[sound of dominoes falling] ♫ [music and sound of dominoes falling] Aye! So, thank you for watching. This took me like… twenty five hours spread over eight days to build. And this is my third largest project I’ve ever built by myself. So if you liked it, be sure to hit the thumbs up, subscribe for more domino videos. I am Hevesh5, and I’ll see you in my next video! ♫


  1. Over 50 MILLION VIEWS?!?! That's absolutely insane. Thank you all so much! Some people asked for this so I made the amazing triple spiral into a poster that you can hang on your wall and frame!! I love the design so much 😀 If you're interested, you can get a poster here!

  2. This video is the definition of being an animator, takes a whole literal year to make, and it takes two minutes to watch, and it only makes like 5 grand, and almost no one is entertained, except for the last part, this is the definition of an animator.

  3. Really, I DO❗ENJOY watching a domino construction falling over just as lots of people do. But I can't understand why someone would put all these time and effort into building it!? Yes, when a person has come to the point of doing this commercially it surely must be the greatest job, making a living out of a fun activity like this would be no punishment for me!
    But before you reached the point of getting a income out of it, how did you found the time, indoor space, materials and such to be able doing this? A child can probably do it after school for a hobby, but I don't see myself advising my daughter:
    "Why don't you start building domino constructions and film it falling over so you can earn some serious money and later on doesn't have to do hard physical labor and get a reasonably independent life while doing something enjoyable!" 😎 😜 🤑
    So how did you get to this? Did you have a family member who had such vision and supported you? Or what else did lead to this?

  4. That camera setup was the worst… Constantly switching angles makes ppl c shit… Pro tip: more footage of from birds view and put to screens/angles into one shot/video. The main (big) screen should be the birds view and in the corner another small screen (switching) a different angle

  5. Amazing, you deserve accolades for your patience if nothing else….but also definitely the presentation is extremely satisfying so yeah….Job very well done!

  6. You may want to consider a poster of the collapsed version as well. The colors and the fallen pattern are stunning as well. Great job! 🌸👍🏼

  7. That's truly sick and I never (too old) use that word. Well outside of modern Jazz. So much complex architecture so orderly untill the last sequence adds a splash of chaos.

  8. How it feels when you stay up the whole night doing your work and the teacher rejects it saying the handwriting is too bad.

  9. Isn't it difficult to watch the domino falling after doing so much effort to build it (I don't know english well so sorry for any mistake here)

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