Trump Fakes a Deal: The Daily Show

as the Obama administration
is coming to a close, uh, unemployment has plunged
to a nearly nine-year low. When Obama came to office,
it was at 7.8%. Now it’s at 4.6%, which is really good. -(applause)
-But… but-but, you see, America’s
future is not about being good– it’s about being great. REPORTER:Trump promised to keep
Carrier jobs in the U.S.
He says Carrier’s gonna bring
back those jobs to Indiana. He, as president,
will make it happen. I’m gonna call up Carrier, and I’m gonna tell the head
of Carrier, “I hope you enjoy your stay
in Mexico, folks, “but every single unit
that you make “and send across our border,
which now will be real, you’re gonna pay a 35% tax!” (cheering) And you know
what Carrier’s going to do? They’re going to call me
in 24 hours, and they’re going to go,
“Mr. President, “we’re moving back
into the United States, we’re going to build
in the United States.” -(applause and cheering)
-That’s what’s going to happen, 100% sure! Man, say what you want
about Trump, but he really kicks ass
in imaginary negotiations -against himself.
-(laughter) “Then Carrier’s gonna say
they’re sorry, “and everyone will shout
my name. “Then, Rosie O’Donnell
will be like, “‘Donald rules, and I drool.’ “Then the failingNew York Times
will print a headline “that says,
‘Air-Conditioner Factory Stays, -Trump Keeps His Cool.'”
-(laughter) “And it’ll be a great pun, and
everyone will laugh at the pun, “and they’ll say,
‘Great pun, Donald!’, because they’ll know
it was really my pun!” (laughter) And by the way, by the way,
it’s easy to see why Trump wants more
air-conditioning in America. -Look at his face there.
-(laughter) He was sweating so much,
he looks like he’s doing an impression
of Fat Bastard. -Like, what is he…
what is he doing? -(laughter) (with Scottish accent):
“Get in my country.” (laughter) But… but…
and this is crazy. Once Trump won the election,
he actually did it. He got on the phone,
negotiated with Carrier, and he made his first deal. WOMAN: The air-conditioning
giant tweeted last night, “We are pleased
to have reached a deal “with President-elect Trump
& VP-elect Pence to keep close to 1,000 jobs
in Indy.” MAN:
The deal is extremely popular. 60% of registered voters saying it gave them a more
favorable view of trump. Wow. Yes. After Trump’s deal, some people
see him in a better light. “He saved 1,000 peoples’ jobs,
and he grabbed zero pussies? -Wow!” (chuckles)
-(laughter) “Maybe we should give
this guy a chance!” But before
you give him a chance, you may want to examine the
Carrier deal a little closer, because,
like Donald Trump’s hair, -there’s something that’s just
a little off. -(laughter) Numerically,
there are some… issues here. Donald Trump,
during his speech, said that there were about
1,100 jobs saved. It turns out it’s probably more
like 800 jobs that were saved, 300 that he was referring to were actually never going
to move in the first place. It’s not a sustainable strategy to save 800 or 1,000 jobs
at a time. WOMAN:
The deal gives the heating
and air-conditioning company
seven million dollars
in state tax breaks
over ten years.
What Trump is doing is setting
a very dangerous precedent. My guess is today,
there’s some corporation who may not have thought one
second about leaving America– now they’re going to announce, “Hey, we’re going to Mexico,
we’re going to China. Hey, Mr. Trump,
what you gonna do for us?”-Bernie!
-(applause and cheering) (Noah crying) We should have listened to you,
Bernie! -(laughter)
-(Noah crying) You know every time
Democrats see Bernie Sanders, they’re like, “Damn,
I wonder what could have been.” (laughter) But he’s right. It’s not sustainable for
the government to pay companies to keep uncompetitive jobs
in the country. But now that other companies
have read Carrier’s blackmail script, they could also
threaten to leave and wait for those sweet, sweet
tax breaks to roll in. It’s like that children’s book. If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want to (bleep)
you in the ass. -(laughter) -You guys had
the same book, right? -It’s the same book.
-(laughter) And by the way, by the way, I love how Donald Trump made it
like, “I told Carrier what to do,
and they did it!” No, no, no,
that’s not what happened. They threatened something,
Trump paid them the money, and they still sent hundreds
of jobs to Mexico. Like, Trump would be the worst
hostage negotiator in the world. He would be just like,
“Come out with your hands up! “Free all the hostages! “No? “All right, you asked for it! We’re sending in a million
dollars and more hostages!” (laughter) “All right, cover me, boys. I’m going in to give him
a hand job. Cover me.” (laughter) (applause and cheering) -(audience whooping)
-Worst negotiator ever. Oh, there’s another aspect
of this deal, uh, but it has good news
and bad news. The good news is:
Carrier has agreed to invest more money
into their factory. The bad news is:
it’s gonna be like Westworld. Updating the plant
will result in more automation and an important consequence. We’re gonna make a $16 million
investment in that factory… That sounds good,
except they’re doing it to automate
the manufacturing process, which will shed jobs. As bad as this deal is, what makes this so good
for Donald Trump is that it gives the illusion that he’s done
something meaningful. That’s what Trump is all about,
is the show. Because all
the headlines say is: Trump saves a thousand jobs! Which, don’t get me wrong,
I acknowledge is something for every single person
whose jobwassaved. I don’t deny that. But at the scale the president
is supposed to work on, that’s barely
a drop in the bucket. It’s all about
“the thousand jobs.” What abouteveryone’sjobs?
You got to create jobs as well. This is basically a classic
con man move, you know? A con man makes you focus
on what youthinkyou can get, and distracts you
from everything that you stand to lose. -(applause)
-That’s all it is. And look… look, the Carrier deal
might have some benefits. But it would be naive to ignore
all of the side effects. In fact, I have a proposal. Every time
Trump makes a promise, he should be forced
to include the fine print. And you know what
Carrier’s gonna do? They’re gonna call me
in 24 hoursand they’re gonna go,
“Mr. President,
(fading): we’re moving back
into the United… WOMAN:Donald Trump’s promises
are not intended
to be taken seriously.The number of jobs
will be lower than promised.
Side effects could include
massive corporate tax breaks,
higher consumer costs,and companies giving the jobs
to robots anyway.
Ask your doctor if your economy
is healthy enough for Trump.
He’ll probably say no,
but (bleep) him,
make America great again.

100 Replies to “Trump Fakes a Deal: The Daily Show”

  1. Bernie is right. Trump has now set the pattern for Federal blackmail payments. A new form of Federal subsidy — the normal way business has been subsidizing various industries.

  2. Most apples are fine, but once in a while, you get one with a worm in it. Even a great nation like ours can sometimes come up with a disgusting scumbag like Trump, our national embarrassment.

  3. If Donald was ''worst'' negotiator, How would Trevor Noah Handle this? All he he is complaining what Trump does. Jeez Trevor you should have run to presidency rather than sitting on front of camera always disrespecting someone who doenst see same way you see for Fuck sakes! Take example from typical Finnish cook's attidute. ''If you dont like it, do it yourself'' Stop the fucking complaining like choosey baby.

  4. you know what they will do? they will pass the 35% increase onto Americans. We all know Americans are too fat and lazy to work!

  5. I subscribed to your channel because you are a nice South African boy and I love ya! And I will never ever say to you "jou ma se …" because that will just be too rude! But it is a very funny expression, you can't deny it!

  6. Trump's Art of the Deal? "Pull out all the stops!" That's no way to run an automared nuclear powerplant, much less a great country like the USA! And if you tried that on the organ of the Basilica in Novara, Italy, it's doubtful they'd ever let you near the organist's seat again.

  7. Bannon's Trumpie keeps complaining about the 'Fake Media's' "feeding frenzy." Well, Mr. Trump, you're the ones who have been, are, and keep on chumming the water. You shouldn't be surprised!

  8. Change the accounting to change the results. Try the same trick he used on unemployment figures with healthcare and just sit back and watch the world burn.

  9. Stop hating Trump everybody. Can't stomp the TrumpCuz hes the only person who can actually destroy America…. Domestically and other nations would piggy back ride on the hell Tumps making on AmericaYou people should have voted a better president or not vote at all :/ #ShouldHaveThrownAwayVote lol

  10. I repeat…A government cannot be run like a business……Especially by those alleged to be Clinically Insane.

  11. Is this show about comedy or bitterness? Its difficult to tell the difference. Night after night its Trump is orange Trump has funny hair, Trump is Hitler, cue appullusse sign. But at least you get to cash in on the faux AntiTrump Histera. And not have to come up with any original material. If you're antitrump they will come.

  12. Noah must be thankful for Trump: he's handing him all jokes over on a silver platter, user ready.

  13. Please answer this question. if the president cut medical k when I work they took out of my check for medical k so people that is working and they taking out their check medical k explain to me how that going to work

  14. and they are looking at the president for wrong doing why are they letting this man make big decision for United states this man make the office of united states look weak stuip letting the enemy run the office of the united states. yall just sitting there let him destroy ours country wake up country now don't even respect the united states any more we were strong now weak stop playing with ours life stop. with this crazy he said he going make united states great again he anit doing nothing but lie he is trying to destroy us can yall see every country that the. United states protect the Russian trying to get president to open the door for them to get united states was with these country president move the united states out of the way so Russian can attack them. yall let this one man to destroyed what strong man build for the county wake up

  15. Yes, Trump might be a conman, but The U.S. government overall acts like a concountry. While many people are focusing on Trump and his ridiculous egotrip, meanwhile the new world order keeps on executing their 'not anymore so hidden' agenda's. This is exactly what they need right now with all of this 'revealing' going on. Could it really be the decision of one man representing the U.S. and withdraw from the international climate agreement?

  16. Please stop with the Please subscribe whining at the end. It is so irritating to hear that every few minutes that I unsubscribed…

  17. According to the Washington Examiner and various talking heads on MSNBC, 600 people will be laid off from the Carrier Plant that Trump claimed to save when he bellowed, "You know what Carrier is going to do?" Not only that, but Trump, at around the same time, bellowed that he would prevent Boeing from laying off jobs, and prevent Ford from moving to Mexico. Moreover he said he would "bring da jobs back from Chiner", and "slap a 35% tax on any American Company that made good there and imported them back into the USA. Boeing has announced layoffs, Ford has announced that it will build a factory in China, Trump has not moved his tie factory back from China, nor has he slapped a 35% tax on his daughter's imported manufactured goods. Trump's full of shit. He doesn't have the authority to tell Carrier, Ford, and Boeing what to do. Moreover, he can't slap taxes on corporations unless our Congress passes laws giving him that power. Finally he's too greedy to bring his tie factory back to the US, or ask Congress to slap a 35% tax on his daughter. Ted Cruz called Trump a "rat fu^ker", and Ralph Nader called him an "empty suit". Trevor Noah just called Trump a conman. I think Mitt Romney was right when he called Trump "a fake, a phony, and a fraud."

  18. Here we are 7 months later and guess what happened? Your right, Carrier is leaving. It's a "how do you like me now" moment for the President. Is he tweeting about it or has their been a press conference? I must have missed it.

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    Psycho killers..

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  21. One point that was not really talked about is, that Trumpy paid Carrier 7 million Dollars in US TAXPAYERS' money, not his own cash.

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