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Welcome Everyone to EDUREKA You-tube channel. My name is SAURABH, and today I will be talking
about TOP 10 CERTIFICATIONS. In my previous video, I discussed about various
career paths. But the question is, “How to make a career in
that technology”? We notice people have a lot of doubts regarding
how should they begin their career. Or are there any Certifications? So, this is the motivation behind making this
video. So, let’s begin with our list. We will start with Programming Certifications. A programming language is the soul of any
Technology that has ever taken change. Wikipedia defines Programming language as
a formal language that specifies a set of instructions that can be used to produce various
kinds of outputs. They are used to create programmes that implement
specific algorithms. So it is but obvious that Programming Language
which will never go out of demand. So, I have listed down a few popular programming
languages, that you need to get certified into to boost your career. We have PYTHON, JAVA, C#, SWIFT, SCALA,
R, SAS, JAVA SCRIPT and TYPE SCRIPT, which are the most hottest languages to upscale yourself. All the above certifications cost somewhere
around $100-$250 per exam. So, stop thinking so much, up skill and go
ahead. Next, we are going to talk about DEVOPS. DEVOPS is not about one single tool, it is
not owned by one single Organization. Since it is a practice and involves multiple
tools, there are Certifications for each and every tool separately. The popular tools whose certifications are
valued the most are those of JENKINS, DOCKER, PUPPET, CHEF, and KUBERNETES. “Certified Jenkins engineer certification”
offered by Cloudbees costs somewhere around $200. DOCKER certified associate level certification
is $195. Meanwhile, “System Administration using Puppet”
is the certification for Puppet and the cost somewhere around $200. The Certification cost for the “Certified
Chef Developer” is $175. Finally, the Certification cost for “Kubernetes
certified administrator exam” is $300. Remember, before going for any certification,
you should have 1-3 years of experience working with that tool, while also having strong IT
administration skills. Let’s see, what we have next in our list? So, now I am going to talk about BUSINESS
INTELLIGENCE and EXTRACT TRANSFORM LOAD (ETL) tools. With the amount of data stored by companies
growing exponentially, it is no surprise that finding the right data Management solution
continuously show up on the priority list of CIOs. Companies need to translate Data into information
to plan for future business strategies. A BI solution helps in producing accurate
reports by extracting data directly from your data source. It reduces the scope of error by providing
Managers with accurate data to make better decisions on what is happening now and a forecast
for the future. Getting all that Data into one central place
is a great challenge. Using the extract, out of the extract-transform-load
will solve that problem. This would help get you Data, different Data
sources into one homogenous format. There are many BI and ETL tools in the market,
but the prominent ones are POWER BI, PENTAHO BI, SAS, TABLEAU, INFORMATICA, IBM cognos,
QLIKVIEW, Microsoft BI, TERADATA. They have their individual certifications
but clear those certifications you need a structure training. Next we are going to talk about BIG- DATA
certifications. So, according to folks, Big data and Hadoop
Market is expected to reach 99.31 billion by 2022. And Mckenzie predicts that by 2018, there
will be a shortage of 1.5 million big data experts. If you pursue a big data Hadoop certification,
you are recognized in the industry as a capable, Qualified Big data expert. There are 2 major Hadoop certifications namely,
CLOUDERA and HORTONWORKS. Along with these two, EDUREKA provides Hadoop
certification training that covers up the similar curriculum, updated as per the industry
de-facto and helps you clearing the Cloudera and Hortonworks hadoop certifications quite
easily. CCA, Cloudera certified associate Exams, test
your basic foundations skills, and sets forth the ground work for a candidate to certified
in CCP, which is; Cloudera certified professional programme. Cloudera has three certifications namely:
CCA spark and Hadoop developers, CCA data analyst and CCA administrator. There are five Hadoop certification providers
by HORTONWORKS – HDB certified developer, HDB certified apache spark developer, HDB
certified java developer, HDB certified Administrator, and HORTONWORK certified associate. Let’s see what we have next in our list. And now we are going to talk about “WEB DEVELOPMENT”. As you know there always has been a high demand
for good web developers. Many of you would have learnt the fundamental
web development on your own. But, one should not stop at this stage. The next best thing for you is to get certified. This will really boost your career and will
eventually leave you to earn more money. The most popular web developing certification
are – Adobe certified Expert certification, Microsoft developer certification namely Microsoft
technology associate and Microsoft certified solution developer, Google Developer certification
for Web Development, and Zend Certified PHP Engineer. All these certifications cost around $100
to $200 per exam, the requisite for these certifications varies. But all of them requires good knowledge of
fundamentals that is HTML and Java script. Work experience 1 to 3 years will surely be
a big help. You would already be familiar with best code
practices. After clearing this certification exam you
can, for sure, expect hike of 20% to 30%. Let’s talk about PROJECT MANAGEMENT. So, behind every successful IT project, there
will be a highly skilled project manager working from behind the scenes. PMI (Project management Institute) avails
wide range of certifications in the field of Project management of which, the most popular
ones are PMP [Professional management professional certification], ACP [Agile certified practitioner],
CAMP [Certified associate in Project Management], and so on. The fees or cost of each of these certification
varies from certification to certification. But common range is somewhere around $200-
$1400. In order to apply for these certifications,
all you need is to have proper Education and Experience in domain of the applied certification. Let’s talk about DATA SCIENCE. So, DATA SCIENCE is too vast to make one skill
evaluated by one or two Data Science certifications. However, a Data Scientist certificate gives
you that extra edge over the talented pool, assuring the Big Data Recruiters that you
have real time competence to do Data Science in a Smarter, Faster and Optimized way. There are no standard Industry recognizable
Data Scientist certification Programmes. However, I had picked to you the best Data
science and Data analytics certifications that one can choose from after a taking Comprehensive
Data Science Training Course. First one is Cloudera Certified Professional
Data Scientist [CCP: DS], other certifications are Cloudera Johns Hopkins Data Sciences Certification,
EMC Data Science Associate, INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional [CAP]. You need to be an expert in all the skills
that I have mentioned in this slide. For that, you can go ahead, and look for structured
training on Data Science with EDUREKA. The Course is highly aligned with the Official
certifications. You need to have good Knowledge in Statistics,
Programming, Machine Learning algorithms, Data Visualization, Big Data, Data Ingestion,
Munging, and Tool Box, and data driven problem solving approach is very- very important for
a Data Scientist. Let’s see what we are talking about next. Now it’s the time to talk about NETWORKING
certifications. One of the largest Categories of IT certifications
and thus, IT careers have to be networking. There are different certifications available
for different levels of expertise in Networking, that is, whether your are someone who is looking
to make a career in Networking or you are already in the Networking domain, and looking
to upgrade your skills, there is certification available for each of your requirements. Some of the most popular certifications in
networking are Cisco certified internet work expert (CCIE), Cisco certified network Profession
(CCNP), Network+ Wireshark certified Network analyst (WCNA). These Certifications would be in the range
of somewhere around $300 to $400, and will require you to have good knowledge in topics
such as Routing and switching Network security to pass the certification exam. So now, we are going to talk about SECURITY
certifications. SECURITY certifications are more popularly
known as Information security certifications. So, few of the most sought-after security
certifications are CISSP (Certified Information System security Professional), CISM (Certified
Information Security Manager), CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and CEH (Certified
Ethical Hacker). The cost of these certifications may vary,
but most of the certifications lie in the range of $600 to $800. Salary hike may be based on skill-set and
experience, but on an average, the employee should expect a hike of 30%-50% on their salaries. It is Mandatory that you have at least 5 years
of experience to get these certifications. And at least 1-2 years of experience that
is Domain specific to the certification one opts for. Some certification also requires you to have
Domain Specific Bachelor degree as well. This is all about Security certifications. Finally, we are going to talk about, CLOUD
Certification. As we know that most of the companies are
moving their Infrastructure on CLOUD, there is a high requirement in the industry for
CLOUD computing experts. As we know that most of the companies are
moving there Infrastructure on CLOUD, and there are a lot of certifications out there
in the market provided by various Vendors. Lets talk about AWS first i.e. Amazon Web Services. So Amazon Web Services provids AWS certified
Solution Architect – Associate level, AWS Certified Solution Architect – Professional
level, AWS certified Developer – Associate level, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
– Associate level and AWS Certified Devops Engineer – Professional level. Now I am going to talk about MICROSOFT AZURE. Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE_
Private CLOUD, Microsoft specialist certification in office 365, Microsoft certified specialist
developing Microsoft AZURE Solution, Microsoft certified sub-specialist implementing, Microsoft
AZURE Infrastructure solution. So let’s talk about the certifications provided
by Google Cloud platform, there are Cloud Architect, Data Engineer, G-Suite Admin, and
G-Suite Certification. All these Certifications will range some were
around $100-$250, and the kind of skill-sets you require, depends on the kind of certification
you are applying for. If you are applying for a Solution Architect,
you should have some Admin background. If you are applying for a Developer Certification,
then you should have good Coding skills. So, based on the kind of Certifications you
are applying, skill-sets will vary accordingly. So, by this we come to the end of our list. If you are looking for Structured training
for any of these courses, go ahead and mention this in the comments section. THANK YOU! Have a great day. I hope you enjoyed listening to this video. Please be kind enough to like it and you can
comment any of your doubts and queries and we will reply that at the earliest. Do look out for more videos on our playlist and subscribe to our EDUREKA channel to learn more. Happy Learning!

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