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[Applause] so gender star madman's gotta draw some secrets now kind of want to play that to get the reveal yep I want to attack that could be snake could be snake snake well on secret and xeljanz already looking in the same and man s 7 for 12 10 mana to get the best card in the deck pretty much but also get two secrets okay I didn't actually know about that interaction so it's not surviving damage with the poisonous that's cool unlucky in a secret style left we have five unique secrets in the duct perfect nice apply ah okay since I'm in the bigger hand position I want to play control a game so I don't think we want to trade I mean I don't think we want to trade damage so I want to trade in the face I need to play at least two secrets that doesn't better this that one that one and this one I think they check furtive freezing first as he should I didn't play freezing because of that oh that's bad that would have been a reason to play this venom strike instead no oh wait and have explosive that's good enough I guess oh okay this will be painful all those secrets though maybe it's time for giving you get my rat this is Elgin gonna be so big we're gonna have all the secrets one animal companion a bunch of bunch of waffles also known as wolves this card what the snack I attacked face okay so now my flanking strike has a way higher chance of killing one of his guys I think this is the right time to play this yeah oh no maybe like that lucky actually should have traded the wolf first because I ran out of room mammal companions still naked I didn't get the explosive trap all that sucks next 9 12 15 18 21 22 25 I have lethal 9 12 15 18 21 22 25 27 3 plus 24 is 27 Wow ok well I'll take it one soul jinn fly had one game one keep wandering monster against what's possibly odd thousand nope just some silly he lledon but I just play wrecks are when the game then that's the problem he'll slash control paladin how can you beat Rex I push the button and win the game what if I should even hero power him I can heal Oh No I'm gonna have to raise some time before your TK's me I guess face didn't waste my laundry monster why did you just hit me for eight a puzzle oh no I'm in holy wrath rage oh that oh TK that's what you guys are talking about that Oh TK five eagle her and I don't want to play camel shower in there you build the bigger beasts when you don't actually have a hand build the smaller beasts if you actually can't play all the stuff into a a new challenger I did a video about this look he got the average all according to plan math checks out oh that combo we're health okay whoa the perfect situation you would never be dumb enough to actually offer this woody now there's no way yeah well go for a cheap oh okay there's no way he'll ever fall for it but we're just developing a board I should have grabbed the other card then the dream please attack please attack now he's not a dummy how could my plans have failed oh hey weak lead for this hello z om or +4 here for mana 88 so very good oh hey that's not bad at all food hurt now presenting a new challenger that is the average case kind of results-oriented thinking nice it's pretty good [Applause] all right it's pretty much the reason why he Lydon doesn't mark demonstrated in this game we need to keep a candle shot against Roman oh that's right I guess I'm a strategist in my back I really should always keep candle shot well unless I'm up against a control deck unknown control deck Oh overload deck easy turn Oh Huffer I'll leave that alive hate to do that but he knows I would play the best secret for this situation I think the best secret is sneak Trev as the venom strike trap just bounces against the you taunt explosive and freezing are obviously dumb wandering is decent but it feels like he's gonna trade into my subject nun rat trap is too early though I feel like one should be able to deduce that I have sneak trapped here hunting visions oh he's playing my wrong spirit attack maybe the freezing trap and wandering monster both are okay to get here yes he's like how many secrets are in your duck so much good stuff in here Oh Oh attacking this turn I think maybe thinks it's exactly freezing and explicit all according to plan crusher look who's gonna show up first Zildjian rex our spell stems oh what a great draw rainin toads oh man that was very effective here other than subject 9 the best cards in my deck are still in my back like of course this deck won't work if the to spell stones and the wreck started the Zildjian are on the bottom crushed no rush but crushed my god pack but that doesn't matter right now does it yeah hunts the evolution that could be you say was that technology evolution its run the three minutes away I haven't seen any cars that are being efficient probably no unstable before I would hate to be wrong I'm just keeping these secrets in the head kind of late for that suppose did though when Zildjian comes around we had four secrets out to animal companions you Killa commands a flanking strike if they don't die when I plays lilten lilten isn't actually gonna be that good oh are you gonna stop heal I want to kill this Devin damage might do something I guess guys low in the face no idea what this might I don't think that does anything it actually probably stops – volcano damage I hit him for five him for five again and then he repair him I guess it's a plan that's occurred hmm oh wait to kill commence I should have the Beast out for this I guess alright let's go it's a good sign that this is green Wow oh pretty good and Zeldin sucks I actually have to aim the weapon if the other one auto aimed why I do god no looks like it's gonna be coy Drexler before 1/4 or else oh thank god oh my god oh my god no like this that is so sad

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  1. Literally the only reason he didn't lose that first match is because the opponent didn't draw Kill Command.

    That almost never happens.

  2. Was wondering what was up with the game lately and then I saw a 5 mana 24 in stats and remembered, oh yeah people aren't supposed to seek out cancer.

  3. The editing is… not great. Why cut out things like picking zombeasts and playing cards? Makes it super confusing

  4. "This is the reason why healadin doesnt work" – well i get that, but which deck would'nt loose if your oponent gets too lucky with the odds (here: owls)?

  5. I've played Zuljin once in this deck and it was incredible lol the mage I was playing against insta conceded

  6. in Bloodowl i read Bloodbowl and i was like…ohh i see you're a man of culture, then realized it was Bloodowl and not bloodbowl 🙁

  7. I dont think you proved that healadin is bad. Having a rexar vs most grindy decks wins especially when you get awesome zombeasts

  8. been wrecking with baku hunter because everyone expects spell or secret and face is the place during the first week of every expansion release. gunna wait a while to craft zuljin since spell hunter is sooo boring to play. tough to say which control hunter will come out on top, 10 mana do nothing in secret hunter seems very underwhelming. you might get 1 spellstone and a bear but its a very weak board swing and rexxar is your win condition against control, the retrap is good against aggro but your not making it to turn 10.

    Chief Inspector is a card.

  9. I just started playing this game 3 days ago and got Zul'jin in my free packs, literally did not know enough about the game to know it was a good card. Now I'm watching all these videos to figure out how to build a deck and there are all these other cards that are basic that I just don't have. I just think it's funny that all these people are chasing this one card to make this deck, and here I am with just that one card and I can't do anything with it.

    Oh well

  10. I really don't feel that Secret Hunter is even all that good. I still greatly prefer deathrattle hunter.

  11. 15:37 – Trump missed lethal.
    He could have picked the timber wolf + the stonetusk boar.
    He had 8 mana and the timber boar costs 2 mana.
    He still has 6 mana, which he uses to play double kill command (one on the 3/9, and the other one face{19-5 = 14}).
    The owl with +1 attack kills the 3/9 which is now a 3/4. Because the owl dies the hienna gets +2 attack and has 12 attack. The hienna + the charging boar go face for 14 damage which is lethal.

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