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– [Griffin] Sorry, everybody! (laughing) I messed up! – [Justin] Listen,
everybody make a mistake. – [Griffin] Sweet Gene make a mistake! (Justin laughing) Sorry, everybody! (laughing) But hey, the good news, Lord forgives. (Justin laughing) (upbeat Halloween music) You know what? Let’s protect ourselves a
little bit here, Justin, this is not gritty. – [Justin] Can’t be
clear enough about this. – [Griffin] He looks a lot
like the red monster, Gritty. This is Sweet Gene. He’s a pain machine. (Justin laughing slightly) He’s a hurt machine but
he does it in the ring and this is Sweet Gene. – [Justin] Sweet Gene,
the wrestle machine. – [Griffin] He’s not him when he’s hungry. – [Justin] (laughing) And he loves Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. – [Griffin] Those shoes
are gonna get him kicked right out of the ring. – [Justin] (laughing) Can I say something? I just realized that in wrestling you don’t see enough toesies. – [Griffin] I have confronted the fact over the last, like, month we’ve gone since recording, that I am going to have to
eventually play WWE2k20. – [Justin] Yeah, you’ve put
it off for a very long time. – [Griffin] But we’re not quite done yet because we do need to set
his move set and entrance, and then I swear to God, guys, we’re gonna get in there
and start smashing. – [Justin] It’s only taken us three videos but we are gonna play the video game. – [Griffin] We will play the video game. Okay, so we can just,
like, yoink someone’s shit. What kinda energy is Sweet
Gene bringing to the table? – [Justin] Well, you’ve picked the perfect wrong person to ask. These are all strangers to me. Ted DiBiase has money. That’s good.
– [Griffin] Ted DiBiase does have money. I imagine most of his attacks are like throwing a wallet at a guy. – [Justin] Sorry, can we take a moment and check out the Ultimate
Warrior real quick? (laughing) – [Griffin] The ultimate,
extremely sad warrior. – [Justin] He’s not feeling great. – [Griffin] I love how the Undertaker, a lot of the Undertaker’s
sort of abilities have changed but that face can’t change. – [Justin] No.
– [Griffin] That’s the face that God gave him and
it’s not going anywhere. You know, I like a sort of, maybe a nasty little Jeff Hardy. (Justin laughing) – [Griffin] Like a nasty,
dirty little, rowdy little nasty, stinky Jeff Hardy. Wait, I don’t want to see, who the fuck is this? I don’t wanna see this. Who is this? I hate this guy, and you know what I hate the most about him? Is when he leaves he makes the screen all shake and get weird. – [Justin] Like he just ran
through the ropes so fast. – [Griffin] Copy to superstar, copy from super– – [Justin] What in the living fuck? (Griffin laughing) What the fuck? – [Griffin] I’ll copy this. – [Justin] To be clear,
Griffin is clicking “copy to superstar”, and then the options are all copy from superstars. – [Griffin] I’m either about to Jeff Hardy Sweet Gene or I’m
about to Sweet Gene Jeff Hardy and I don’t know.
– [Justin] I feel like there is also an equal
chance that I’m about to be sucked into the screen Captain N style.
– [Griffin] Okay so I did just ruin Jeff Hardy,
so let’s get outta here before anybody notices. Jeff Hardy is gonna get mad at me. Hi, Sweet Gene. (imitating Sweet Gene)
Just let me be myself. No, it’s not gonna be fun. Move-Set, look at this, it’s
Move-Set Man, everybody! – [Justin] The worst. You can tell the DC universe has run out of ideas. – [Griffin] It might be
time for everyone’s favorite Monster Factory segment
which is Justin looks up the controls to the WWE games. Okay, so I do know kick in the head, kick in the head, punch in the butt. Let me remove him. – [Justin] Remove sign. – [Griffin] Why am I playing as Move-Set? I hate Move-Set Man. Easy creation, please Jesus God. – [Justin] Anything.
– [Griffin] Anything. Anything to shave precious moments off of my tenure with WWE2k20. – [Justin] People forget that
these are our life minutes. We’re using them to do this. This is not a joke, we’re
really doing this with our– Man, he’s good. He is good. – [Griffin] He’s good. He makes me feel good. – [Justin] (laughing)
He makes me feel good. – [Griffin] Like, when I look at him I feel really good about him. – [Justin] So, Bayley, I
don’t know, Bayley’s a hugger? Is that? – [Griffin] Bayley does hug. I like the movement of Bayley, I would love the darkness of an Undertaker sort of aesthetic. – [Justin] Yeah, I’d love to see that. – [Griffin] Here’s Moustache Mountain. (Justin laughing) Hop on the trailer, kids, we’re going on a ride. (laughing) That video in the background
makes me feel good too, Justin. – [Justin] I love the movement, though. – [Griffin] The movements are really good. I’m not sure about Moustache Mountain. It needs to be, who’s got like– – [Justin] It’s too on
brand for someone else that I don’t know. – [Griffin] Randy Orton, his shit just says “In my veins”. What’s in your veins, Randy? Your name is Randy! Like, a lot of people forget
that about Randy Orton, he runs in and RKO’s
and people get really, really excited about that, and his shit says “In my veins”
and it’s all fiery and bad. – [Justin] He’s still Randy.
– [Griffin] He’s Randy! His name is Randy and a lot
of people forget about that. Fuck this, we’re just taking
Randy Orton’s whole thing. (Justin laughing) We’re gonna kick his Randy ass. – [Justin] I have to give it
up to the creative team at WWE and the superstars themselves, their ability to commit
to a nothing burger like, “In my veins” is
so fucking inspirational. I wish I had that kinda confidence in my own creativity. You just said, like, it’s nothing. It’s meaningless.
– [Griffin] It’s nothing, Bud. That’s the best part. Look at it, and that’s what– Imagine that, but like a boring fucking (low voice) Randy, hey
guys, it’s in my veins. What’s in your veins? (low voice) Blood, I guess? You like my belt? I can’t make a whole show. Should we make a whole
fucking show though? Let’s at least look at
what it’s like, right? – [Justin] Yeah sure, why not? – [Griffin] I mean, let’s,
like, look at what the show is. Create a show just for you. Okay, I thought I did that
with Monster Factory, but. Show music. What is the theme song? Oh, let’s see if they have Twin Doctors. Doesn’t look like it. – [Justin] Twin Doctors? – [Griffin] The Spin Doctors. So I’m in a Spin Doctors cover
band called the Twin Doctors. – [Justin] (laughing) (singing) Do you want
to be friends with me? (Griffin laughing) (Justin singing) Well you should try it. – [Griffin] Which arena are we gonna do? Run-down high school gym? – [Justin] Yeah, high school gym. – [Griffin] Feels about right. Show image. We’ll just do… There’s so much very bad– (laughing) Just a little sting? (imitating Sting) What’re you guys doing? You better not be wrestling in my gym. (Justin laughing) Show load. This is gonna be a heavy load. – [Justin] Yeah, classic. – [Griffin] Location. No, not random. We’re fighting in an old, rundown gym in Huntington, West Virginia at the old Huntington high school. – [Justin] It’s a
retirement community now. – [Griffin] Yeah, they’re gonna love this. Referee. Now this is… I mean, a world class referee, Justin? – [Justin] Yeah, look at him. They brought him in from England. – [Griffin] Match-up screen. Always the Halloween one, just let me do the
Halloween one every time. This is a special Halloween
match in Huntington. This is called Huge Dudes. A Halloween based show in
Huntington, West Virginia. – [Justin] Griffin, hey, Griffin? This is an intervention, me and all your friends are on the line even though I’m the only one talking. You have to play this video game. – [Griffin] Sure, let
me just make a cool team and this one will be
the sort of home team. How many people can I have on my team? Like, I feel like I could really break the balance of this game. – [Justin] I don’t know, any of them. I’m gonna say someone and
you’re gonna, oh he died, or he’s a– What?
– [Griffin] Huh? – [Justin] What’s th–
– [Griffin] Sorry? (laughing) – [Justin] Sorry, what’s that? – [Griffin] Who’s that, guys? – [Justin] Can I
understand the perspective? What is it? – [Griffin] I think it’s a rib? Let’s just get all the bigs, so we’ll get Big E and we’ll get Big Show and we’ll get Big Boss Man. – [Justin] Yeah. – [Griffin] That’s a lot
of big boys and Sweet Gene and a sentient rib. (Justin laughing) Tag entrance, tight. Together? – [Justin] Together, obviously. They’re a family, it’s about family. – [Griffin] It’s all about family. All right. – [Justin] Can I tell you
something also that I know? – [Griffin] Yeah. – [Justin] You are, in no reality, are you about to push
a sequence of buttons that will allow you to play in your show with your character and that team. It will not happen, you will not do it. – [Griffin] Okay, match of my dreams. – [Justin] I could put you in a fucking escape room right now, put a 60 minute timer on the wall and you’re gonna die in there. – [Griffin] So I’ll play as my team now. – [Justin] Mm-hm. – [Griffin] Confirm him. – [Justin] It’s so strange that one-on-one means one person against one person. – [Griffin] All right, smart guy. This is rough. – [Justin] Actually Griffin,
can I suggest something? Maybe there’s not a way to do it ’cause it sucks? – [Griffin] (laughing) I
would want Big E on my team and we’re gonna fight, of course, known shithead, Randy Orton and Randy Savage. I can’t believe they let two of them in. I don’t think they get a third person. – [Justin] (laughing) Considering
one of yours is a rib. – [Griffin] I’ll give ’em The Rock. I’ll give them The Rock
and a $500 shirt, okay? Just to even the odds a little bit. (Justin laughing) Yeah, I really can’t pick the show. I really can’t make it be Huge Dudes. – [Justin] Yep. – [Griffin] All right, well that’s next. – [Justin] Hey, Big E,
could you scoot over a little bit?
– [Griffin] Big E. Hey, Big E, we need you to scoot a little bit to your left, okay bud? I don’t think we’re
gonna get a lot of the– (laughing) That is way better than any
entrance we could’ve devised. That was fantastic. Holy shit. Damn, hey guys? Maybe it’s just a matter of perspective but Big E seems extremely little. – [Justin] Yeah, compared
to your giant rib and– – [Griffin] I saw him like a week ago at the Rumble, he was not a
little pocket friend like that. Who’s fucking Ribbie? – [Justin] Who is, can
I do a quick Google? – [Griffin] Google ribbie,
make sure he’s not problematic. – [Justin] Okay, so the first
result is a YouTube video about WWE2k20 that says,
“What The Fuck is Ribbie?” (Griffin laughing) Griffin? – [Griffin] Yeah? – [Justin] Ribbie debuted in this game. (Griffin laughing) Griffin, the first appearance
of Ribbie is this video game. – [Griffin] (laughing)
Like, what’s the story with Ribbie I wonder? – [Justin] PedestrianTV says
the new WWE lets you play as a giant rib. – [Griffin] Yeah, I
mean I agree with that. That’s a fair summation
of the situation at hand. Did they let Randy come out by himself? Where’s his friends? Oh, his friends are gonna
come out one at a time because they’re not family. Okay, this should be an easy match, right? – [Justin] (laughing) I love the guy who was setting up this gym and was like, oh yeah, I can do some multimedia for ya, let me role at TV on a cart out here. – [Griffin] Yeah, this’ll be great. I just got it out of the AV closet. Oh fuck, Justin. – [Justin] We’ve made a
huge mistake, look at him. That’s Rock– well, the teeth are rough. – [Griffin] They were
always gonna be rough. That shirt, though. Man, he got that Jumanji money. Why is Ribbie here though? – [Justin] Here it is. Tap him right out. – [Griffin] Time to start. Let’s begin. (slam) Get the fuck of me, Randy. – [Justin] Wow, it’s a big man. – [Griffin] Oh, I’ve wanted
to do this for a long time. (Justin laughing) To kick out of the pin, I’m not kicking out of the
pin, I’m doing the pin. – [Justin] (laughing) Why
are you getting instructed on how to get out of the pin you’re doing? Maybe the computer’s bragging about how it knows how to get out of pins. – [Griffin] (laughing) oops. – [Justin] Like a $490 shirt now. Got some snot on it. – [Griffin] Got blood and ketchup on it. Let me kick the other Randy, holy shit. – [Justin] (laughing)
He’s just right there. – [Griffin] He really can’t hurt me ’cause of how big I am. – [Justin] (laughing) You are. – [Griffin] Oh, his
leg got stuck and hurt. Let me do a dirty pin. (laughing) He’s surprisingly
sort of athletic for a huge space monster. (Justin laughing) Counter-attack. Nope. (laughing) – [Justin] Too big, can’t hurt him. – [Griffin] Excuse me, thank you. – [Justin] Uh-oh. – [Griffin] I hurt for snack? Sorry, I don’t wanna do this but I gotta hurt for snack. – [Justin] (laughing) You
gotta prompt to tag the rib in. – [Griffin] Shit. – [Justin] Let the rib. – [Griffin] Oh, is it
time for the rib to play? – [Justin] Let the big dog eat. – [Griffin] Hold on, let me
put The Rock’s $500 shirt in a $400 toilet. Crack! (Justin laughing) There ain’t gonna be– (laughing) There is no Jumanji 3 is there? (Justin laughing) I loosened him up for you, bud. (Justin laughing) – Nothing, it did nothing. He’s impervious to the ribs attacks. – [Griffin] (laughing)
The rib does nothing. – [Justin] Pin The Rock, rib. – [Griffin] Pin The Rock, rib. Randy, I swear to God, no cheatsies. – [Justin] (laughing) I mean,
in the vision we’ve created, right, if the rib pins The Rock, his film career has ended, right? You don’t come back from that. – [Griffin] The ribs has just begun. I hope that nobody tries to pin me ’cause I did not read that tutorial. Oh boy, the rib is really getting it. – [Justin] He’s really clipping. – [Griffin] He’s really clipping a lot. Counter-attack. Holy shit, I can’t get away. He’s just gonna do this
to me over and over again. – [Justin] I don’t know how
these kind of things work. If he pins one is that it? – [Griffin] Yeah, they don’t
like it when you pin one. Okay, and just like real
wrestling you do need– – [Justin] The fuck? – [Griffin] No, Justin, you
are not a wrestling fan. Not like me, a real wrestling fan. You gotta grab the orb. – [Justin] Gotta grab the orb.
– [Griffin] You have to grab the orb, it’s the secret. All right, here we go. Okay. (both laughing) This game sucks hot shit, man. – [Justin] (laughing)
You were all psyched. – [Griffin] Oh shit, hold up. Oh my God. – [Justin] Did you get it in one? – [Griffin] What was
Sweet Gene about to do? – [Justin] Get Sweet Gene in here quick. Get a man to handle a man’s work. This isn’t for a rib. – [Griffin] (laughing) What’s up? You picked on my friend. He’s just a meat on a bone, The Rock. Oh, my Snickers. Oh, sweet. – [Justin] Nice, go get a job. – [Griffin] It’s an open
world action adventure game. – [Justin] (laughing) Sweet Gene: Budokai. Relive the adventure. (laughing) – [Griffin] Of that time he went to Subway and got in a fight. Hey, stand up. – [Justin] (laughing) Hey, Grif? – [Griffin] Yeah? – [Justin] I don’t wanna interrupt but I do wanna give
you a thought exercise. How secret was this match kept? I wonder because there’s no one here. – [Griffin] (laughing) Yeah.
– [Justin] And does that mean no one heard, hey do you wanna come The Rock fight a giant rib,
and a glowing hell demon that kinda looks like Gritty a little bit and some Randy’s? – [Griffin] A couple of Randy’s? Oh shit. – [Justin] Why are both of them? ‘Cause there’s no laws. That’s assault. Outside the ring, that’s assault. – [Griffin] I did kind of
shoot the cannon indoors ’cause I thought I could
go outside the ring. (humming) – [Justin] Big E? – [Griffin] Excuse me, the $500 Rock? – [Justin] Big E? – [Griffin] Oh, you’re on the ground now. Oh my God. – [Justin] What’s Sweet Gene
thinking about back there? (laughing) I shouldn’t be doing
this, I don’t like this. Oh, he’s back, he’s pumped back up. Hey, Grif, which of
these are you controlling ’cause either one of
their actions is insane independent of you. – [Griffin] (laughing)
Wait, what just happened? What just happened? – [Justin] Holy shit. – [Griffin] (laughing) I
don’t know what just happened. I don’t think I did that. – [Justin] It looked like the game just selected Highlight
Reel and crashed itself. (both laughing) You misused it and now
it’s self destructed. (sad music) (singing) Every Monday night
it’s the Randy Orton show. – [Griffin] And you’ll never
believe what’s on Tuesday. You know what? There is no other wrestling programming. (singing) Monday, Tuesday, Randy Orton. (laughing) – [Justin] Hey, why is Phil
Spencer aloud to be in the game? – [Griffin] That’s mean, what you’ve said about Phil Spencer, or actually, what you’ve said about John Cena. I think Big E earned his spot on the team. – [Justin] Yeah, Big E was right there when we needed him to punch The Rock. – [Griffin] So many times
over and over again. – [Justin] (laughing) If you want big, it’s gotta be Brock. – [Griffin] I really
don’t want Brock, though. – [Justin] (laughing) Me neither. – [Griffin] But if you want big, that’s what they say, it’s gotta be Brock. – [Justin] (laughing)
It says if you want big, make mine Brock. – [Griffin] All right,
I’ll put him on the team but I’m not gonna use him. That’s my nuclear option. – [Justin] (laughing)
Your brocklear option. – [Griffin] Why didn’t they
just call him Broccoli Lesnar? And his whole thing could be like every time he eats a vegetable he gets like super, super, super strong. Like, super powerful. They should let me write wrestling. Oh shit.
– [Justin] Oh shit, somebody’s vaping our wrestling away. – [Griffin] (laughing) Brock? Oh, Brock didn’t wanna
come out with Huge Dudes. That’s fine. Me and Big E can celebrate our friendship. He looks so bad, this
looks, he looks so shitty. He looks like one of the goombas from the
Super Mario Brothers movie. Yeah, I mean, putting this
guy in the ring with Brock seems like a recipe for disaster. Unless you see it from Brock’s perspective and then it’s just kind
of a recipe for ribs. (Justin laughing) Oh fuck. (laughing) Boys, not all
at the same time now. – [Justin] Brock wants no slice. I’ll get these ladders
outta here, fellas, sorry. – [Griffin] Oh God,
this was a huge mistake. I don’t even care about
the ladder anymore. For me it was never
about the ladder, Randy. It was about hurting you
in front of your dad, that’s your dad in the
front row by the way. – [Justin] (laughing) Okay, why does it say Randy Orton above your head? Is that who’s targeting you? – [Griffin] I guess. – [Justin] You’re being hunted by Ribbie. Look at Ribbie. I’m expecting a detective to walk up and do a chalk outline around him. (imitating noir detective)
Well, the rib’s dead. – [Griffin] (imitating
noir detective) But was he ever really alive? – [Justin] Ribbie knows what’s up. – [Griffin] Ribbie knows.
– [Justin] Stop him! – [Griffin] It’s not fair
that Ribbie knows the buttons. – [Justin] Get him, someone! (both laughing) – [Griffin] That was effective. I got this. – [Justin] Now you have to fucking solve a lock picking minigame. – [Griffin] Oh shit. (both laughing) – [Justin] I would give anything to hear the commentary on this one, how they’re sort of narrating this sequence of events.
– [Griffin] Whoa, shit! – [Justin] Whoa. – [Griffin] Am I okay? I definitely went in the
ring there for a tick. – [Justin] (laughing) Come
on, Griffin, come on baby! – [Griffin] We’re in here! It’s Team Sweet Gene! Oh my God. – [Justin] Halloween Havoc ’98. 98 is of course the review I am giving, 98 out of 100 Sweet Gene. I love him, he’s a good boy
and he’s a good team leader and he brought us to victory once again.
– [Griffin] He did. Don’t high five Brock Lesnar. That’s good. Ice him the fuck out. – [Justin] Look at that. – [Griffin] Look at that Brock Lesnar, that’s so rough, dude. – [Justin] That’s rough. Thanks Gene. (upbeat music) ♪ There ain’t no stopping us now ♪ – [Justin] Hey everybody,
quick programming note, in the near future we’re
gonna be publishing new episodes of Monster Factory just on The McElroy Family YouTube channel so if you aren’t already
subscribed to that you’ll wanna go ahead and do that.
– [Griffin] Smash it, baby! – [Justin] Griffin, I asked you not to, I begged you not to. – Griffin (grunts) Smash that.

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