(energetic music) – I needed to recreate a business that could make me income. And since they just legalized
it in Florida, why not? You know, just get into
it and see where it goes, but Chris Wright creates an atmosphere that everybody gets to see
how the whole thing works. They took us to a grow house and it’s something that you
don’t normally get to see, the public doesn’t normally get to see, but with Chris Wright, we
got the access in there and they gave us a tour. If you’ve never seen anything like that, you gotta see it, (laughing)
cause it’s amazing. The biggest thing that I’ve learned from Cannabis Talk Network is they’re not a scam. They are legitimate people
doing a legitimate business and they truly care about who they are and what
they produce for people. Going back to Florida, I’m
taking some knowledge with me that I never had. The CBD oils, never experienced them, they work. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, it works. And I’m going to take
that back to Florida, create my own brand and go from there. And then eventually, move
in to the grow business. It’s well worth it. I have gained a lot of knowledge, I’ve seen things that I’ve never seen, the extraction, the grow
rooms, and all that stuff. It’s like, I had no idea. So, Chris Wright putting
everything together and putting it to people
that are trying to learn, the knowledge that you gain is tremendous. (energetic music)

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