The World Leader in Counterfeiting: Lima’s Fake Dollars

[Police Siren] Right in the middle of a residential part of El Salvador, this massive operation has been going on for years, and it is estimated that there are over $30 million dollars in fake currency stashed in this one little place. According to the US Secret Service, Peru is the number one producer of counterfeit dollars in the world. Criminal gangs have also been caught making millions of Euros and fake Peruvian Soles. That pickup truck over there is just loaded with boxes with fake notes, like, probably millions in fake notes. And there’s more and more and more being packed right there. It’s actually so heavy that the tires are deflating already. The first Peruvian-made counterfeit dollar was detected in the United States back in 2003. Since then, the illicit trade has grown exponentially. Last year, US authorities identified just over 16 million fake dollars of Peruvian origin. Widespread counterfeiting has the potential to undermine the value of the currency, putting small business owners and unsuspecting US shoppers at risk. We wanted to find out how easy it was to get hold of top-quality fake dollars. Lima’s old center and the notorious Azangaro Street are well known hubs for forgeries. This is where we began the search for the best counterfeit dollar notes in the city. After a few inquiries, we were introduced to Mario. His eight minutes turned into two hours, so we decided to go for a ride, and then met him at different parking lot. Despite the mutual edginess, we managed to finalize a deal. The idea was to use this purchase as a starting point to develop a relationship with Mario. These four $50 notes are the ones that the guy just gave us right now. To my uneducated eye, these ones here — the ones that we just got, look actually of much better quality than this one, which is actually badly cut at the border. And then of course there is this $100 note that the guy just gave us that doesn’t look convincing at all. So now it’s time to test the notes we’ve got. Along with Peru’s local currency, US dollars are also widely accepted in many of Lima’s shops and restaurants. We went back to see Mario to tell him that the quality of the forgeries he sold us was not good enough. He called a contact, whom he assured could get us better merchandise. Mario went off to call some other contacts, but after the recent bust, getting people from his network to start selling again was proving difficult. We kept meeting up with Mario, who offered us different qualities of forged dollars. Eventually, he came up what he described as the best counterfeit $100 bills on the market. They actually did look very real. So we agreed to buy them. I paid Mario the equivalent to 180 real US dollars for 2000 counterfeit ones. The poorer areas on Lima’s outskirts are the main hub for the production of counterfeit money. Illegal printing facilities and safehouses where forgers worked are regularly busted by the police. Police caught this gang trying to smuggle fake dollars into the US. A liter is a slang term for $100,000 in counterfeit notes We met with Mario again. I wanted to know how I could smuggle the notes he had given us into the United States. He said he had contact, a book binder who would conceal the notes inside the cover of a book. I followed his advice and bought a book about Peruvian cocktails. However, the day before we were due to meet the book binder, the police raided Azangaro Street. The book binder was caught and arrested with dozens of forged documents. A few days later, the book binder was released. I suggested we meet at a hotel where we had installed secret cameras. Mario and the book binder seemed rather uneasy on arrival, and looked around the room, seemingly trying to spot hidden cameras. We had managed to buy some of the best fake dollars on Lima’s black market. The high quality of the forgery is why Peru leads the world in counterfeit note production. We wanted to find out how these notes are actually made. We went to see Oscar, who works at a printing house in Lima. He was going to demonstrate the first stage of forging a note — the printing. Cotton paper is hard to obtain, and is also considerably more expensive than bond paper. We wanted to see for ourselves the finishing techniques used to make fake notes believable. After months of chasing leads and meeting different counterfeiters, finally we managed to convince an expert in the craft to let us film him at work. This is the $20 note that he just finished, and this is the one, an original one, and they do look pretty similar. And they both have this texture he was explaining me about. So this is it. Lima’s fake money. Despite police efforts, for each counterfeiter caught, dozens more remained undetected. And even when caught, many forgers usually pay their way out of police custody, or serve lenient prison sentences. With more and more people learning the skills required to forge a note, it’s unlikely that the output of Peruvian fake dollars will stop anytime soon.

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  1. Fernando Lucena goes undercover for VICE News to expose the illegal trade in counterfeit money and gets rare access to the criminal forgers who show us how these bills are made.

  2. dude just saying use that money to by something from someone off craigslist or some shit they wont know most small shops wouldnt know either those are solid fakes same paper same print just not accurate Mint Numbers

  3. Ever notice how somewhat "Conviently" Whenever vice shows up to record some illegal shit theres always a bust right when they are there… hmmm

  4. I always pick up 20k when I go to Lima make it rain in the club people don’t have time to pay attention

  5. The cartel should buy a bunch of this and use it as bait money for the DEA when they think they're seizing a bunch of drug money. Instead they can just steal counterfeit

  6. But not everyone knows how to tell them apart. The fake and the real ones.

    Edit: wet the bills if not sure lol


  8. … Actually, the "World Leader" in counterfeiting dollars is North Korea – said to be better than the real thing :0)

  9. Latinos and Asians turning a perfect world into something else. Thats why a lot of them won't ever get out of poverty

  10. Maybe is the US government didn't make such easily reproducible bills, they wouldn't have this problem

  11. I cant think of anything useful that comes from South America? I mean…yea… some various goods like beans and fruit. But are any of these countries useful as a whole? The more documentaries I watch like this, the more I grow in disdain for everything below Mexico.

  12. Me: I want $100,000 in counterfeit

    Guy: That will be $20,000

    Me: Here you go
    Guy: pulls out pen and UV scanner
    Me: 🏃🏻‍♂️

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  16. I worked at a big brand store for a long time. Every bill that store kept and banked, I counted. I did it for a decade. I saw a lot of fake bills. I could tell them apart by just looking at them. You would be surprised at how ridiculous some of those fake bills looked. The cashiers would still take them. I think some knew.

  17. The US threatened them with taking away their "Foreign aid" if they don't look after their interests and arrest these guy's

  18. SO…a young lady goes to the bank to deposit a $100 bill.
    Teller: "ma'am, this is a Fake."
    Girl: "OMG…I've been RAPED!!"

  19. These people are doing the same thing as the US Banksters and the US FED, print paper dollars and give the value out of Magic, this is no different than the Bailing out of the Bankrupt Banksters in The US of Ambesia .

  20. How fucked would it be if he had two counterfeit pens and they worked opposite from each other, and they looked the same.


  22. the only reason they would show their faces is if they were either already captured or killed, or they request that their face be shown.

  23. Hmmmmm, and the U.S. Prints Unlimited Amounts of Dollars with No Backlash. In the End, Just Paper !!!! Just Paper. Do Better Reporting and fill in the Blanks…..

  24. I went to Lima 2 times, I am American, I gave an exchange girl an authentic 100 American bill, it had a tiny tear in the top so she took 10$ off the value giving me only 90 in Peruvian Sol, just thought it was weird…

  25. The federal reserve prints paper money that is not backed by any gold or resource for that matter that what's the difference.

  26. Trump should offer Countries of Central America, the opportunity to become US Territory, with a path way to Statehood.

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  28. My brother and I got our fake dollars from this legit vendor and it was good it past in stores and gas station. +13233640197

  29. Dude was snitching everybody out as he went . Try that shit in America u will get your wig split real fast . Captain Save Lima and Shit. Little Buster.They are not organized for shit, everybody and there grams is in the business and the cops probably like it that way and they are likely takin in at least a quarter mill extra annually ,each individual cop takin is making that Xtra , all off other ppls money and we are not even talking about what the Sargents are taking.. Cold Game

  30. Dam i was a kid back then and i had bought something with 20$(fake) and i didnt knew and good thing i was a kid because i could've got in danger bro😂

  31. damn vice is fucked you ruined these peoples lives over journelism… any respectable reporter would have blured their faces and dubbed their voices yourr fuckked.

  32. Money is the Bomb money can make everything go upside down it would have to be so abundant nobody could tell for shore

  33. todo el que falsifica dolares deberia ser extraditado a Estados Unidos y que los gringos hagan lo que les de la gana con ellos en sus Supermax, de paso no ahorramos gastos. La gente se mata 1 mes trabajando para que estos malditos los engañen con dinero falso

  34. There's a much easier way for US citizens to get counterfeit money without having to go to Lima. Visit a Chinatown near you and look for the 1st guy wearing a real shiny Rolex.

  35. Just this week: 20 Million fake US dollars captured in Peru –

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  37. I've been fooled by a fake currency only once, it even felt like a legit dollar bill. Most fakes use regular paper and you can tell.

  38. What [5/6] = 83% Of People Do NOT Understand is That Real Currency is 83% Fake Or Counterfeit, Meaning That Paper Currency is Only Real if if People Accept it as Real, ELSE it is Worthless Dirt, Similar To Religions, Based on Faith System, And Backed By Coercion, SIMILAR To : First Thing Cops Asks For From Drivers is Insurance Card, is Their Form of Highway Robbery or Another Form Of Property Tax By American Corrupt Cops, Who Also Do NOT Actually Let Anyone Own Property Such As LAND, Which According To Cops is Owned by Government. American People ARE Most BrainWashed People On Surface Of This Planer Earth, Who Confuse Good Climate And Good Weather And Good Resources with Capitalism, Meaning if USA was Located in Antarctica, THEN its Economy Would Be Garbage, is WHY Russia is LESS Rich Than USA, Because Russia is in Same Geography as That Of Canada, is LESS Rich Than USA Because Of its Weather is Colder Than Most Parts of usa, is WHY. And, so, People Need To Stop Blaming Or Confusing Wealth Of Economy Based on Type Of Economy, And Start TO Consider Other Factors in Determining WHY Economy is Doing Good Or NOT Good, Or WHY it is in LOT OF DEBT. You Need Driver License To Apply For Job. But, if You Have Driver License, Then You Probably Own Car or Truck, And You R Required To Pay Property Tax Monthly in Form Of Car Insurance, To Drive, Which Corrupt Cops Do NOT Understand People Have Natural Right To Travel, For That You Need To Drive. And, if You Do NOT Pay into insurance Property Tax Protection Racket OF Car insurance, THEN Cops Will Give You Penalty Of Fine And Also Sometimes Worse Such As Stealing Your Car Or Truck And Fines And Possible Jail if You Refuse To Pay @ Your Share Of Highway Robbery To Cops Who Mostly Pretend To Be Cops, Similar To Soldiers That Pretend to BE @ Soldiers, Who Blindly Obey Stupid Orders Without Thinking Without Using Any Basic Common Sense Logic For Most Of The Time, including Most People in Positions Of Powers R Mostly Thieves, including Judges & Doctors, including Professors & Lawyers & Senators & Governors, including Most Company Managers ARE Also Thieves. This is WHY 2nd Amendment is important Which is Extremely Restricted By Most Cops R Mostly Corrupt is Why. 2nd Amendment is NOT Limited To Only Guys, But Gives Reasonable Responsible Person Right To Carry & Use Any Weapon Or Object That Can Be Used As Weapon For Personal Protection For Self Defense Which is WHY @ Evil Corrupt Cops Hate 2nd Amendment including Most Governments HATE 2nd Amendment For Same Reason.

  39. Lima might make the most fake dollars but north korea makes the best, so good even las vegas slot machines accepted them.

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