Today’s rundown is brought to you by the letter C.

This rundown is brought to you by the letter C. For cookie! Can you tell me how to get, how to get to… Andy, no need to sing the song for directions, we have Waze now. And for anyone using the GPS service, you once again have the option to make Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster your navigation voice. Introduced on Waze this summer and brought back just in time for Cookie Monster’s birthday. And since the rundown’s brought to you by the letter C. How about C for Cranium? Researchers in Russia are using AI to digitally recreate the exact image of what someone is looking at in real-time. Cool! And by the way, we’ve got a real time image of what Andy’s thinking about right now. Speaking of accurate photos, did you know commercial satellites are now taking photos of us in space? The private company Planet Labs is the first to take pictures of the globe’s entire landmass, once a day, and sell them to the public. The images have helped fire stations in California visualize the ongoing wildfires and help decide where to send crews. And our final “C” inspired story today is all about cramming. If time is getting in the way of a good read check out the SumizeIt App. It condenses best-selling books into handy summaries that take about five minutes to read. A lifetime subscription is usually $100, but you can get SumizeIt right now for less than 20 bucks. And before we go, one last “C” ya later and good luck to Raquel our adfellows super star, she’s been wonderful to work with on our Up To Speed and communications team. Raquel good luck to you. Thank you Andy, I’m really going to miss you all and I’m definitely going to be watching Up To Speed from the rest of my rotations. Alright Raquel, one last thing to do, you ready? Until Next Time You’re Up To Speed!

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