Top 10 Missing Person cases in Florida

What is going on everyone? Welcome to
the world according to Briggs I’m Briggs and like you I get sucked into that YouTube
rabbit hole far too often recently I did a video on locations that have the most
missing person cases it was very interesting not just the video but the
subject itself is so popular that missing people is always one of the most
searched Google terms and they have several cop shows on TV focusing just on
missing persons if someone on TV says missing persons within earshot of my
wife she will stop everything she’s doing and watch it like it’s the first
time she ever saw television side note to that if I ever go missing have the
police check my wife’s viewing history you might find some clues sometimes feel
she’s hatching a plan anyway while doing the last missing persons video I got
sucked down that Google YouTube rabbit hole and I learned about more missing
person cases than I will ever need to know about a missing person case is
always a tragedy for someone even if the person left willingly they still have
people left behind that need to know what happened most disappearances are
not voluntary most cases when solved end up being an accident or they were a
victim of foul play starting this series off I thought I would look at the
missing person cases in Florida why do you ask because they have a lot of them
not nearly as many as Alaska that we’ll get to later on but they have a bunch
now as always the pictures and the videos don’t always match up perfectly
we do our best but older cases have limited presence on the internet so it’s
hard to find footage and pictures but all our videos will be of Florida that
being said let’s take a look at my top 10 missing persons cases in Florida number 10 Curtis Goodman 1989
Gainesville in July of 1989 Curtis Goodman was a 31 year old man living in
Gainesville Florida and preparing to head to Miami to begin treatment first
severe intestinal condition which caused him extreme pain most of the time
however he never arrived in Miami a few days later the police went to do a
wellness check on Curtis at the request of his parents he was nowhere around his
car was packed as if he was ready to go on a trip the keys to the car were found
on a desk inside the apartment the medication Curtis took every day
was left at home his closed golf clubs and bicycle were all packed on the car
his neighbors said they would see him walking around the neighborhood trying
to get some sort of relief from the pain he was last seen by his neighbors on
July 15th 1989 he went through $500 the day before he was last seen or heard
from there’s never been a trace of curtis goodman now while researching
this one i did find some people that believe a body found two months after
curtis Goodman’s disappearance about two hours away is Curtis the body matches up
with Curtis in a few different ways height weight estimated day to death
both were Caucasian men between 30 and 50 no DNA was taken of the body found
and the body was never claimed so it’s buried and they would have to exhume it
if they could find out where they buried it in the mass grave to find out if it
is Curtis Curtis Goodman would be 61 years old now number 9 Terrence Williams
2004 Naples On January 12 2004 27 year old Terrence Williams went missing from
Naples Florida Williams a native from Chattanooga Tennessee and father of four
children who had recently moved to Florida to be near his mother Williams
roommate Jason Gonzalez says he spoke to Terrence on the phone on the evening of
Sunday January 11 Williams had been at a party that night at a co-workers house
and was heading home soon Terrence didn’t have valid driver’s
license because of a prior DUI and the registration on his car had been expired
he decided to drive to the party anyway Gonzalez the roommate noticed that
Terrence never made it home and became concerned and emailed Terrance’s mother
on January 13th about his concerns the Williams family called the police and
filed a missing person report now by this time Terrance’s aunt had tracked
down his car that had been towed from in front of the Naples Memorial Cemetery
they contacted the tow company and the deputy who signed the form for them to
tow it was deputy Steve cockin of the Collier County Sheriff’s Department now
where it gets weird is they contacted the Sheriff’s Department now and he had
never filed a report and when asked about it he had no memory of the
situation he had no memory of the tow had no memory of Terrence nothing a few
days later Calkins supervisor asked him to submit an incident report the
incident report said that he pulled over mr. Williams for expired tags and
arrested him for DUI and no license Calkins said he changed his mind about
the arrests and had dropped off Terrence at a nearby Circle K but an
investigation revealed that surveillance didn’t backup Calkins story there’s no
sign of Williams or khalkhin on the surveillance footage from the circle-k
employees were interviewed no witnesses could be found that place caulking or
Williams at the circle-k at this point Marshall filed a complaint against
Culkin and the Sheriff’s Department Terrence has never been found
number 8 Felipe Santos Naples 2003 Felipe Santos was a Mexican national
living illegally in the US and nearby Makkah Lee Florida he had been living in
the US for three years and at the time of his disappearance he was sending
money back to his family in Mexico Santos was last seen on October 1st 2003
at approximately 6:30 a.m. he was driving to work and was involved in a
minor car accident in Naples deputy Steve Calkins cited Santos for reckless
driving and driving without a license or insurance and placed him in the patrol
car Santos was last seen riding away with Calkins yes the same deputy from
number 9 later that day Santos boss contacted the County Jail to post bail
for him he was told that Santos was never booked and he wasn’t there
caulking claimed that he changed his mind about the arrest because Santos was
so polite and cooperative he left him at a local Circle K and drove off the other
driver in the auto accident contradicted the report stating that Culkin was
totally pissed off about Santos lack of documentation he had said that he was
tired of pulling people over that didn’t have licenses two weeks later after
Calkins submitted an incident report the Santos family filed a missing persons
report as well as a complaint against Calkins the investigation cleared
Calkins of any wrongdoing Santos has not been seen or heard from
since she’s a little up you know he’s no longer a deputy so and he is being sued
right now for wrongful death by Williams family it’s pretty sad number seven
Dolores 10 1976 Gainesville Florentin was a 21 year old girl when she went
missing on April 13th 1976 from Gainesville Florida a lot of bad things
seem to happen to college kids in Gainesville yeah Curtis Goodman on
number 10 on this list then here the Gainesville Ripper back in the 1990s
early 1990s it’s just not safe here for college kids I don’t know it’s weird
there really isn’t a lot of information on Dolores Dolores left home that day to
go attend some classes at Santa Fe Community College she never got to the
College Stanton a native of Beaver Falls Pennsylvania
and moved to Florida to attend college she was known to hitchhike and is
believed that that’s what she did that day and then they think she got in the
vehicle with the wrong person few details are available in her case but
they suspect foul play been a lot of years number six Diane
Agata 1998 Odessa now I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing her name right I’m sorry
it’s Aug 80 anyway she went missing in April of 1998 from Odessa Florida which
is just north of Tampa Bay a little bit Diane was in her 40s and was diagnosed
with bipolar disorder ten years prior she was seen leaving the home that she
shared with her sister in Odessa on April 10th she hadn’t taken her
medication with her and that was the first sign of trouble on the 11th she
was seen walking up the highway and on the 14th a waitress served her lunch
later that night she made a call to her mother pleading for help until the phone
was disconnected before it had gotten disconnected it is believed there was a
struggle for the phone since she could hear Diane saying stop give me that the
following day a severed finger was found along the roadside and it was Diane’s
since then Diane has not been seen or heard from I
think the fingertip was maybe her leaving a clue I would have gone
something with a little less subtle like a a note or something like that
fingertip seems to be a little too much number five Ben McDaniel 2010 vortex
Springs Ben McDaniel was a 30 year old Tennessee and diver who often visited
his parents beach house and vortex Springs Florida to go diving in August
of 2010 surf shop employees notified the police that a car had been left in the
parking lot for the past two days that car belong to McDaniel he had last been
seen by two of those employees the evening of August 18th on a dive
entering a cave 58 feet below the water surface while he was initially believed
to have drowned on that dive his parents strongly believed that he was trapped in
an inaccessible area of the cave system no trace of him has ever been found the
family believes that the suspicious and supposedly accidental death of the
vortex Springs shop owner Lowell Kelly in 2011 is related to the case some
theorize that been staged to disappearance to escape a troubled
recent past that included a divorce and financial setbacks with a business so
you know the guy had to be dealing with lawyers on a daily basis and that’s
enough to drive anyone crazy there were no
clues to this theory though it’s not like the police found out he was
googling life insurance quotes or taking out second mortgages or anything like
that his parents have rejected the theory that he disappeared on his own
they point out that he left a dog in a girlfriend behind and doubting that he
would knowingly subject them to that level of grief seeing that his brother
had died just a couple years earlier nobody knows where Ben is number four
tami-lynn Libert 1983 Coco Beach Tammy liebert disappeared on July 6 1983 in
Cocoa Beach Florida she was an eighteen year old actress and
model who had been in beauty pageants since she was a toddler she just
recently had a part in the movie spring break when that was finished filming Lee
Burt went unaccompanied to weekend party from those people she came home from the
party a different person that’s according to her close friend wing
Flanagan’s testimony wing Flanagan that’s his name wing Flanagan he’s
actually now a director when she was playing in her next film Scarface she
suddenly returned home after the fourth day of filming her mother said Tammy had
been afraid that someone was trying to murder her her mom thought that she was
having a breakdown and was delusional so she felt obligated you know have her
examined by a doctor put her in a facility for 72 hours and Tammy was
released there was no signs of drug or alcohol problems nothing like that
that’s what the doctor said they had to release her during that summer
Tammy was in a car with a male friend after they got into an argument he
dropped her off in a parking lot and that was the last person to ever see her
again she just disappeared no trace of her whatsoever I remember that movie
spring break as a teenager I thought that was hysterical a couple years back
I saw it on Netflix or something I got about 20 minutes into it and thought the
hell was wrong with me back then that I thought this was funny number three
Jennifer Cassie 2006 Ocoee Jennifer Cassie was living in a Coey
when she disappeared she was last heard from On January 24 2006 after a phone
call but then the next day she’s believed to have left for work but never
made it now I remember this one really well it was strange that she just
flat-out disappeared there was only really one clue and that was it and they
really had nothing nobody knew or still to this day
knows what happened this poor girl her car was found less than a mile from the
apartment now there was a security camera in 2006 they weren’t that great
back then and the camera that was there was only taking pictures every three
seconds any they were unable to identify the person
who actually dropped off her car and then walked away from it Jennifer Casey
has not been heard from since the grainy picture of the car being parked and the
person getting out of it is all they have to this day number two John Roselli
John handsome Johnny Roselli was a known mobster in the Chicago area but that’s
not all handsome Johnny was there are many layers to this cat Johnny had a
side hustle working for the CIA now this one departs from the missing and never
found theme of this video I found it very interesting I thought I’d add it
they actually found handsome Johnny back in the 1960s the CIA recruited Rosselli
to assassinate Fidel Castro the assassination attempts by Rosselli were
publicized in 1971 by Jack Anderson a Washington Post reporter and
acknowledged by the CIA in 2007 when it Declassified the Family Jewels document
that’s what the operation was called Family Jewels I could have thought of a
lot better ones but I mean that one’s creepy as they get talking about guys
Jules anyway moving on that wasn’t the only thing he may have been involved in
in April of 1976 Rosselli was called to testify about the conspiracy to
assassinate President Kennedy after his first round of testimony Rosselli went
missing under suspicious circumstances and was found decomposing in a steel
drum in the Miami Bay by some fishermen it is believed he was put in the drum
alive they never got to the bottom of if he had anything dude Kennedy number one
Tiffany sessions 1989 Gainesville there it is again
Gainesville so nothing never happens good in Gainesville during the evening
of October 29th 1989 Tiffany sessions mostly known as tiffy was last seen
leaving her Gainesville apartment Tiffany told her roommates she was going
out for a power walk that evening and was never seen again
Tiffany left her keys and wallet in the apartment that day and it is believed
she never left the parking lot since a witness said they saw someone who fit
Tiffany’s description speaking to someone in a car however they’re unsure
if Tiffany ever entered the car they never saw that part anyway she was gone
she just disappeared they’ve never found anything of her but as of 2014 police
believed the now-deceased and convicted serial killer Paul Eugene Rawls was
responsible for session’s disappearance and murder at the time sessions
disappeared Rawls was working for a construction related company near the
path recession had last been seen rawls also didn’t show up for work the day
sessions went missing Rawls claimed he was home alone with a friend at the
movies that day eating lunch alone in a very crowded mall which is totally
believable if you’re insane I wish he had been alive long enough to go to
court on that one he apparently thought he was extremely intelligent and very
egotistical normally when guys like that talk to a person that is actually
intelligent like a lawyer or a good detective they never recover it eats
away at them for the rest of their lives that they were out done and all this
they can’t believe it they hate people like that I gotta quit watching Amy
that’s where I learn that stuff from well alright so there’s my top 10
missing persons cases in Florida I hope you guys enjoyed it hope you got some
information out of it I’ll leave links below where if you know it’s been so
long for most of these there’s probably no information out there but if there’s
something you could ever add that’s legitimate they’re always willing to
take any kind of evidence any kind of tips they can get anyway don’t forget
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  1. Briggs there were 2 boys that were my boys' age in jacksonville that just disappeared. It was in the 90s. I have never been able to forget them. Their names were Bryan Hayes and Mark Degner

  2. In early 1980's my uncle went missing. Nobody knew what happened to him ever. We believe he's dead with all the crazy stuff that happened back then in my home country Syria. He just opened the house door and stepped out, forever…

  3. So, I’m guessing, “I dropped him off at a Circle-K” is cop code for “I killed the dude” ???!!! (That way they know not to investigate it. Don’t ask, don’t tell. But, “say the code and we’ll make sure to bury the evidence to protect our own.”)

  4. First of all, initial video for #3 is NOT Florida. West Virginia maybe but not Florida. Ocoee is near Orlando and very flat. Second of all, stop trashing Gainesville. Like any number of college towns, it has had it's fair share of problems, but the good people living there are working hard to make it better. Here's an idea, do videos on the safest and most dangerous college towns. I would like to see how Gainesville compares to Ann Arbor, College Station, Norman, Tuscaloosa or any other small to mid sized College towns.

  5. 0:38 "side note to that, If I ever go missing, have the police check my wife's viewing history. You might find some clues. Sometimes I feel she's hatching a plan."

    I thought you'd say your cousin's ex-wife's viewing history.

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  7. Why would they bury someone without keeping a DNA sample on file, so you wouldn't have to Exhume the body every time someone say the deceased person fits the description of their Love one.

  8. I live near Weeki Wachee FL and we have a huge underwater cave system. Lots of people unfortunately drown or go missing in those caves. Scary stuff

  9. I remember the Jennifer Keece case . People in Orlando really hoped she would be found . She had shared with her family that the workers on the condo property made her anxious . She talked to her boyfriend by phone the night before I believe .

  10. The Ocala National Forest has a long history of missing persons . And buried bodies . It’s the biggest National Forest east of the Rockies .

  11. Before watching this video, I was thinking that the Adam Walsh case from the early 1980's would have been on the list, but I guess a missing persons case is different from a confirmed kidnapping case. I was living in Hollywood, FL at the time he was abducted. My mom & dad really drove home the point to never take things from strangers or get into cars with them. With Hollywood being nestled in between Miami & Ft. Lauderdale with all the crime that was going on then, you had to be fearful of just about anyone you didn't know.

  12. Another cool video. You're on a roll. Your wife and I would get along really well since I drop everything to listen to missing person cases too.

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  14. Officer: 'As you've been so polite and co-operative, I'll drop you at the nearest Circle-K and you can get a taxi.'
    Me: 'Smit, SMit, SMIt, SMIT, SMIT……….'

  15. I grew up in south Florida, and the sheriff's department down there is corrupt as Hell. There are quite a few missing people that they had a hand in. That's not the only illegal activities they are involved in.

  16. I live in Florida and I think people seriously underestimate how much wildlife there is down here. Alligators, panthers, boars, pythons, etc etc etc… I would put money on it that probably half of these missing people cases could be blamed on animals eating or mutalating the bodies beyond recognition. Oh and side note Gainesville is in prime gator zone(probably why the colege there is the Florida gators). The other factor is the tourism. People are constantly coming and going so its kinda normal to see people everyday that you won't ever see again so you kinda stop trying to remember people, not on purpose it just happens. That kinda makes it hard for investigations.

  17. Punk MF cop killed both those guys. He's a racist pos. He buried that guy in the graveyard. The groundskeeper came and saw him and he made up some crap story why he was in the graveyard. He called in the car to check the plates while there. Days later after disappearance he denied ever coming in contact with him til they confronted him about calling in the car getting it towed and never booking him for a warrant and the grounds keeper seeing there inside the graveyard he got the car towed from and that's when he said all that circle k junk then he killed that Spanish guy too he's a cereal killer and had to move out of Naples because the community was terrifying him in his home I just hate to think how many more people fell victim to him.

  18. Odessa FL is in Pasco County I live in this county and the Odessa case did not surprise me there are some shady people in Pasco County.

  19. When a young woman goes missing, especially in the middle of a bustling city you can bet 90% of the time she was kidnapped by some pervert. Those are the creepiest for me.

  20. Jennifer Kesse , Everytime I hear her name my heartaches!
    Such a sad story.
    A Beautiful girl vanished without a trace, in the prime of her life. 😢

  21. The word on the street in Florida is if your homeless, poor or a minority stay the hell away from Naples because you will go missing in a New York second. The cops down there don't give a damn.

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  24. Hey Briggs, I actually was on the Death-Row security detail at Florida State Prison. Had many interactions with the late Danny Rolling. aka. The Gainesville Ripper.

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