The San Francisco housing market is “a pit trap” for unhoused people

This is your cardboard shelter? Yeah, this is my cardboard shelter. Yes, it is. How long have you been here? In this particular spot? Yeah. Oh, maybe a month or two. That’s about the longest I’ve been in
one spot, you know, a long time out here. And you built this? Yeah, yeah. This isn’t the first one I’ve built. I’ve actually built about four of them,
five of them. Can you talk about living out here under the
freeway? Why are you here? Well, I found myself in, a year or two ago,
a couple years ago, in an unfortunate situation, and I ended up on the street. And so, I kind of flocked to this group of
people and found a little bit of a safety net here with them, because it’s the only
way to really live out here in any kind of security. And I just been kind of going day by day to
get everything. It’s extremely difficult living on the streets,
being homeless, especially in the — I don’t know if it’s different elsewhere, but here
it is. So, just at the moment, trying to get things
together so I could get off the streets. Where were you born? I was born here. It’s very odd to being homeless in the city
you’re born in. How long have you been homeless? About two years. Do you see yourself getting out of this situation? What could help you get out of it? I see — I do see myself getting out of the
situation. Once you get into the situation, it’s extremely
difficult to get out. It’s kind of like a pit drop. They’ll wake you up at 4:30 in the morning,
every morning for two weeks. Who is “they”? The police? The police, DPW, people that work for the
city. They’ll wake you up every morning, 4:30
in the morning. And if you don’t move fast enough, they’ll
take your things, and then you have to get your things all over again. Can you get them back? No. No, you can’t. They say you can, but you can’t. I have several, several friends — all of
my friends out here have tried to go get their things back, and never, ever have I seen anybody
successful at it. What kind of services are provided for you
to help you get out of this situation? Well, they have — supposedly have navigation
out here, but — that they can take you and give you a stay. Last time they offered me a seven-day stay,
which a seven-day stay doesn’t help me at all out here. In a shelter? In a shelter — because then I’m just back
out here and on the street.

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  1. Rental property is such a blatant economic rent that in my opinion, landlords should not exist. The state should provide housing at the cost of propert maintenance for all people.

  2. In the world's richest, and most industrialized society, you have people living in cardboard boxes under the freeway.

  3. You mean โ€œhomelessโ€ people right? Rebranding the problem isnโ€™t going to solve it, try as you might.

  4. What other organization is out here interviewing homeless people? These are REAL PEOPLE and the msm talks about them like they're animals.

  5. Bravo on doing this kind of reporting! Poor people gonna rise up โœŠ๐ŸปโœŠ๐ŸปโœŠ๐ŸพโœŠ๐Ÿฟ

  6. Republicans say smaller government, and lower taxes on corporations so they can hire people, provide productive jobs that build and pay for housing, then deregulate the zoning laws so you can accelerate the production of affordable housing. Democrats tax corporations, and over-regulate the building and zoning laws, so you end up with low income jobs and high housing prices. The formulas are simple.

  7. They want SF to be a city for the privileged few to live in and benefit from. They only care about money not the betterment of society. Vote for Bernie Sanders! Bernie has policies that will not only directly address issues of income and wealth inequality, but the inevitable consequences or poverty and homelessness!

  8. I was born in SF as well. My fam had to move to the East Bay when I was about 10. It got way too expensive. I feel for this man-

  9. EXACTLY! The nonprofits are raking it in hand over fist with lucrative contracts but very little homeless people are given permanent housing. It's why the ARCH Center in Austin Texas is forcibly removing the homeless people camping outside of their building. Because it's a glaring reminder that for all of the millions of dollars they burn through each year they never actually put an appreciable dent in the homelessness crisis.

  10. Way to many dumb ass liberals here. You guys are fools to keep voting for Democrats. Capitalism works in republican stats not Communist California and other sanctuary City/states

  11. Homeless people getting their things confiscated by the city and not having it returned is against their constitutional rights.

  12. Someone needs to buy some old hotels and rent the rooms out at a reasonable price, maybe $80 to $90 a month. Maybe you could find a sponsor who has a foundation for charity's. Like Mark Zuckerberg or his wife. or, Chuck Feeney, Michael Bloomberg, Gordon Moore, Herb Sandler, George Soros, Jim Balsillie, Tom Steyer, Elon Musk, Paul Allen, Alice Walton, Jim Simon's, Laura and John Arnold, Bill Gates, Phil Knight, Charles Koch, Eli Broad, or maybe someone from the "Giving Pledge" website?
    Try writing a grant proposal to some of these beautiful people.

  13. Amy Badman and her Fakeocracy Now show are Frauds on climate change. They flew out to California in a big Carbon footprint polluting jet. ๐Ÿ›ฌ๐Ÿ›ซ Frauds Frauds Frauds ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. Dude here's some advice. Go sleep in a dumpster behind the Federal Building. Cut the lock, climb in and go to sleep, leave the hatch open, hang out your towel, string a clothes line.
    You will be arrested on a Federal Tresspass and housed, fed, medica/dental care will be provided. Psychological and Religious Services will be provided. 3 hot's and a cot with heating and /AC. Education and job training opportunities.
    You'll go to a low custody facility where they have free 24/7 security. Don't even need to pack a toothbrush.
    The woman who was in FCI Pleasanton cried when they told her she was being released and all she had on the street was a dumpster to go back to. They'll spend $45K a year on you if you're in the Fed System. Illegal mexicans know this and come back to re-up every six months to work in UNICOR with no green card or work permit, no ICE, but plenty ice because there are ice machines in the units, with laundry rooms and pool tables. Go sign up for Club Fed if you can't figure out what to do, rob a bank for a longer stay, maybe get a B.A.

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