The Prayer Sang By Marcelito Pomoy At AGT, Vocal Coaches From Foreign Countries Shocked Reactions

you yes yes it is yeah that’s amazing and I get so much to
comment on here but I do want to say as well the clarity and the piercing
quality that he has in his head was it’s amazing it’s he has he has such control
over the muscle on the vocal folds or the muscles but particularly the
thyroarytenoid muscle listen to the oscillations how powerful
that vibrato is this is the best this is better than the other one I heard I think we just go Oh I love it so much he’s so talented and
I’m eager to see other songs by him so we’ll see what the judges say at the end
or what the audience votes I hope they voted him through he has such a talent
and I am glad that he did this song though that’s here it comes actually reacting to people react to him
okay I feel like his friend rooting for him like a friend yes it I’m singing hi and mimic a lady Celine
Dion it’s not it’s the ability to actually sound good in that register
where it’s not weak its strong and their resilience and their strength in his
voice and he’s so sweet and lovely in it little sailor chicken chips with Allah exactly it’s just two completely
different registers he just from a heady mix to chest voice to nope erotic chest Oh I love watching people’s reaction effortless it’s beautiful man honestly
that’s a killer that’s a killer such a soft voice okay I know he’s young but he
has a very childish voice but whoa whoa what was that two voices ah he’s a singer with two
let’s say two distinctive voices beautiful of it’s like he’s singing a duet with
himself that okay I like it okay so he has a really good
vibrato it’s very natural which makes his opera voice sound even better but
just the switches are crazy it’s hard to imagine everything being
inside of this little boy I don’t have much to say I mean congrats man this was had the same reaction though who needs a duet partner anyway right
who knew y’all and pucelli when you can have two people in one right so oh man man what a mountain oh man there you go so crazy right Wow his falsettos if he’s um vibrato is
so beautiful up there – it’s beautiful otherwise change-o meant to the other
voice Wow look da so I’m going to to teach e he
killed that uh-huh what was that I’m enjoying this is a slightly
different from the last name and but just beautiful
process the that’s good I’ve watched this I know this is their
first time I’ve seen it but it doesn’t make any difference
I’ve watched it before but Same Same Same Same reaction leaders really do
because he misses looks so easy and how good does he switch from that really low
range to the female voice that’s amazing you can imagine the the adjustments you
know the vocal cause has to make whenever he goes from this to that you

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  1. Pomoy's success on PGT led to his being a contestant on the second season of America's Got Talent: The Champions, beginning with episode 2 which aired January 13, 2020. Yes! The Prayer Sang By Marcelito Pomoy At AGT, Vocal Coaches From Foreign Countries Shocked Reactions.

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