Three Ways to Learn about SAP Analytics Cloud

As with any powerful software, there’s a lot
to learn about SAP Analytics Cloud. To help make things easier, we’ve created
a comprehensive learning area on our website: In this video, I’ll highlight the different
types of learning resources you’ll find on the website. From the main page of,
head over to ‘Learning’. If you know what topic you’re interested in,
for example, data models, use the search bar. The search results will appear, categorized
by content type. Below the search, you’ll find three different
ways to learn: Guided Playlists, Videos, and Quick Answers. In Guided Playlists, you’ll find curated content
to help you learn about a particular concept or workflow. With the sidebar navigation you can explore
the guided playlists by topic. Under Connections, you’ll find our Import
and Live Data connection guides. Expand these lists to access step-by-step
instructions for setting up a particular datasource connection. You can filter playlists based on your needs. So, whether you’re a system administrator
or a day-to-day user, Guided Playlists will help get you up and running. In videos, you’ll learn about different aspects of the software from SAP Analytics Cloud Product Coaches. Start by exploring our recommended videos,
or by refining the list by category. Each video page has a short introduction and
share-buttons, so you can send useful links directly to colleagues or share on social
media. More in-depth videos, like this one on data
preparation, can be navigated by chapter. If there are any files related to the video,
like a dataset, you’ll find them in the attachment section. If you have questions about SAP Analytics
Cloud, head to Quick Answers. Here you can explore frequently asked questions by category. Keep scrolling on the main page to find more helpful links to things like webinars, help documentation, and free business content that you can use to accelerate your setup. So what are you waiting for? Visit and
start exploring today.

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