The JNF’s efforts to evict the Sumarin family

My name is Diana Sumarin, I’m 15 years old And this is the home of the Sumarin [family] There’s three family [generations] here There are 20 people here, in the home We say to the JNF: do not remove our family from our home It’s a bad feeling – to leave our home: we were born here and we stay here many years So it’s a big problem We say to all the world: help us My name is Rabbi Arik Asherman, I’m the executive director of Torah Tzedek (Torah of Justice) I’m asking everybody who sees this video To do what you can If you do not tell the JNF – the Jewish National Fund Not to evict this family, they are not going to be here in a few months The JNF has been trying for years and years to evict this family In 2011, thousands of you wrote letters to the JNF in your countries And the JNF froze the eviction of this family But now it is imminent. The government of Israel took this home through something called The Absentee Property law, in a way which the government itself later admitted to the Israeli high court was wrong and promised not to do again but it was too late for this family. The Israeli government then transferred this property to the Jewish national fund who’s been working to evict them The Jewish National Fund says they cannot afford to allow this family to stay because they know that the people over here, the City of David, who have already taken half their property covet this land Will pay millions of dollars for this house Which is right next to the entrance to their visitor centre which is their base for Judeaising all of this Palestinian neighbourhood of East Jerusalem. And therefore, if you believe in justice, if you believe in human rights If you believe that every single human being is created in God’s image every single human being counts then you must, tell as forcefully as you can, to the JNF Do not evict this family. This is wrong. Do not evict this family. If every one of us does that then maybe some day you’ll come and visit, and see this family in their home And if you don’t, they won’t be here. So, G-d willing, we’re going to do this together. Thank you.

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