Trish Regan: Impeachment is fizzling, voters are tuning out

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  1. Why would Trump need to testify? Is this a criminal investigation? Have they even voted on impeachment yet? Then why the hell should he do anything?

  2. all of America's getting real tired of these communist socialist scumbags that try to call themselves Democrats they're not Democrats and they're not liberals they're just liars corrupt communist socialist line garbage and America sick of them and we will remove them and a lot of them will be in prison for their corruption there garbage and all of America knows it

  3. Trish why don't you protect yourself and keep your yap shut until after Sondland tomorrow. He could make you look very foolish and naive.

  4. It's not fizzling but the Republican senate won't even vote to remove Trump from office, no matter what. That doesn't mean he has not done what person after person has testified too under oath is not true.

  5. any member of congress who has a district with third world conditions such as San Francisco and Los Angeles should be thrown out for failing to represent the citizens in their crap district. waters, pelosi, cummings(too late) and many others suck at their job but are good at getting personal rewards.

  6. Yes, the Dems are after The Presidency!!! It's up to us to insure that The Presidency is not take by a Political Group and its Agenda. Trump is a bulldog, can take care of himself, will dig his feet in, and fight to the bitter end. I saw the big 3 tv networks Impeachment coverage today and not one gave The Republicans equality. The media is controlled by a corrupt few. Don't believe that? Why did the media not air the report on Jeffrey Epstein 3 years ago, or the other producer pig mogul Harvey Weinstein…

  7. When facts and law are against you, attack the process, attack the process again, and remember to attack the investigators.

  8. I agree with Trish and not because she is gorgeous. If you play in the mud, you will get your clothes dirty. Not even a written testimony, please.

  9. We need about 100k people to show up in D.C. armed and start making citizens arrest by us on all Dems for Treason against the nation.

  10. I’ve been tuned out since it began. They impeached him for a phone call based on “he said, she said.” What an absolute joke.

  11. Adam sniff master-bates looking at himself in mirror and can’t finish. That what this is , a fail
    One tiny wiener after another

  12. Keep telling your moronic viewers that their dictator wannabe is doing just fine Trish. We will REALLY enjoy the sight of reality crashing down on their heads. Although a FOX viewer getting hit in the head will likely sustain no damage whatsoever to their already 3rd grade cognitive abilities. keep up the good work Trishy girl haha

  13. They claim that Trump bested the most qualified candidate in the history of the world without trying and without wanting to win the election. If they believe that they must be terrified of a Trump that wants to win the election against their current crop of candidates.

    We keep learning that their witnesses have no evidence of an impeachable offense.

  14. They are so frustrated and angry that they can't take down Trump, that they don't even care what that will do to their Party!! They have committed apocalyptic political suicide!!

  15. Either the Democrats are completely overrun with crybaby, sore loser lunatics or Trump is the political Teflon Don and a genius. I've seen Trumps tweets, so I'm going with the prior.

  16. Great report thanks. Schiff has delusions of grandeur, thinks he's Pontus Pilot maybe? Well look how well the crucifixion of Jesus Christ worked out for Romans! But Barr and Durham could well have him on their "persons of interest" list!

  17. Perfect comment "The Democrats are up "Schitt Creek" without a paddle." In January of 2021, we will have a full Republican House and a full Republican Senate and we will get a lot done! Mark my words. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, who does not lie. Ever. He still speaks to awake individuals. Just let Him in, Open up the door and let the Savior in. Amen,

  18. IMAGINE TRISH REGAN AS CAPITAL'S CHIEF NURSE, GIVING NANCY PELOSI AND MAXINE,…..A GOOD DOSE SHOT OF REALITY TRUTH SERUM! ; ) .what would they sing then, if all they could do is be honest for a week's time? ; ) ..soft spoken Nurse Trish: – here Nancy, here is your tax payer full med paid 'Flu Shot,' – …..only it was A FUNCTIONAL TRUTH SERUM.. LASTING A WHOLE WEEK'S TIME! 😈….😇…😂..than imagine Adam Schiff on TRUTH SERUM…. THAT ACTUALLY WORKS….ONLY ABLE TO SPEAK TRUTH FOR A WEEK! ……..LOL! ; ) ..SO, WHAT WOULD THEY THEN SAY?!

  19. ALL SICK F**KS ! ALL THE TIME 24/7 – 365 DAYS A YEAR ! ALL ONE AMERICAN NEEDS IS ONE FINGER ! F**K YOU ! the dems are finished , eat a bag of sh*t !

  20. Maxine Waters need to be in Drug rehab shows classic signs of drug abuse.Trump =Wall
    Wall= No Cocaine
    Macine hates Trump.
    Do I need to draw the lines for you Dems to understand.
    Trish they don't care and know impeachment is not going anywhere they are brainwashing the ignorent voter by repeating same lie false narrative. Putting Trump in bad light.

  21. Love your show…Schifty Schift is so pathetic…it is such a joke…but a tiresome joke crazy Nancy is an old lady the needs to be lokking for an old age home… they are such sad bunch

  22. The evidence is over whelming. Trump will easily be impeached, and probably not just for trying to extort another leader.
    Trump has committed numerous crimes.

  23. They want to impeach Trump after putting up with the Clintons activities all those years, and while I’m making comments let’s weigh in on Obama’s 8 years of doing nothing worthwhile and being Given a Nobel Peace Prize for winning an Election???

  24. I wholeheartedly agree with you Trish Regan,the impeachment is only for Adam Schiff and all his corrupt Democrats,like Maxine Waters,nobody can impeach a President of the United States of America,do you really think that President Donald Trump will do things that he can be easily impeached on,wake up America.

  25. I have a suggestion: change the name of the democratic party to globalists, that says more about their agenda, those who agree please confirm, all they care is for the big corporations to make more money so they can have bigger bribes

  26. This is the true Russian plan, keep our government paralyzed with stupid do nothing investigations of each other while they carry out a a clever policy of selling arms and making deals.

  27. If Lying Schiff Lies is going to Impeach President Trump he's going to have to bring the whistleblower leaker out of the Star Chamber Bunker and let him testify.

  28. Where is the whistleblower Lying Schiff Lies.??? The Whistleblower is going to have to testify now because there is no one else. 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. According to reports, Paul Pelosi Jr. traveled to Kyiv, Ukraine in July 2017 for work as the Executive Director of a “Corporate Governance initiative” which was reportedly a position Pelosi Jr. accepted in February 2017. According to @t, he indicate he was in Ukraine for the purpose of youth soccer. The American Mirror flagged and preserved the video of the appearance of Pelosi Jr. that was removed from YouTube.
    According to Granite Grok, Viscoil, the company Pelosi Jr. served as President and COO are under investigation for securities fraud. Grok stating that it was a “Potemkin Arrangement.” The deception allegedly involves hiding that the company was controlled by felons.
    Viscoil is purportedly on the radar as one of the companies that was part of the Obama administration’s redistribution of billions of dollars into new energy technology.

  30. Are the dems not sure he didn't sneeze in the oval office, try to impeach on that, or maybe he blew his nose. Scratched his but? Coughed up a lugar? Stared at the wall, swore, got in an disagreement with his son? Let's try another rediculous INVESTIGATION AND TAKE MORE TAXPAYERS $. FIRE SHIFFTY. IT'S TIME.

  31. The irony is the Stalinist Hale-Bopp worshiping Dems' leading candidate bragged about using a Quid Quo Pro to secure a ridiculously lucrative job in Ukraine for his son.

  32. Dems keep digging your big hole plz make trump look good! Your not scamming us anymore we're over it! 😂 Fire all the dems they suck and are wasting are money

  33. This scam crap doesn’t even meet Constitution real rules just her inflated rules so Mrs Air Peloshi go dry up since you are almost there bye,bye

  34. Well said Trish: President Trump should just ignore these Leftist a-holes…. their criminal objectives are obvious.
    They fear the American voters are awake to their schemes….
    Yeah, and they're right.
    Trump 2020!!!!!

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