you, raise your hands! Let it go.
You let it go first. – Mom, my sister is teasing me.
– Let it go. Let’s let it go on a count of three. – 1, 2, 3.
– I told you to let it go. What’s this? My arm. I can breathe under water
when I wear this. – Why do you keep raising it?
– Under water, you know. That thing? “‘Aqua Man?” It hurts. Sensitive. It’s sensitive.
Don’t touch it. Sensitive. [How do we find love?]
We were curious of love when singing
“What Is Love?” Now, TWICE is leaving
to find love. That’s why we’re so bold and proud. I guess so. That’s why
our outfits are so bold. Good. We used to smile for
90% of pictures. This time, we didn’t smile much.
It was something new, so we had a lot of fun. I’m a bit worried because
ONCE is used to see us smiling. I hope you like this, too. Please give a lot of support to “FANCY”. I hope to make great memories
while promoting “FANCY”. See you in April. Bye! [Mnet 2019. Apr 11] [FANCY]
[2019 Apr 22 6PM] [Mnet 2019. Apr 11] [FANCY]
[2019 Apr 22 6PM] [FANCY]
[2019 Apr 22 6PM] [Mnet 2019. Apr 15] [FANCY]
[2019 Apr 22 6PM] [Mnet 2019. Apr 18] [FANCY] [FANCY] What do you think? I knew that you would like it.
We ONCE. When did you learn
the fan chant? The fan chant… When we practiced dancing
or performed during a rehearsal, I was exhausted after
performing the first verse. – But, now we have ONCE in front of us,
– Really. Right, their fan chant
cheers us up a lot. You’re the best. To be honest, we shot
the choreography video clip. – We said we couldn’t do three times.
– Right. – Too tired. But I think we can do this
three times thanks to ONCE. – Shall we do this 3 times?
– Leave her to do that 3 times. Good. – What did you do? Previously?
– Sorry? Now, it’s time to wrap up
“FANCY” showcase. Let’s talk about how you feel.
One by one. – Starting from CHAEYOUNG or TZUYU?
– I will go first. In 2019, we got off to a good start with “FANCY,” which gives
different feelings. I feel so happy. Starting with this,
I want As I see fans love this, I’m so proud and
I’m glad that our efforts paid off. I’m so proud of that.
Please look forward to our promotion. Thank you. This song feels a bit
different from previous songs. When we prepared we wondered
if fans would like this. And we were excited to release this song. Gladly, I saw fans love this song.
Thank you. From today, we’re going to
promote “FANCY”. ONCE, please support us.
Thank you. Thanks to ONCE,
I felt much better. But… I was so nervous.
I haven’t been nervous for a while. Anyways, we just started promotion
of “FANCY” with this showcase. Right? In the future, let’s make
more special memories much more than last year
or the previous years. Go, TWICE!
Go, ONCE! I cheered up until
this outfit tore up. The choreography
was a bit new to us. I like it. Do you like it, ONCE? We just finished our
first performance today. I hope you like this song. During the promotion,
we will show better performances. ONCE and TWICE, let’s go! To fans who are here at the showcase, and our fans who are
watching V LIVE, thank you very much. I don’t know if I can say this. Hang on. – Well, I’m worried.
– This time, we won’t promote this song
on music shows for long. I feel so sorry about it. I want to promote this song
with fans for a long time and show great performances.
But it’s a bit short. I’m sorry. Anyways, let’s cheer up
for this promotion. Tomorrow, the “IDOL ROOM”
episode where we appeared will air. We just made a comeback. Let’s cheer up! I hope 9 members
will stay healthy until the end of promotion. If I add some more
to what she said, the promotional period was
shortened because of our concert. Don’t feel so sorry about it
and please look forward to our concert. As you saw from “FANCY,”
we wanted to change our concept but tried to keep our own charms. Because we have ONCE, who will
support us whatever we do, we’re so excited to challenge
something new. Thank you very much. Let’s cheer up for “FANCY!” Thank you. You’ve said good things already. I had a great time
while practicing. The choreography was so challenging
that we couldn’t repeat 3 times. We recorded, had a photo shoot
for the album cover, and filmed the music video. We worked hard to
see the eyes of ONCE. That’s why we were able to cheer up. As I see your eyes,
I believe our efforts pay off today. Since members did a great job,
and ONCE like our new song, I am so happy.
I will sleep very sound tonight. ONCE, please go home safely.
Please take a rest tomorrow and watch “IDOL ROOM”. The next day, we have an
award ceremony. Let’s make special memories with
“MCountdown,” “Music Bank,” “Show! Music Core”. Way to go, “FANCY!” I will see you more often! I love to see you more often. You’re the source of energy in my life. Thank you for coming to the showcase. Those who are watching us till the end,
even though you couldn’t make it, I hope we can enjoy
our performances together. Do you like to see us
more frequently? Starting from today,
let’s run together! ONCE and TWICE! It’s my turn, right? This time, it’s a bit different
from the past concepts. We wanted to come back
with a new concept. What do you think, ONCE? Really? It’s very fresh to us. We were excited to perform
on the stage. We will do our best on music
shows and present good performances. Thank you for watching us. I don’t know if we can
give you strength, if we can, I will do my best to cheer you up and make you feel happy. – Okay.
– Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for coming today. We cheered up thanks to you.
Even though the showcase is over, – ONCE, till it’s over?
– It ain’t over yet! Right, “FANCY…”
My pronunciation was too rigid. I said “FANCY”.
We will start our promotion of “FANCY” from now on. – Shall we say “Go for it” and say bye?
– Okay. – Good. TWICE, ONCE, let’s do it well. – ONCE, TWICE, way to go!
– We will do this pose when shouting the slogan. – ONCE, TWICE, way to go?
– ONCE, raise your hand. – ONCE, TWICE, way to go.
– Okay. 1, 2, 3.
ONCE, TWICE, way to go! One in a million, we’re TWICE!
Thank you. – Bye. – “FANCY”.
– Thank you. Bye. I will practice the fan chant. I will do a great job this time. – Thank you for watching us.
– ONCE, can you say “FANCY” – for the “FANCY” part?
– Good. – Using the hand that doesn’t hold
the Candy Stick. – Hold the stick in one hand. – On the other hand.
– Do like this, “FANCY!” During the fan chant. Cute. – Bye. Go home safely.
– Safe journey home. – Bye. – There’s the 2nd floor. I didn’t know.
– I don’t want to leave. – Bye. – I don’t want to go.
– Fans are there. Let’s go inside together. – Thank you.
– Thank you. Bye. See you on music shows. Bye. Bye.

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