The Wotofo Vaporous RDA – All Hype Or Real Deal? Check Out My Full Review

hey guys it’s Dale um so I recently did
an unboxing video on the vaporous RDA de Porres vaporous it’s the vaporous RDA by
wood tofo so what we’re going to do today is my full review a little
breakdown we’re going to go into an up-close-and-personal where I show you
every single little bitty thing there is to offer with this guy and then we’re
going to come back up and talk about it just a little bit more so let’s get
right on into it and not waste any more time alright guys this is the box to the
vaporous RDA so let’s just go ahead and get into it you have your manual and
tofo giveaway stuff but yeah here is the vaporous RDA which we’ll go into a
little bit more in a little bit so this is your your spacer for a smaller
driptip looking for you under here you have all of your little bits and bobs
and pieces but this one is the special one it I taped it but it comes with in
this bag you might have to open all of them to find it but it is your spare
parts bag there is a do do do a squonk pin which i think is fantastic let’s see
if I can get up close enough you can see it it is a gold-plated squonk pin that
you can replace on your own to replace it all you have to do is unscrew the
regular pin and just screw in the swamp in so yeah that’s awesome I just wanted
to show you that too y’all let you all know that it actually does come in this
box yeah this is what the actual device looks like like so
there’s your airflow this is what it looks like underneath the flow so there
is a three parts to this guy you have your airflow control here which you can
see one is like squatty ur and fatter and one is longer in thinner this is of
course the restricted airflow compared to this one
but they just fit right over these little guys and that’s how you control
your airflow all right here’s the deck itself so I was I was really confused
but when this got set on my desk because I don’t do any research on the hardware
that comes to me until I can actually have it in my hands so I looked at this
and I was confused it’s like what is this business but let me show you let’s
start with the deep deep deep well it has here it’s massive you have your post
holes here and you have plates so you can do some crazy wackadoodle builds on
this thing I mean you have post holes to deal with and you have plates or you can
use one or the other I did a build using plates and post holes and absolutely
loved it I thought that it was a great little feature I don’t know if y’all can
hear that this is a new one it is not one that I’ve had so I do recommend
washing this particular RDA before you use it it did not want to budge for me
anyway so you have your plate here let’s see if I can get that there so there’s
your plate and then your post holes I mean it says on their website which
else’s website you can do four amazing builds that I guarantee you if you are a
build pro or a crazy I want to try this builds person you would love this I also
think due to the plates it’s great for someone who’s learning how to build just
because you have your post hole option and you have your plate option and you
even have room to grow if you choose to use one or the other first so that’s a
plus but this particular dripper is great on flavor you can build some
amazing builds in here so you can ramp up that cloud production overall this is
one of the most unique and one of my favorite are das has crossed my desk in
a long time I am a very simple RDA girl I absolutely love like the old Patriots
and the tugboats and anything that’s really really simple posts I love them
but this one was fun for me I enjoyed building on this you can do all you have
a whole bunch of options here and the deep well is also a plus I mean the
massive wide bore cap which I love I I think overall this is a fantastic RDA
alright now that you know a little bit more about it let’s go up and talk about
some pros and cons and all that fun stuff and yeah okay guys so that was my
up close and personal for the vaporous RDA and let me tell you something squall
King has been a thing for a very very very long time I have not come across an
RDA that they give you a squonk pin in the box it’s like you can use me as a
regular RDA I will rock and I will be awesome but I’m going to give you this
too just so you can try squawking because it’s going to change your life I think Swan King would change my life
if I could find a squonk mod that I absolutely love so if you know of one
that I should try out or review leave your comment below because I would love
to hear about it and check it out anyway this RDA is fantastic
yes a way to go with toph oh and it is the vaporous RDA by WA tofo you can get
yours at

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  1. asmodus is about to release an 80 watt single battery squonk mod. also towards the end up the summer/beggining of fall we are gonna see lots of squonk mods and lots of 20700 mods released. Also there are tons of rdas coming with squonk pins now. Even the goon 1.5 did.

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