‘The Algorithm’ – How YouTube Search & Discovery Works

Hey there Welcome to this series of videos about
how YouTube Search & Discovery works. Listen up because
understanding how your videos get found can be super helpful
to your channel’s success. Let’s start with the algorithm. YouTube is a popular place,
with hundreds of hours of video uploaded each minute. Since no team of people
could ever keep up with watching all that we rely on a sophisticated algorithm
to match each viewer to the videos they’re most likely to watch and enjoy. The algorithm is basically
a real-time feedback loop that tailors videos
to each viewer’s different interests. It does its best to show the right videos
to the right viewer at the right time across the whole planet. How do we do this? With data! For each video, we look at things like
titles, thumbnails, descriptions and how other viewers seem to be enjoying it. We also look at
how much of the video they’re watching if they’re clicking “like” or “dislike”,
and how many people are commenting. And for each unique viewer we look at things like
what the person has watched in the past, how much time they spend watching,
and what they don’t watch. Above all,
the algorithm has two simple goals: 1) Help each viewer find the videos
they want to watch, and 2) Get viewers to keep watching
more of what they like Now, you might be asking yourself “OK, then how can I get
the algorithm to like my videos?” It’s pretty simple:
get the audience to like your videos. That’s because the algorithm
follows the audience. If people love your videos,
the algorithm will surface them to others. But where will new audiences
actually encounter these videos? In the next sections,
we’ll dive into six key areas where videos are often found. And we’ll start with YouTube Search. Do you know how it works? Click here to watch the next video.

100 Replies to “‘The Algorithm’ – How YouTube Search & Discovery Works”

  1. These algorithms are completely biased, liberal, and block things that aren’t politically correct. Basically feeding the false agenda.

  2. any newbie/small youtuber want to support each other and want to grow their channel??? Subs, Like and Comment 😉👌👍💪

  3. I hate this so much. I don’t want YouTube to choose what I want to watch and definitely not because of videos that I’ve watched and liked or dislike in the past. And I also don’t want them to push on me channels they are promoting.
    There are so many things wrong with YouTube’s platform it is hard to believe some other company hasn’t risen up. I’m guessing the failure of other video sharing sites is because they have the same flaws as YT does.

  4. It is a hard slog to get views, but hoping that these tips will help make our channel more successful. It is hard as a small creator to get traction, but we are working hard to push content and get discovered.

  5. I have Mild Cerebral Palsy, I love Creating Videos and . Yet it

    seems I am just Technologically challenged. When I see other channels with less Content & similar Topic having a lot more visibility it is really discouraging. I don't know. Perhaps my disability is hindering me so I am missing something key. Please Help. Its Almost a Joke, Handicapped in Real Life and on YouTube Just want to be a Success somehow. even with my disability https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC93bfYvG3CpBQh0uimhgr-Q?view_as=subscriber

  6. so basically your answer to "how do I become popular" is … "be popular" …?
    In order for the Algorithm to decide my videos are popular enough to show to other people, the videos have to already be popular enough to garner watches, likes, and subs …

  7. According to what I have learned, If a subscriber ceased on watching videos of the person they subscribed to, Algorithm will treat him as spam and remove him from the subscription list of a YouTuber. Say, if I subscribed to 1000 YouTubers, by the time I am able to watch the video of the 1000th YouTuber I subscribed to, I was already long been removed from his subscribers list.

  8. Zur algorithm has Two goals : zur first One is to only recommend troom troom and 5 min Crafts and the second One is to make Quality Channels irrelevant

  9. This video is totally misleading and it’s tips are contradicted by my study:
    They don’t even mention the by far most important ranking factor, CTR.

  10. Интересно Глаголит жаль что не по русски , но смотреть можно ! Подписался + колокольчик ! Дабы не пропустить новинок !

  11. This makes sense. You just have to be in the spirit of the times and know what your niche audience wants to watch.

  12. the algorithm discriminates against truth and varying points of view in favour of mass media and progressives.

  13. Who needs an algorithm when youtube will shower outlets like VOX will millions and ban channels VOX and its lispy queer mexican doesn't like.

  14. আমি একটি নুতন চ্যনেল খুললাম
    আপনারা আশীর্বাদ করবেন জেন ভালবাবে কাজ করতে পারি

  15. Yt algorithm is really kinda un predictable you know and i disagree with people that algorithm doesnot help small creators because every person start with zero.

  16. The algorithm is made and tweaked to turn this site into television vomit. I dont care about Jimmy Kimmel or some trash television show. I love how weve taken a great platform and destroyed it to make it more like tv. When something takes youtubes place this site will fall into obscurity. Hopefully soon.

  17. @HelloKeyy This is exactly what I've been saying and struggling with. I have one video that got somehow on a playlist and started making views. That video, 10k+ later, is showing more and more in searches and suggested videos and getting views all the time. Every other video that I have, not so much. If you don't pay or get views yourself from third parties, YouTube doesn't make it surface anywhere. Can't believe they actually are admitting it here! Views get views, but the million dollars question is how do you get that first xxK views that will draw the algorithm's interest and put you on the map.

  18. glad i'm not the only one realizing that the system is broken. how are newer or smaller channels supposed to get an audience to increase their watch time if youtube doesn't recommend their videos? i guess you just have to be really good at SEO?

  19. This video doesn't help at all.
    Your algorithm need to be improved. I use to check the rank of my channel in Youtube ( almost every day ), so I really think there is something wrong in your system.

  20. Hi,
    Regarding the traffic source specifically the voice: "Other YouTube Features" (Traffic from within YouTube that doesn't fall into any category, such as views from Partner promotions, or the dashboard)

    How can I find out which are the partners that carry out the promotions?

    Where can I find clues in the dashboard?

  21. Hey I'm learning a lot from you guys. There was no way I would click on the next video till this one ended as it was short, interesting, useful and to the point and that's what YouTube algorithm really likes. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I don't know, I was at this guy's channel, and he got invited to the Google server facility, and he hooked up his computer to the Youtube algorithm, and he was talking to it. The program is super rude and mean, and I don't think it likes small channels. The algorithm did say that making videos on trending topics do work. Oh, I found the link! This is it. https://youtu.be/nOjyksKxSAM. The dude had to go through all these special security tests before getting clearance for access to the server. Crazy!

  23. It's been 2 years and only got 74 subscribers. And sometimes it actually decreases instead of increases. Therefore, I have no business with increasing subscribers. I changed my mindset, that YouTube is one of the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. So I don't need to bother, whether it's increasing Instagram followers, friends on Facebook or YouTube subscribers. The important thing is I am happy with social media. No matter what trend, and this is my social media, this is my home. Because of this era, YouTube turned into a TV station. Even artists have moved to YouTube to make money and even TV stations are also making broadcasts on YouTube. Thank you for the promotional video.

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  25. Unfortunately, the Russian-language subtitles for this video are incorrect and replace one thought with another several times. It will be better to change them to a more accurate version.

    Vavn Dorokhin

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