The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – Money-Minting Machine | truTV

Oh, you got a gift card.
Good. Yes. And I’m required to inform
everyone about a recall on this
if you have this. -Okay. No, we don’t.
-You don’t have it? No, we’re in the clear,
thank you. Yeah, it comes from Kenya. Oh, really? And they sent them
to America, and… I mean, they’re… It’s really cool. It’s supposed to be like
a little mint, and no one… Oh, that’s cute. It is cute.
It’s a cute concept. Like, when an adult plays
with it, you know… Some kid sticking his tongue
in there? Is that what’s happening? No.
It’s not even a safety thing. And they’re not sure if they did
this on purpose or what, but that’s just
the regular mode that the kids found it out
that if you… Engages ink capsules in here,
and it will actually print… [ Gasps ] …an all-too-realistic
bill. -Cool.
-Oh, my gosh. Does it front and back. Oh. Oh, my gosh!
You can trick people with it. That’s exactly right. There were adults that were
coming in here and buying this. They’re like, “Oh, do you have
any more of the My Little Mint?” I bet they were. So…I have this one here if you
want it, take it with you. If you want to buy this one now,
I’m not gonna say anything. -No, no.
-You sure? You sure? [ Laughing ] Yes. We don’t want
the FBI chasing us. No. You don’t want the FBI
chasing you. I mean, that’s just… -Yeah.
-Wow. That’s — wow. Now, I can’t believe
I got away with this one. It’s based on a trick that comes in almost every
beginner magic set. But Darcy fell for it. Check out this
never-before-seen reveal. She’s gonna ring you up. Okay, thank you. Can I have the mug,
too, please? That, too. I’m a magician.
That was just a trick. Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
That sounds like — That can’t be real. Yeah. Very nice. I’m looking here,
I’m, like, oh, my God. It gets better. You guys are
on my show right now. No, we’re not. “The Carbonaro Effect.” No. Yes. I’m Michael Carbonaro. There are hidden cameras
right in here. No, you’re not.
I’m — Oh, my God. Hidden cameras right over —
See the camera up there? Yeah. Camera over here. Oh, my gosh. That’s awesome. Mom, that’s a real frog
in that tank. Oh, and there’s real
frogs over there, too. That’s awesome.
Nicely done. -Did you believe it?
-Yes. You did? Definitely. I thought
it was real. Oh, God, I love you guys
to pieces. You’re the best. Hang on.
I’m gonna bring this back. Thank you guys so much.
You were awesome.

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  3. Holy cow! I ordered three of these from a comic book when I was a kid because the way they were described it made it sound exactly like they did what we see here. I was very disappointed when I found out I wasn't going to be rich. Or at least not from one of these. My friends who I'd promised to buy all kinds of things were disappointed too.

  4. I had a magic kit as a kid, and it had this exact trick. It's ridiculously simple and would require no camera cuts. People still ranting about paid actors and claiming that all the magic is done with camera tricks are ridiculous. Although I do think he uses camera cuts so that viewers won't figure out how certain tricks are done.

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