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Hello and welcome back to Solutions Review
Explores – our tech explainer series. I’m Jonathan Paula. Earlier on the show, we introduced Marketing
Automation and its benefits to businesses. Today we’ll examine its history and evolution,
from its origins, to its current existence as an integral marketing tool used all over
the world. As a software platform to managing and measure
all marketing campaigns both online and offline, Marketing Automation solutions didn’t truly
emerge until the early 1990s with the launch of Unica in 1992. Developed by three MIT graduates, Unica incorporated
management and analytics into a marketing software that provided cross channel and cross
customer insights using newly available data processing. This is often cited as the first piece of
marketing automation software and provided real data driven features to marketers. With the release of the world’s first web-browser,
Netscape Navigator in 1994, the Internet became fully democratized and quickly several monumental
online marketing systems emerged, notably the Double Click ad-serving system in 1996
and the now dominant Pay-per-Click Adwords service deployed by Google in 2000. By the late 1990s, the stigma of marketing
directly through email had dissipated and a collection of email marketing solutions
including Constant Contact, Exact Target, Responsys and Silverpop emerged with major
venture backing during the Dot Com boom. During that time, launched
the first cloud-based CRM service revolutionizing the sector with a pay-as-you go Software as
a Service model. When the Internet bubble burst in 2003, a
major consolidation of e-marketing solutions occurred with large traditional offline marketing
companies like Axciom and Epsilon acquiring e-marketing firms like Digital Impact and
e-Dialog to complete their agency offerings. In the mid 2000s a new breed of self-service
Marketing Automation platforms emerged to counter the traditional marketing agency model. These more affordable, cloud-based systems
like Eloqua (El-oh-qua), Marketo and Hubspot incorporated all of the traditional multi-channel
programs as well as burgeoning Social Media channels. Coupled with the growth of computer processing
power, marketers now had systems that could manage of an array of online and offline marketing
channels and centralize the measurement of campaign performance. In just 15 years, technology had completely
transformed the staid world of marketing and advertising and along the way began to destroy
old business models in publishing and entertainment. In July of 2008, the tectonic shift in Marketing
would become a proper earthquake with the launch of the Apple AppStore. This new mobile marketing channel exploded
with the possibility of delivering advertising messages to an audience on the go. The fallout of this mobile and social media
upheaval brought with it a massive amount of individual user data available to marketers
for targeting. By 2010, Marketing Automation had become a
huge business. The next decade saw the largest technology
companies outbidding themselves to acquire the hottest marketing automation solutions. The Marketing Automation industry is expected
to be worth $6.5 billion by 2024, where platforms integrate CRM data, sales lead management,
social media activity, segmentation and analytics across ever widening customer records. With the advent of 5G networks, customers
and prospects can be communicated to even faster. And with Artificial Intelligence and machine
learning coupled with advanced business process systems, virtual digital marketers like chatbots
will soon be able to interact with the relevance and nuance of humans. If you’d like more information on Marketing
Automation, click the link below to download our free comprehensive buyer’s guide – available
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